“…As I always say “Souls are Simple, we just want to love and be loved.

It’s this love that knows no boundaries…”

When we lose a loved one it is not just those of us left behind that grieve. They too, grieve and feel sad. They do not feel sad for themselves, however, they feel sad because they can feel and see our sadness. Now that they have passed over, they “know” what is on the “other side”, a question we ask ourselves many times during our lifetimes! “Is there or isn’t there life after death?” They now know the answer and they might be in a hurry to share their excitement with you.

Our loved ones wish they could tell us not to be sad. They have seen a glimpse of their new lives and want to let us know that it’s not at all as humans “fear.” They are usually quite excited to share with us what they’ve discovered!

We may feel like we have lost our loved ones forever. However, they want us to know that we only lose them once and that’s in the human form. Once we pass over to the other side, we will be together forever.

It is this message of comfort that they want to bring to us to help strengthen us and give us faith. They will find any of the ways below to provide us with that comfort.

……“Don’t feel sad” “Don’t do this to yourself” “Please know that I am ok” “I am trying to show you in the best way I can that there really is more to life than what we know as humans.” These are the kinds of messages they bring……

When our loved ones make contact with us, their messages are of a loving Spiritual nature.

They are not dropping by to ask us to “check their mail box” or “re register the car” or “tell us where they kept their secret stash” or that we “should wash the curtains!” It’s usually feelings of unconditional love, forgiveness, reassurance, strength and comfort.

Like I said at the beginning “Souls are Simple!”

They want us to know that dying is not the end. It’s just the next step. They now understand this. Our bodies die yes, that’s a given but our body houses our Soul for the human experience. We inhabit bodies so that we may learn lessons allowing our Souls to grow.

It all makes sense once we pass over. That’s because for the majority of us living as humans, we only have the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and feel. It’s these people that believe that there is no such thing as life after death who fear dying the most as they think Souls is just a misspelt word describing the soles of their shoes!

Those of us with six senses believe in Souls and are already on our Spiritual path and certainly our children and teenagers, know that there is much more to life after death and we are not scared of dying. Some cultures welcome dying with open arms and celebrate the occurrence because they understand and have faith in the process.

Please be aware that we are not the only ones that feel comfort when contact is made on both sides of the veil, they feel it too. Some loved ones are taken tragically and this causes a shock to their system. Making contact with you provides them with extraordinary comfort and healing to, so be sure to acknowledge them for this very reason. They worry for you so it’s important to acknowledge their contact no matter how small to reassure them that you know you have heard them.

Dependent upon their vibration level as to how a loved one may contact you. It takes incredible work on their behalf as it’s a new skill for them to learn. But, believe me, they are determined and will find a way to get through to you whatever way they can.

That’s why it’s so vitally important for you to look for the signs, no matter how small for something “out of the ordinary” especially if you have been asking for contact.

We don’t want their signs going unnoticed do we?

If you continue to send them love (not sadness), they will feel this. You will be creating an environment and energy where they will feel safe to come through to you and they know they won’t scare you. This is going to take courage on their part. Some Skeptics are eager to return as quickly as possible to see if “this is all real” and others stay sceptical and don’t even try to make contact. Souls don’t wake up holy and necessarily know what to do next! They too, need to learn the “system” and the “boundaries.”

Give it time. Just keep sending them your love. Share your life with them.

It is important however that we accept that they have moved onto the next chapter in their Book of Life. We cannot nor should not hold them back. They know they need to move forward and many are eager to do so but just as many are eager to come and see whether they “can” make contact with you before they move on, just to let you know they are ok and that “they’ve made it” and that “they’re ok!” and you should be too.


Over a period of time you may start to notice any of the following signs from heaven that your loved one is trying his/her best to get your attention:

  • You may receive a visit from your loved one, usually during the night when you are in bed. You may wake to “sense” their presence. You may look up and see a vision of them at the end of your bed, on the wall or on the ceiling or in the doorway. This is one of the most special visits you will ever receive because it usually only happens once. It is normally accommodated with a “feeling.” It may be a feeling of unconditional love, of seeking forgiveness or apologising. This is their way of making peace with the both of you before they move on and is incredibly special. Sometimes, it’s just a smile. They fill you with their love, faith and the feeling that “all is well with your world and theirs!” These visits provide unbelievable comfort and should never be feared.  (Ghosts are rare! Our loved ones don’t really appear to us in “Casper the Friendly Ghost” form. You are more likely to experience your loved ones in any of these other forms.)
  • You may “feel” like you are being “watched” or you may see “points of light” out the corner of your vision but when you turn to look, there’s nothing there. Often to your surprise because you could “swear” there was! If you feel this, talk to them, ask them to show you a sign initially in your dreams which is the easiest for them and then by moving a picture or something that only the two of you know. Acknowledge them being there to so they know “you know” they are there and they were successful in breaking through the veil. This will provide great comfort to them too.
  • Have you ever heard your name called only to turn around and not see anyone calling it? Or you may get a significant (or slight) ringing in your ears. If you do, “check in” on your loved one and ask them if they are around. They vibrate at a much higher frequency to us and some of us are able to hear them. Sometimes we even hear their voices, their messages. You may be watching TV or reading a book or a newspaper and experience a certain buzz! You may think these symptoms belong to you, however, re read the sentence or rewind the show if you can and see if the sound comes back. There may be a message they are trying to convey you through this medium. This is called clairaudience.
  • You may become aware of their “particular” scent: ~ everybody has their own “particular” scent. We become attached to it during our lives every time we are close to them. It’s different for everybody but it’s one we always associate with them. Your loved ones may use this as a sign to let you know that they are with you. Don’t be scared. Just talk to them. Tell them you love them. Encourage them to stay or impress upon your mind a message that they are ok.
  • Through animals: ~ did your loved one have a favourite animal or insect? If so, they may have chosen to come to visit you in this form! (I believe that most dogs were humans in this life or a past life. A human that always said that dogs had a good life and that if they could come back, they’d come back as a dog so that they could enjoy a good life too!) You may be drawn to particular cats, birds or dogs or other animals. These animals will act “strangely” when they are with you. Out of character around you. Their owners may comment “Oh my pet doesn’t normally do what they’re doing to you!” but you and I know exactly why they do. Butterflies too. Butterflies, because humans, like the caterpillar that goes into its cocoon to evolve, humans go back into their Soul and evolve. Caterpillars evolve into butterflies and are a very significant sign that your loved one is with you if you see butterflies around you, especially when you are thinking of your loved one.
  • Our loved ones will try to get your attention in many ways. Please remember that for them it’s all new to! You may find that you find feathers, shells, rocks, coins or keys start to grab your attention. If you do see an unusual coin that suddenly “appears” consider it a “penny from heaven” and check the date. Was that year significant for the two of you? Pictures may get moved and every time you move them back, they just get moved again! (Maybe it’s them that hides the elusive sock from the washing machine!) When you notice this, you may examine as to who the practical joker was in your family that may be trying to get your attention. Just talk to them as if they were still here and trying to get your attention. Ask them if they are just trying to say hello or whether they have a specific message for you. Give them information as to how you would like best to be contacted.You can also notice the feeling that accompanies the sensation of contact. Are they trying to tell you they are ok but now need to move on? If so, you will know this in your heart and Soul to be true.
  • Dreams: ~ Dreams are one of the easiest ways our loved ones can connect with us. When they visit us in dreams, you will remember the dream in the morning when you wake and it will most likely never leave you. If you find yourself saying “I felt like it was real”, these are in fact real contacts and should be treasured. You will remember it for years and probably even your whole life. They may only happen once but they change you forever.They may show themselves to you as a much younger version of themselves, possibly at a time they felt their happiest or healthiest and you may not recognise them for a minute. Because in the case of a parent, it may be a vision of your parent before you were born! You will however know to trust this contact.
  • Contact through dreams should leave us feeling peaceful, calm and loved. The colours may be vibrant. Take notice whether your loved ones lips move when they talk to you or if they communicate with you telepathically.  Sometimes the dream may merely contain the “energy” of your loved one and you may not see them as such but you will certainly feel like you have spent time with them. Sometimes our loved ones appear to us in disguise in our dreams! This is interesting and worth noting in your dream journal as only you may be able to interpret the significance. If you would like your loved one to meet you in your dreams, invite them to right before you fall asleep. You can even ask them to wake you up right after they have visited you so that you can remember the dream more vividly. These visits are precious.
  • Repeating numbers or names: ~ loved ones may send us signs from heaven that mean something specific or important to them personally. You may get a persistent name in your thoughts over and over. You might like to investigate the significance of the name and encourage your loved one to send you further signs or confirmation of the meaning behind the name once you have ascertained its relevance. Because they no longer have a clear voice, they influence our thoughts with their energy. They send signs to us intuitively and telepathically. If these signs pop into your head repeatedly “out of the blue,” be sure to pay attention to them.  You may suddenly find yourself saying something they used to often say and wonder where it came from. “Why did I just say that” you wonder to yourself, “Mum used to say that all the time and I’d forgotten about it!” That’s the time you really need to pay attention.
  • People see numbers in all different places phone numbers, house numbers, car licence plates, digital clocks or posters. You may see the same number repeatedly. Ask yourself if it was their “birthday” or “house number” or part of their “phone number?” Take comfort that if you are being shown these that your loved one is around you. Talk to them like you normally would.
  • Music: ~ how many times have you thought of a loved one and the very next song on the radio was their favourite? Or a favourite of both of you and suddenly you are moved to tears? We instantly feel them around us at this point. Often we will turn the radio on in the middle of the song and hear the exact words we need to hear at the point of the song.  Sometimes you may even hear their song in one of their or a favourite place you both shared. Spirits and loved ones love music as it resonates beautifully with their Soul. You can invoke a visit just by playing their favourite music.
  • Strange electrical activity: ~ loved ones that have passed over are capable of interfering with electricity and light as they are now pure energy. They can influence all kinds of equipment including lights, TV, radios etc. They only want to let you know that they are nearby.

I remember one particular evening when I was standing at the kitchen bench preparing dinner. I’d done six readings that day and I was actually really tired. I had a friend at the time helping me dinner. We had the music on in the other room however I found it too loud. I kept thinking to myself “I need to go and turn down that music, its giving me a headache!” but I just kept making dinner as I was too tired to move. I eventually asked my friend to turn it down, but it never got done. I continued to think “Oh I wish I wasn’t so dead on my feet so I could turn off the music” and suddenly, no word of a lie, the room went very cold and the music went off whilst we were both still at the kitchen bench preparing dinner! I’m not sure exactly who it was but I was very grateful for the music being turned off.

Our loved ones are not trying to scare us. They are trying to communicate with us using the options available to them that are gentle to us. Unfortunately, some people fail to notice these signs and as a result, our loved ones may in fact stop trying. I recommend that you discuss “signs” before a loved one passes so that you may already have a “heads up” as to how they might try to contact you once they (or you) pass over.

Pay attention to any of the above signs. Once you notice one, you will notice more. You will also be able to discern the difference between what a true sign is and what a coincidence is. You will “feel” and “know” straightway when a thought is your own and when it is a true sign from heaven.

If you think of your loved one for no reason at all, pay attention to any signs in your proximity. This is how you learn the difference.

In my book “Caught between Two Worlds” I write about Evelyn and Emma (mother and daughter) who came to me asking if it was ok that their husband and father (Andrew) stay around them even though he had passed over. Andrew had shown Evelyn and Emma many signs that he was with them. Even their dog knew when Andrew was around. Evelyn and Emma were concerned that he should be going “to the light”. During the reading it became evident that Andrew loved them so much that he just couldn’t bear to see them suffer and vowed that he would continue to stay with them until they too passed through the veil and they would all be together again.

If you experience signs from your loved one, enjoy them, treasure them for they are incredibly special.

Thank them for their visit and tell them you will see them when the time is right for both of you to be together again.Just remember that they cannot manifest back into the human form, so don’t ask for this because if they appeared this way it would scare the crap out of you and you would probably phone channel 7 telling them to come straight on over as you have a real live spirit in your house! They don’t like the notoriety by the way!

None of us still living know how it is for those that have crossed over to the other side. What happens next? Do we need to sleep? Do we need time to heal? Do we need time to meet the rest of our family/friends that have already passed over? Do we reincarnate straight away? Do we have more learning to do in our Spiritual School before applying our skills back on earth when we are reborn?

No one knows exactly why some loved ones make contact quickly and why some don’t make contact at all.

All I know for sure is that there are so many questions and the more answers I receive, the more questions I have.

And that’s why having a psychic reading with me can be so special!
I always say “expect the unexpected”
Life (and death) is a mystery….
….but isn’t it fascinating?