Thoughts are a “Take Away Order” that you place with the Universe…

…just TRUST that what you order WILL be delivered.

I think.

Then I worry.

Then I worry about what I was thinking that got me worrying in the first place.

Then I think about what I was worrying that got me thinking in the first place.

Then I over think.

Then I over worry.

The other day, after an extreme session of overthinking and over worrying, I looked at the clock and realised that 4 years (more like 30!!) had gone past and I hadn’t achieved a single thing except put myself though extreme anguish and anxiety.

Quick! Where’s the RECYCLE BIN ~ I’ve got a whole lot of “Thoughts” and “Worries” I’d like to Recycle!

So, in exhaustion and exasperation, I made a cup of tea and reflected on everything I’d thought and worried about and realised that regardless of all my thinking and worrying, I’ve still ended up where the Universe wanted me to be and it’s perfect!

I think back to the blog I wrote on New Year’s Day this year. It was all about the “Law of Attraction” and I realised that lucky for me, all these years whilst I was thinking and worrying, I was also “Hoping and Dreaming” attracting to me the very circumstances that are in my life today.

For years, I was a daughter, wife, Mum, sister, friend, employee but never really me. Not really. It was my thinking and worrying that made me that way. It was all my doing, no one else’s. It was my expectations of myself that were so damned unrealistic. I “thought” I “should” be like this or be like that! I wanted my life to be perfect and I thought that if I worried enough, I would be able to get things/my life right. I was wrong. Sound familiar?

I look back at my life’s journey and realise that regardless of all that thinking and worrying, most of which I cannot even remember what it was about now and experiencing severe bouts of depression and breakdowns, my mind had created that “mindset”.

My “Lesson” in life has certainly been one of TRUST.

The School of Life is no different than that of our own education system. It takes years of practice, homework, failed exams and exams passed with flying colors taught to us by a myriad of Teachers both harsh, kind and/or patient. But Teachers nonetheless.

The Universe also provides us with Teachers. Once you realise this, you will see them everywhere. You too, are a Teacher in the lives of others.

My struggle in Life has always been around the issue of TRUST.

A few weeks ago, I cried to my Team to show me my next direction in life and guess what! It’s the direction I’d always Hoped and Dreamed for….NOT the one I’d Thought and Worried about!

Thinking and Worrying is SUCH a waste of time! Honestly!

The Universe told me to take a good look around me and TRUST that they knew better than I. “The Soul knows more than the Mind”, I was quietly reminded.

“Show me a sign”

“Show me a sign” I wept.

I’ve since enjoyed irrefutable signs and know now that I am on the right path.

For many years, I’d hoped and dreamed to travel and live on the NSW Coast. During my life, I could never imagine that dream would ever come true. Never. It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and now I can see clearly that the signs were always there for me to trust along the way but I ignored them. Now I’m on my way.

Earlier this week, I was sitting at my computer crying quietly to myself trying to make a decision once and for all as to whether I buy a caravan and travel to NSW or stay in SA. I know that my time is up in SA. I was here for one reason only and that was to care for my parents before they both passed away very close together in December last year and to heal the past with them so that we could all live our next stages with forgiveness, peace and love in our hearts before I did move onto my hearts desire.

But I wasn’t sure if it was in fact the right thing to do. I was in agony. I then decided that instead of thinking and worrying, I asked the Universe for a sign.

Later that day, I had a visitor. It was a lady (an Angel I’m sure ) came to pick up the quilt from me that once belonged to my parents. She rolled up with a trailer on the back of her 4WD. I said to her “Oh, do you know how good it is to see a woman alone driving with a trailer?” She said “I normally tow my caravan alone too when I travel”.

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. Here was my sign. I invited her in for a cuppa and we talked for two hours about her experiences travelling as a single woman and when she left, I knew I could do it to.

The very next day, I received my second sign.

I had gone into the local health shop to pick up some Rescue Remedy and the woman behind the counter who a few months before had greeted me with “Are you Marion Weatherburn?” to which I answered “Yes” and then promptly dissolved into tears, said to me “I can’t believe you are here in my shop this morning, I just finished reading your book last night! You have made such an impact on my life. I asked the Universe to let me meet you so that I could give you a hug, may I give you a hug?”

Which we did. It was very special indeed and one I will remember forever.

Anyway, I went into her shop yesterday morning to get the Rescue Remedy to help with my anguish. She asked after Mum, so I told her what had happened. For some reason, she then started telling me about all the years she spent on the road alone in her comby van travelling Australia! I told her that I’d been asking for a sign that this was something that I too, should do and here she was offering information to me without me even asking for it! All I could do was cry at the amazingness of the Universe.

Two Angels in two days. They were real.

The rest….you can fill in…but to me….She was another sign!! A good one!

Life IS amazing….and I DO believe we are given what we need exactly when we need it….

All we need to do is place our Take Away Order with the Universe and Trust that it is received then delivered.

Yesterday, with pen and blank paper in hand I began to draw the jigsaw puzzle that is my life. (You can actually buy blank jigsaw puzzles at a craft store and build yours too.)  I think it would be a fascinating and very healing past time. Each puzzle piece is a person and or event that presented a lesson and a link to the next one.

As I work through my jigsaw puzzle, I see that the Universe has in fact always shown me signs and delivered my orders all without me realising.

Every person, every job, every house, every good time and every bad time now makes perfect sense to me.

We always say “things happen for a reason” but it’s only with hindsight and an activity like this that you can connect the dots and everything becomes clearer.

So much makes sense now and I can clearly see now that each piece is already in its perfect place ready for the next piece with NSW on it to slide in right in. My puzzle is still incomplete and that’s a good thing let me tell you!

I could have saved myself years of heartache if only I’d been taught to TRUST. Let me teach you this now if I never teach you anything else ~ Please TRUST!

I’ve lived just over half my life Thinking and Worrying.

Our Soul knows way more than the mind but for those of us whose lesson is “TRUST”, our mind feels like it’s what we should be listening to. I know better now.

For those of you/us that over think and over worry, may I impart this advice that I found extremely helpful and probably saved my life during this particular period of my life where I was experiencing incredible grief, regret and disappointment ALL the time. My thoughts and worries were spiralling out of controlling and becoming all consuming.

Rather than letting your thoughts overwhelm and invade your mind consuming you all day every day, honor them by setting aside time in your diary to do just that! Worry, think, cry whatever it is you need to do BUT only do it during the time you allocate to it. Half an hour several times a day in the first instance will really help. Write down your negative feelings then in the next session write down your positive feelings and thoughts. All they want to do is be “heard”. Give them that then recycle them.

I can only tell you how very therapeutic it was for me. When a bad thought insisted on me thinking about it, I told it to go away and come back at its allocated time slot as I would think about it then. Just because the thought comes into your head does NOT mean you have to give it any time at all.

Make a choice with it…. Diarise it, Recycle it into a good thought or Bin it!

Just because the thoughts are in our head does NOT mean we have to do anything about them. We don’t have to think them. We are the only ones that know they are there.

I got caught up thinking that if I didn’t agonise over particular thoughts and feelings of guilt and regret that I was being disrespectful to those concerned.

Remember that with the Law of Attraction, thoughts become Things and Things ARE real.

If you think negatively, you WILL attract more of the same because your mind is stupid and tries to help out by giving you more of what it thinks you want!

If you think positively, you WILL attract more of the same because your mind is stupid and tries to help out by giving you more of what it thinks you want!

Before you do any thinking today, I caution you to watch what you are “ordering” from the Universe.

Do some little experiments for yourself.

Think about someone you haven’t heard of for a while and would really like to hear from or about. I bet they contact you in the next week or two.

Ask the Universe to show you signs to help you get through whatever it is you are stuck on at the moment. BUT remember, that the Universe WILL deliver its Take Away Order to you…so be ready! It’s no good ordering and then not waiting for it to be delivered! That would be like ordering a Bacon and Egg Brekky burger and Coke at Macca’s and then driving off just as it’s being handed in through the window of your car only to be spilt with you ending up with egg on your face!

If you are going to “think” then think about what you want the Universe to deliver! The mind might be stupid BUT the Universe is obliging if it’s in your best interest!

I believe that out of the 100% of the thoughts and visions that come through our minds, 30% of them are glimpses of our future! The Universe shows us these glimpses of what is ahead for us in our lives as a way of building our trust. Our mind thinks of these glimpses as Ideas. I believe and trust that they are visions of our future and when we are in them, they feel like Déjà vu!

Today I start Trusting.

Try it for yourself, it feels good!

As a good friend recently said to me “Marion, I do believe your Team are sitting up there laughing at how complicated you make your life!”
And I believe her!
Now, I’m laughing with them!

Such a great vision. So, into the Recycle bin I place my thoughts and worries where they will be recycled into Hopes and Dreams.

May I recommend you consider this for yourself too?