Soul Clinic

…We keep learning  until all our fingers are the same length..!”

“….Souls are Simple, we just want to love and be loved.

It’s this love that knows no boundaries and

It’s as humans that we complicate our lives…

…The Soul knows way more than the mind!…”                           


Marion Weatherburn 2010

Welcome to the Psychic Like No Other



“You have questions ~ I have answers!”

Do you ever ask yourself any of the questions below? Or are you seeking answers but not sure who to ask?

Then the new Psychic Like No Other “SOUL CLINIC” is the place to visit. During a consultation we can discuss anything and everything Spiritual and/or Psychic related.

As your “Soul Clinician” and “Spiritual/Psychic Teacher and Psychic Medium”, I can offer you guidance, comfort, support, information, direction, clarification and confirmation for you on YOUR Spiritual Journey.

Have you been asking yourself:~

? What are Spiritual lessons?

? What is my purpose in life?

? Why do my children/teenagers behave the way they        do?

? I see signs what do they mean?

? Does my life really matter?

? What are Spiritual values

? Do I have a Soul

? How can I get in touch with my Guides

? Do I have an Angel

? Did I really see that Ghost?

? How do I learn the difference between a “thought”        and a “message?”

? What is automatic writing

This is just a start!

A 30 minute consultation = Just $40 !

I offer consultations on:

Spiritual Teachings and Guidance

~ * ~

Psychic Teachings and Guidance including    dream analysis

~ * ~

Counselling on a Soul level
~ * ~

Tools to help you with your   child /      teenager handle their own sixth sense

~ * ~

Advice for parents of children & teenagers with Gifts and/or behavioural problems. I will help you understand them

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 ” You have Questions ~ I have answers ! “



More people than ever before are experiencing Spiritual Awakenings!  A Spiritual Awakening is when we realise and truly accept that there is more to life than what we once thought! Knew! Saw! Felt! Or Heard!  It’s as if we have woken from a deep sleep to realise that all that we once thought was meaningful, ie, material assets, job status, wealth ~ no longer is!

We find that Love has taken it’s place. Not romantic love. But Universal love.

Spiritual love.

It is this love that brings meaning, depth and clarity to our lives.

We start to value the people and relationships in our lives more than ever before. We come to understand that we are here to learn lessons in life. Spiritual lessons.


Lessons like:

~ Unconditional Love

~ Forgiveness

~ Tolerance

~ Understanding

~ Joy

~ Gratitude

~ Empathy

~ Compassion

~ Grace

~ Respect

~ Integrity

A Spiritual Awakening often occurs after we experience a personal crisis. It may be the breakdown of a relationship/marriage, the loss of a family member or job. It’s during this time when our scared, confused physical self moves into a higher state of consciousness and a complete feeling of love and peace.

We get the sense that our lives have been orchestrated and there is an omniscient force greater than ourselves at our helm. A force we cannot see. But a force we just know to trust.  It is during this time of awakening and enlightenment (and this can happen at any age), that our sixth sense becomes heightened. It does this to help guide us through our lives. To help us pick up on the signs and messages to help us live a more fulfilled life.

It is also at this time that we start seeking answers to unexplained thoughts, feelings, dreams, coincidences and occurrences. But we all go through this transition at different points in our life and in different ways. We all have different lessons to learn in order for our Souls to grow. A Spiritual Awakening is an awakening of the Soul and not the mind.

When we have a spiritual awakening, we get a glimpse of who we were really meant to be in our life and the true meaning of our life. This Spiritual Awakening is accelerating faster than ever before in the history of time.

Children and Teenagers are the ones experiencing the fastest transition at this point in time. Many of them are actually born with all six senses intact. However, this does not automatically mean they understand what is happening to them and this is why many of them demonstrate their Spiritual Awakening with behavioural problems. Once I teach you how to handle your child’s sixth sense using your five senses, life will become so much easier. For everyone.

If we do not understand what we are going through during this period, we may ignore the opportunity for growth. We will internalise the lessons, hardships, pain and suffering. This then causes our body to suffer on a physical level causing our bodies to become sick and diseased. We then need to take our body to a Specialist. Possibly a heart Specialist, a Lung Specialist, Psychologist, Counsellor or one of many others as we try to discern what is happening to us in order for us to get better.

However, what is happening to us is happening on a Soul level.

Therefore, we need to take ourselves to a Soul Specialist. A Soul Specialist understands the journey and has learned many Spiritual lessons in their own lifetimes. It is their role in life to teach and guide us through our own enlightenment.

A Soul Specialist works on a Psychic level. A Soul level. A Spiritual level.

It is the level where everything makes sense.

We are all born with the 5 senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

Through Spiritual enlightenment and awakening, we develop our 6th sense. Our sense of knowing. Our Soul comes to life. Always at the perfect time in our physical life.

I am a Soul Specialist and can help you make sense of your Spiritual Awakening and all that is happening in your life on a Soul level that you are still trying to understand using only your 5 senses.


Note: (approximate statistics)

When I was born in the 1960’s…

1 in every 500,000 children born were born with a

Psychic Gift like mine that is with all six senses intact.

People now aged in their 40’s ~

10 in every 10,000 people were born with all six senses intact.

People now aged in their 30’s ~

10 in every 1,000 people were born with all six senses intact.

People now aged in their 20’s ~

10 in every 100 people were born with all six senses intact.

Children being born now and under the age of 20 ~

9 out of every 10 children are born with all six senses intact!

Think about that!


I am YOUR personal Soul Clinician and I am here to help!

Consultations = $40 for 30 minutes

And can be booked through the store