Start small BUT start Today ~ Manifesting for your 2020 ~

Today, I would like to share one of my stories about “Manifesting.” (I have included a link at the bottom of this story, to my video about how you too can manifest for yourself entitled “Manifesting.” I recommend you start small….like I did. Now, I would like to share one of my psychic “manifesting” stories with you! If that’s ok?

A few years ago, I was staying at a beach side town with a friend. I had been walking beaches collecting shells, flotsam and jetsam! The person I was with was a complete skeptic! (My favourite!)

I collected all kinds of treasures. At one point, I realised that I would love to make a basket to hold the treasures and decided I needed some blue and yellow sea rope! “Ha! You won’t find rope like that anywhere around here” my friend said! Well, this pic shows it was exactly where I “saw” it on a beach I had never been to on the other side of the peninsula, 10 beaches away as I made into the basket in the photo below. I directed my friend to drive to where I had seen the rope (in a nice way lol!) and thus collected my blue and yellow sea rope from the place “exactly” where I “saw” it laying underneath a small rocky outcrop.

I had found some great treasures! (Alas, not a message in a bottle!). But, I DID need a starfish! “Nope, no starfishes anywhere on this coast” my friend said, again!

Ha! You already know how this story finishes don’t you! Again, I asked my “Team” to show me where I would find a starfish to complete my collection. And they did. (The actual starfish is still in storage with my household belongings till I move into my home once it’s built, but it looks exactly like the one featured in this story)!

This time, I “saw” a starfish, at a beach over 28kms away! My friend was getting a little “antsy” as he was a skeptic, it was hot and he didn’t particularly feel like driving so far….but we did and what did I do when we got to the beach?

I directed him to walk to the right (where the starfish was laying) and I walked to the left!

About 5 mins into our walking, I heard him call my name. He was standing with his hands on his hips, looking down, shaking his head!
I smiled! A “starfish” smile!! lol

When I got there, he pointed to the starfish on the ground, exactly as I’d described it, exactly as I’d “seen” it. Yipee!! My collection was complete.
As for my friend, nope, he’s no longer a skeptic!!

My message for you is this: FEEL, really FEEL, what you are “looking” for with your heart and Soul. Your ALL. Believe it to be real. Believe that all you have to do is complete the transaction by going to “collect” your treasure.
As you continue this pattern, you can work up using the same technique and eventually, you will manifest and bring into your life all that you need and want for your highest good.

Even skeptics can do this stuff! Try it for yourself. You don’t need to tell anyone you are doing it! But, isn’t it worth a shot?

I now call “Manifesting” my “Starfish Moment!”

If you would like to know more, please feel free to PM me.

What a great way to start a New Year ~ By manifesting….

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My basket of treasures starting with the blue and yellow sea rope!