So many people come to me during a psychic Reading and want to learn more about this thing they’ve heard about called Manifesting or the Law of Attraction!

It seems that a lot of people are asking the Universe to fulfil their requests/desires and deliver to them what they are asking for but then don’t seem to either recognise the signs or are not receiving or accepting what the Universe is sending through.

The Universe sends us what we need not necessarily want.

When I ask people to give me an example of what they are asking, it generally seems to be of a materialistic nature. While this is fine, the Universe will not necessarily bring you what you have asked for, ie, a new car however, it will bring you the opportunity to make more money in order to buy the car. Or a job or increase in hours that too, will bring the car. The car will not magically turn up because you ordered it!

When you “place your order” with the Universe you must believe whole heartedly that you will receive it. The Universe does not listen to your words. It responds to your energy. So you must believe that you deserve what you are asking for and have faith that it will turn up.

If you are placing orders to the universe but not seeing results, maybe this will help.

Placing an order to the Universe is like placing a drive through take away order at McDonalds.

You drive up to the first speaker and place your order for a hamburger, fries and a coke.

This is like placing an order to the Universe.

Next, you pay for your order.

Much like we pay the price to the Universe.

Then we collect our hamburger, fries and coke at the next window!

Except we don’t!

Because the poor little 14 year olds employed by MacDonalds in their kitchens to fill your order, have no idea what you want on your hamburger! They need to know if you want two patties, cheese, extra pickles etc otherwise, basically, they can’t deliver your order to you.

If, you were specific and clear then your order would turn up at the next window.

You believed it would and it did.

This is the same when you place your order to the Universe!

You MUST be specific and believe it will turn up.

I have been creating my own reality ever since I can remember and certainly way before movies like “The Secret” came out. I thought it was normal and never thought anything more about it. If I wanted something, I would visualise it until it became real. I’ve mostly done this with partners, jobs and places I’ve wanted to live. Also, with me wanting to hear from certain people in life.

Manifesting is a little like Telepathy. That’s what I liken it to.

Don’t make manifesting complicated. It’s quite straight forward. Like I said, much like ordering take away from Macca’s.

Whilst manifesting is not about material gain, as I said earlier, it may be that the Universe brings you overtime or the opportunity to make the money you need in order to manifest those luxury items you want.

If it is in your highest good, then the Universe will provide.

The best way to start :

Is to start small. This way, both you and your guides get used to your way of “ordering!”

This will also build your faith that it really can happen.

Start by thinking of someone you would love to hear from that you haven’t heard from in a while or

by visualising a car park space right where you want it at the shopping centre.

I do this every Christmas and have surprised friends and partners many times with the accuracy of it.

A few years ago at Christmas time, when the shops were really busy and the car park even worse, I visualised a car park right where I wanted it. I told my family before we left where it would be! As I drove up to it, I saw other cars drive right past it but none of them ever pulled into it. It was as if the Universe had placed a “Reserved” sign on it! It was mine and I was able to drive straight in!

Even simple things like when I need to buy expensive house hold cleaners etc. I visualise them being on special the day I go shopping and am never surprised when they are.

Or I may visualise bumping into a friend that I really need to see and am never surprised when I do.

These are good places to start and good ways to build your faith around manifesting.

You can then move on.

Visualise the job you want.

Where and how you want to live.

Visualise the car you want to drive.

Or the holiday that you want to go on.

And who with.

I even visualised what my children were going to look like and they did/do exactly!

I visualised (or dreamed) of travelling and exploring Port Stephens, NSW area in my caravan and now I am.

Believe it.

Manifest it.

Then live your belief.

If you are struggling to know what to manifest, here’s a guide:

You can start by

  1. Visualise what you want for yourself, your family and/or your life.

See “it.” REALLY SEE IT. See “it” as if you already have it in your life. What does “it”

Feel “it.” REALLY FEEL IT. Feel what life would feel like for you as if

Then make a vision/dream board or wish list. Paste photos of what you would like to manifest (Or come true for you in your life) onto an A4 sheet of paper and stick it on the fridge or somewhere that you can see it every day. Focus on it. Most importantly visualise yourself living it. You can use pictures or words. Create your future with this vision board.

  • Practice mindfulness and identify and express gratitude for everything in your life, including the breath you take. Make a list of everything you are grateful for. At some point in your life you would have manifested them! So, be grateful right there for those things you have already manifested without realising it!

By practicing gratitude, the Universe will get used to the way you think and see that you appreciate all that you receive.

  • Practice Meditation as this is the best way to get in touch with your higher self, Guides and Universe. Meditating helps us slow down and get in touch with ourselves and makes it much easier to practice manifestation.
  • Watch your thoughts! Your thoughts are a magnet for what you want in your life. If you don’t believe me, look at your own life right now for proof!

If you are in a crappy place in your life, check out what you’ve been thinking lately! Have you been thinking positively or negatively?

If you are in a happy place in your life, chances are that you have been thinking positively lately!

Simply equation = LIKE attracts LIKE.

I watch every single thought I think and word I say as one way or the other it creates my future.

YOU and you alone are the master of your own destiny and future.


From my You Tube Channel “Marion Weatherburn” is my video about “Manifesting”