Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Night after night you hear knocking but when you go to investigate, there’s no one there!

So you want your Loved One (in Spirit) to come visit you? Maybe they already have and you didn’t realise! Don’t freak out! Or you will freak them out! And then they won’t come back!

You have NO idea how hard it is for our “Loved Ones” to come through to us once they are ready to! Probably as hard as it is for us to accept that it is a “visit” from them.

It seems that everyone has a story to tell these days!

You may know them as “Spirits,” however, I prefer to call them “Visitors” the same as what they were to us when they were alive and came to “visit” us. “Family members / Friends etc” are way more active now than they have ever been before.  “Spirituality,” “Knowledge” and “Enlightenment” has provided them with an understanding of the environment they actually want to come back to and be part of.

So many people, more than ever before are meditating, being mindful, karmically aware and “asking” for their Loved ones to come back and visit. This is creating a beautiful energy by changing our vibration levels to match theirs more closely.

It’s the language of Love. It’s not hard. It’s simple. It’s just Love. It’s the Love of our Souls that draw them back to you.

We spend more time than ever before, talking to our friends and families about “Life after Death” whilst they are still alive. More people than ever before are curious. So, why not try it out for yourselves! Talk about how you will “try” to show your loved ones left behind that you made it safe to the other side and that “it’s just awesome and you could never figure out why you were scared to die in the first place, ‘cos it’s just wonderful “here.”” (Life on earth as a human is the hard part)

We hope more than ever before that there really IS something more than what we can fathom or understand with our mere mortal five senses.

And there is. Not only can I vouch for it and write about it in my books and writings, but pretty much everyone that has ever come to me for a Psychic Reading shares their experiences with me before we start their Reading. By sharing their experience, we are able to explore the significance together. This then helps provide them with more Spiritual understanding around their experiences so that it is no longer a mystery.

Even I talk to my Loved ones about the signs I will show them once I’ve moved onto my next stage. We have a better understanding these days and acceptance as a result of first hand experience.

If you have lost your Loved ones, know that you can hold them close in your heart and connect this way.

The only difference after all between “us” and “them” is that we still have the body that carries the Soul.

Here’s a few signs your Loved Ones are trying to get your attention:

Firstly, I would like to say that you will “feel” Family members, friends and loved ones that have passed over before you see or hear them. They will fill your Heart and very being with pure, warm unconditional love.  They provide reassurance and comfort and allay any doubt you may have that they are there with you. It is a very special feeling and once you have felt it for the first time, you will not be able to wait to feel it again.

Some of the more common signs that you have “Visitors” are:

  • You may hear unusual knocking on walls/or floors in other rooms. Someone, is trying to get your attention or are they just playing games with you? No, it’s always been polite for “Visitors” to knock before they enter! Your “Visitor’s” just got a bit disorientated that’s all.
  • Your lights and/or electrical items will switch on and off. This can include the TV, air conditioning, radio and lights which will turn on and off by themselves without known or obvious explanation. You may also go through a series of electrical equipment breaking down all at once. Hairdryers, kettles, irons and even mobile phones. These “Visitors” have levels of incredible energy that they are not aware of and often cause these “outages” to happen. You may find that the volume of music you are playing or of the TV may increase when you have “visitors present.”
  • You may find that you hear your Loved Ones favourite song on the radio every time you turn it on. It may be a song that was very special to both of you. Like your Bridal Waltz at your wedding or the song that was playing when you first met? Or was playing the first time you kissed! You will hear it playing at the most random of places…..and that’s the point!
  • You may find that everyday items disappear from where you left them. (Or sure that you left them!) They may reappear just as “magically” at a later point in time. No one can explain why. I find these ones the most fascinating. (This is something I’d do just for fun!)
  • You may “see” things out of the corner of your eye but when you turn your head to focus or check, you see nothing. The same may be for pin points of light often hovering above head height in a room. Unlike the other shadows that move quickly, pin points of light may remain in situ. When this happens, sit quietly and ask your Guide to tell you who is there in the room with you. To impress you with their name. You may just “feel” intuitively that you know who it is. If you do, please acknowledge their presence by thanking them for coming to see you. Tell them how important it is for you but also for them.

It is very important that we acknowledge their efforts to come and “visit” you. They often do so as part of their healing. This may occur over a few visits or just one or two. Nonetheless, please ensure they come in Love and that you feel safe. Talk to them like you would if they were still here in their physical bodies. Sometimes, they don’t even realise that they don’t have their body anymore and they don’t understand why you can’t go with them. It may be up to you to explain to them exactly what has happened to them. Always tell them you love them and that you will be ok and that they will be ok. (They actually have way more help over the other side than we do here on this side!)

You may also feel like you are being “watched.” This can be unnerving. Probably best if you talk to them. (I know its weird talking to no one there, but, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not. Our best sense is our sense of just “knowing and feeling.” It’s the most reliable one.)

  • Hmmm what’s that smell? It smells just like “Grandma/Grandpa/Mum/Dad/My husband/my wife”. Again, if you experience this, please treat them like normal. I really want to take the mystery and fear out of these visits. They ARE normal. Maybe not to you but they are. If you feel fear, chances are that you will transmit that fear to your loved one and you risk the chance that they will not return.
  • If you see an increase of feathers, coins, stones, butterflies during your day, pay particular note to who you have been thinking about when you stumble across these items. I find it fascinating that these items are always put in our paths at just the right time. Who puts them there physically for you to see? I’m not sure but I know that the time is always perfect for us to grab our attention.
  • You may notice at times, that your pet dog and sometimes cats, will sit and stare at something you just can’t see. Sometimes, you can’t even get their attention away from what they are looking at. At these times, “tune” into your environment and see for yourself who you feel may have come to “visit.” Our loved ones always come with a feeling of unconditional love and trust. Welcome them like you would if they were still here in their physical body.
  • Some people report brightly coloured orbs. It is said that coloured orbs are Spirits and white orbs are Angels.
  • “Who’s that standing at the end of my bed?” I’ve heard this story repeated over and over from people that have come to me for a Psychic Reading. These visitors in particular appear as a misty, translucent apparition. Their facial features are usually describable and memorable. You will “know” instinctively that you can trust them. They may have chosen to visit and “show” themselves to you if you have been asking for Signs or Proof. These visitations can certainly turn a skeptic into a believer in one easy sitting. Please don’t be scared. Why not talk to them? Find out what you can about why they are there.
  • “Brrrrr someone just walked over my grave!” ‘Oooops sorry, wrong person’ thinks your “visitor.” It is also likely that the person that just “walked over your grave” is a lower entity sussing you out. They do not come from a place of love and should not be encouraged to stay. If they do hang around, just let them know they’ve come to the wrong house!  (You may find hot and cold spots in your home however, these types of sensations occur more in older homes and hotel sites that have a history all of their own. Don’t worry about them. They are just residual energies left behind.)
  • These are physical visitations and take a lot of energy on the part of the “Visitor.” Please remember that your Loved Ones no longer have a physical body to house their energy and Soul, so they have to come up with a way to get your attention. Often times this can be in a dream. There are dreams we remember and are really vivid and dreams we forget as soon as we wake up. The dreams we remember are the “visits.” If you are having a lot of dreams that “stay with you” for days, weeks and years afterwards, please journal them in a dream diary. Note whether they were in colour, or black and white. Were people talking in the dream and when they were talking, were their lips moving or was it through telepathy? What overall message were you left with when you woke up? Did you get any names? See any faces? Where did the dream take place? You may find that by journaling your dreams, you will soon be able to interpret the messages.
  • “Did you call me?” you find yourself saying to no one there! But you are certain that you heard an audible voice call your name. Pay attention! Check your surroundings and make sure you are safe. It has been reported many times that these voices, call you to attention just before an accident happens. Trust them.
  • You may find that you come across a very important item of a loved one that you have been thinking of lately. Don’t ask me how it gets there right at the right time but I love that it does. Take comfort from these occurrences. It must be so difficult for them to summon the energy to make this kind of contact.
  • Saving the best till last. So many people share with me that they have felt “visitors” sit on their bed and can even see the indent at the time, or left behind by their “guest.” You may feel someone brush past you or stroke your arm or your head. Who used to do this for you? They obviously miss doing it for you and just wanted to do it one more time. Talk to them. Welcome them. Tell them you love them and that you are so glad that they came to visit you. Tell them you are ok and that they too, are ok.

Please remember that communication “visits” occur not just for our sake but also for the sake of our Loved Ones.

They are cherished by both sides of the veil.

Just a thought too. Please let your loved ones know what you plan to do once you have passed over to let them know that you have come to “visit.” Then they will understand when you do come to visit and won’t feel scared and/or scare you away. Talk to them about what you have been up to since they’ve been gone.

You might miss them, but they miss you too and this is why they come to “visit.”

Bear in mind, that if your Loved One was a practical joker when they were alive, chances are they “love” having fun playing practical jokes on you when they come to visit you.

Visits are “Real” and if they happen for you, please share them with me at and I will be honoured to add your story to my “Reader’s Stories” on my website .

If you are or have been experiencing this/occurrences that you just don’t understand, please feel free to book a session with me through my online store. Perhaps a Soul Clinic session. 

Thank you

From my heart to yours