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“…Souls are Simple. We just want to love and be loved. It’s this unconditional love that knows no boundaries. It’s as our Human Selves that we complicate our lives. Return to your Soul where Love lives…!”

I am a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. I am Internationally Accredited and have given over 4312 Readings in my 35 years working with my Gift.

My life is not my own in many aspects and that’s ok! I love my work. My life is my work and it’s all I do and I love it.

People often say to me that they’ve come to me as a stranger and left as a friend. Such is the power of love and the messages that come through from those passed before us.

The only difference between us and those passed over already is that we still have a body! We both still have a Soul and Life Energy.

Do you look into the eyes of your child and see an “Old Soul?” I don’t, I see “Pure Soul”. I work a lot with children, teen”Angels” and their parents and teachers. Children are our evolution. They are born with smiles on their faces and their only job is to help put the world back into balance one family at a time starting with yours!

These children are born with all their six senses intact. They will surprise you with the things they “know, say and do!”. If you would like to know more, please send me a message.

The Spiritual Realm is not meant to be mysterious or unreachable. The benefits are there for everyone.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. For some of you, you may have lost a few of the pieces, or you may have lost the cover on the box of how your picture should look, some of you are struggling to make the pieces fit.

A Reading with me will help you find the pieces that are meant to fit and to recognise and deal with those that no longer fit. Once you realise that you no longer need to hold onto the old pieces that don’t fit, suddenly your world opens up and your puzzle comes together rapidly to form a most beautiful picture for your life.

Spirits of Family members and your Guides, together with mine can work through this together with us in your Reading.

I have the ability to attract and translate spiritual knowledge, ideas, thoughts and messages which help direct, comfort, guide, and nourish the Souls of those that come to me for a Reading.

I work on a very deep Soul level. As Souls, we just want to love and be loved.

It’s as Humans that we complicate our lives.

Working together with you, your Guides and mine on a Soul level, we can turn your life around.

Miracles happen every day without us even noticing them, quite often, during a Reading.

I have the experience of helping people through almost 4312 Readings. Testimonials are available and further information and stories are available through my book, Caught Between Two Worlds.

My next book “When Love Falls Off The Wall” is due out in May 2018 and my third book “Children as Our Spiritual Teachers” is due out in May 2019.

If you have a story about amazing coincidences and/or signs from Spirit that you have followed in your life or amazing stories about our young ones, I would love to hear about them. Please follow my link to contribute under the “Books” tab. Maybe we could get your story in one of my next books!

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