“AIR” Pollution

Today, as my plane soared to 37,000 on my flight from Perth to Adelaide, I could not wait to again, feel closer to Heaven.

Hurtling down the runway felt much the same as the way I’d lived the past week of my life. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I begged my Team for insight. I felt so alone and so much despair and sadness. I felt that no one could understand what I’d just gone through. Not just me, but someone close to me. It all felt so unfair. Why? Why? Why? were the words rocketing through my mind.

As the plane splashed through puddles left behind by the morning’s rain, I realised that it all seemed very symbolic.  The puddles represented my tears.  The sky represented my mood, heavy and dark. The power of the plane taking off forced me back into the seat representing the fact that like the plane, my life is a journey over which I have no control. I bought the ticket to this flight much like I’d bought the ticket into this life. The plane had a pilot. So did my life. Full of despair and torment at the personal situation I was leaving behind, I again begged for insight.

I felt my mind travelling faster and faster with thoughts and fears, just like plane hurtling down the runway. I was actually looking forward to the next 3 and a ½ hours as I knew I would be closer to heaven and my “Team”.

I closed my eyes and prayed for strength for those I’d left behind and for myself.

The details are not important. The feelings are.

Lifting off the runway, I heard a familiar voice in my ear! ‘You will be ok. They will be ok. We can be close for a while as you fly. Be sure to listen”.

As we lifted off the runway, I found myself looking down at all the houses.

All the lives.

All the hopes.

And all the dreams.

The dark clouds loomed over the houses. Over all the lives, hopes and dreams.

Symbolically, I could see that the dark clouds in fact were showing me that no one is exempt from disappointments, hurt, anger and frustration. There were dark clouds over everyone’s houses.

It was early in the morning and a few houses had lights on. Interesting I thought.

Perhaps the people that lived in those houses were enlightened?

However, there were more houses in darkness than lit up. Again, symbolically, I reflected thinking how many people were living lives in darkness. Unnecessarily.

They know no different.

Breaking through the clouds, was like a Spiritual awakening. I was heartened to again be where the sun always shines!

There’s always love, light and warmth above the clouds.

I personally love the feeling of flying.

I also love the feeling of love.

At 37,000 feet we are closer to heaven.

But you do not need to be in a plane to capture this feeling. After all, heaven is everywhere.

I recognised a feeling I was having as one that I carry in my heart all the time.

My heart and my soul.

Love. Simply, love.

The thoughts, disappointments and fears, I had, I realised left them behind on the ground in the puddles.

There were lessons for other’s to learn. I’d played my part as best I could.

Imagine for a moment if you will, what the air around you would actually look like if everyone’s thoughts, fear, hopes, dreams and disappointments were words in the air! Tangible words you could see.

What kind of “feeling words” would you like to bump into?

And what kind of “feeling words” would you not like to bump into?

After all the sky’s filled with all of them.

Imagine too for a moment if all the texts and emails being written right now along with all the internet pages open at the same time were in fact visible, floating through the air.

Now that’s what I call “air pollution”.

Up here, at 37,000 feet above the clouds, free from all the “air pollution”, everything’s clear.

There’s no darkness in Heaven.

No room for all the air pollution up here because that kind of “pollution” makes the air heavy and weighs it down. No wonder the sky cries!

Who doesn’t love flying? Being free from our reality for a few hours?

Being able to look down at all the lessons being learned below.

Imagine a bubble above each house you fly over. Each bubble depicting the lesson being learned in the house below.

Lessons like:  Forgiveness, Patience, Tolerance, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Kindness, Integrity, Personal Value, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Acceptance,  Peace, Solitude, Grace, Appreciation,  Balance,  Courage, Compassion and Empathy, Caring, Dignity, Faith, Generosity, Happiness, Hope, Inner Peace, Insight, Intuition, Joy, Inspiration,  Karma, Peace, Quiet, Resilience, Responsibilities and Sacrifice.

All I could see here above the clouds was the Miracle of Love.

Again, I say. Souls are Simple we just want to love and be loved. It’s as humans that we complicate our lives.

The sun is on my left, streaming in through the window. I’m in another world up here. Closer to heaven. The sun fills my body with hope and love and I love the way it makes me feel.

I realise I’m having an “unearthly ” experience. Literally.

Up here I don’t have to worry, at least not for a few hours.

Up here I can connect to my Team and Love itself.

Looking down through the gaps in the clouds, I realise that no one is immune to learning lessons in this life. I could see it all very clearly. Almost like a map.

We can’t all fly to escape our minds and lessons but we can meditate.

Meditation is just like flying. When you meditate, you too can escape your reality. You too can feel the warmth of love as it comes in through the window of your Soul.

You too can connect with your own Team and ask them to Guide you through everything you are going through in your life.

You can also express your Gratitude to them for all that is beautiful in your life.

Today, as the aircraft left the earth’s plane, I was shown that whilst the problems I was leaving behind made me feel like I was the only one they were happening too, it was made very clear  to me that no one escapes learning lessons in this life.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We keep learning lessons until all our fingers are the same length! Go on take a look.

We all have fears, disappointments and unrealised dreams.

Sometimes we feel so alone. We ask ourselves why these things keep happening to us. By things, I refer to “bad” things. Our lives feel oppressed. We feel trapped. However, these times are just opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and even skeptics look to the heavens for help and answers.

We often look to others for help, support and love and they are the very ones that let us down! What do we do then?

We return to ourselves. As Marianne Williamson says “We Return to Love”. Ultimately we really only have ourselves in life. The rest is an illusion!

From up here as I bask in the warmth of Spiritual connection, the sky is endless and filled with solutions and possibilities. There’s so much more room for your hopes and dreams. There’s no need to stay under the dark clouds in the air pollution.

Escape to where the air is clear. Where your heart and Soul can breathe again. Take time out just for today, think nothing, expect nothing and react to nothing.

Just be a human BEing not a human  DOing.

There’s enough space up here for everyone, all you have to do is reach out.

The plane is merely a vehicle. So is meditation.

Meditate today. Come up to where the air is clear and warm and you can see clearly and forever.

For there, you are closer to heaven.

The clouds have cleared now. And my tears are gone.

I know I am not alone and I understand.

And I am glad.


Thank you Team

Marion July 2017