Email Angel Card & Psychic Reading

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After purchase, Marion will contact you for your 5 questions and confirm your booking.

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You have Questions = The Angels have the Answers!

Marion Weatherburn is fondly known as South Australia’s “Favourite” Psychic and has given over 5005+ psychic Readings.

Angel and Oracle cards provide guidance, clarification, direction, confirmation and information and together with Marion’s psychic message, can be a really helpful tool for you in your life.

You already have your questions now choose your pack of oracle cards to help answer those questions together with Marion’s psychic Gift.

Message your 5 questions together with your preferred pack of cards that you would like Marion to use to answer your questions for you.

You can choose from one pack or all the packs! It’s up to You!

Angel/Oracle card Readings are quick and easy and each Reading is provided to you with their answer and picture of the actual cards pulled together with Marion’s psychic interpretation! Readings are provided on a keepsake for easy future reference.

Answers are returned to you within 24 hours.

Have your questions answered today!

Feel free to ask questions about:
  • Love and Relationships
  • Personal issues
  • Children and Teenagers / Family situations
  • Career
  • Well being
  • Your Spiritual journey and life in general
  • Spiritual and Psychic guidance and tuition

As a Gifted Psychic, I will include my message to your question along with the message from the cards.

I pride myself on my authenticity and confidentiality and confidently feel that you will receive answers to questions around your priorities that will inspire you to make positive changes in your lives.

Symptoms of confusion, depression, despair, anger and frustration are often replaced with a feeling of universal love, understanding and joy.

A psychic reading can help you move forward in a clear manner and enrich your life. Please prepare for your psychic readings by really thinking “why you want one.” Look at all the areas in your life that you would like me to “read” for you. You may like me to read family and friends. If you do, it would be beneficial to email me a photo.

Phone Readings are also available on my website.

After purchase, you will receive an email confirming your booking. Please ensure all your details are entered correctly at checkout.

Thank you.


Note: I cannot give you financial, investment or health advice but can look at ways to use your own talents and strengths to improve your situation.



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