My work has become focused on helping children and teenagers that have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, when in fact they are actually misunderstood because they are gifted as Psychics.

Often these children suffer with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. They are bullied at school because they just don’t seem to fit in. This is made worse because they are Empaths, and absorb their environments like a sponge. Without knowing how to deal with these emotions and situations, they internalise everything. They know they’re different, but they need to be shown that it’s a good thing. At their young age, they can’t even begin to see this as their own truth. And that’s sad. And as parents, that makes us sad.

Frustrated parents come to me often after exhausting all other means of counselling. They leave relieved, feeling like someone actually understands. The child/teenager feels exactly the same.

I work with the children, teenagers and parents on a really deep soul level. Not with their mind but with their soul. Gifted and/or Psychic children are reincarnating very quickly into families these days, to help put the world back in balance, one family at a time.

Those children who are gifted have a level of consciousness that does not fit the accepted paradigm. They don’t fit into the out-dated box of traditional education, and get lost or restless in a classroom that is not actually educating them, but rather is designed to program and indoctrinate them into being a certain way. When that system does not work for them, we label them as having a disorder such as ADHD, and give them drugs that “help them conform” to society’s expectations.

Children are meant to be children. They have a tremendous amount of life force energy, and they are not designed for sitting at a desk for hours on end with only 15 minutes break. One hour of regimented physical education before going home to watch television and play with video games isn’t conducive to a healthy child’s lifestyle.

So where does all their unused energy go? It just agitates them from within, especially when fuelled by sugar. Children need an outlet for their energy, and they need to be educated in a way that engages their interest.

We do gifted children an enormous disservice to label them as ADHD, teaching them they have a “disorder”, when in fact it is our society that is disordered.

The human body is designed to move, and the mind needs different stimulation all the time. But what do we do? We live by an artificial clock that tells us when to eat, when to sleep and when to get up. Then, we sit or stand for eight hours at a time doing repetitious work that bides our time on Earth. No wonder we are not healthy! And we start training children as young as four to live this way, then wonder why they can’t sit still or concentrate. It makes one wonder who is really disordered? The labels that we put on our children, such as ‘learning disabled’, stigmatize them for the rest of their lives. Really, it is the education system itself that is failing because it is designed to indoctrinate people into an artificial way of life, which is not really living at all.

These children need to be surrounded by soothing, calming colours. They would benefit from lots of physical activity and exercise, especially outdoors in fresh air, and perhaps even some form of yoga to centre and ground them. They need to have their mind stimulated by various activities, but they also need calming energy, like classical music, which aids concentration. It is important for parents of all children to monitor and limit television, especially violent cartoons and video games.

Gifted children need to focus on their areas of interest. They need to acknowledge their giftedness, and they also need to try new things, to learn from new and different activities. Children naturally have a short attention span, so they need a lot of variety available to them at all times. They would also benefit from special schools with smaller classes where they can receive personalized attention, perhaps something like a Waldorf or Montessori School, or the new KIPP schools. Any type of education system that supports them to be an individual, celebrating their unique needs and interests.

From a spiritual perspective, the most important thing to remember is that children are not really children – they are souls coming into a child’s body, and are only children until their physical and emotional maturity catches up with their consciousness. These souls come to the parents who can best support them to experience what they need to experience on Earth. Those who can give them the foundation in their upbringing to develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Throughout this process, children also come to heal their parents, and to teach them about unconditional love and acceptance. But the parents must be open to learning.

Everything serves a purpose, and ADHD is one of the conditions that challenge us all to evolve our consciousness, so that it acknowledges gifted children as a gift to humanity.

If you are struggling with your child but just “know” something else is going on, please give me a call or send me a message. I’m here to help.