Groetjes! (“Greetings” in English)

It’s time we introduced ourselves! We are Marion’s “Team!” You see…Marion cannot do her work without us! Marion is part of our “Team” too.

Which makes her part of “Your Team!

My name is Hermanus and I am Marion’s Opa (“Grandfather” in English)  Her Dad’s Dad. I am the Spokesperson for her “Team.” Marion’s Mum’s Dad “Aloysius”, her Mum’s brother “Joop”, her personal Life Guide “Mark” and her Healing Guide “Staven” are also part of her

We would like to teach you all that we “know and see” up here so that we can teach you through this platform.

Whilst it is with sadness for Marion that Marion lost both her parents close together at the end of last year, today we turned that to JOY for her and them when they too, joined our “Team!” Through an intense discussion this morning, we have been able to help Marion understand the “full circle of life!” Pain, anguish, disappointment and grieving were all replaced this morning with UNDERSTANDING, TRUST, KNOWING and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

We would like you all to benefit from our Teamwork!

Firstly, we would like to say this….This “is” normal. You ALL have Teams! It’s true. We see them. We see their frustration when you ask for help “out loud” BUT you need to INVITE your own Guides and Team into your lives and not just “put the questions out to float aimlessly about in the Universe” like you all seem to say!

For us, it’s funny in a way and also quite sad! Let me explain it in simply easy for you to understand terms….Imagine for a moment if you could right now SEE all the text messages, Instagram and Facebook messages, texts, emails and even thoughts as REAL and flying through the air! Lucky for you they are NOT real because there would literally be no air to breathe! Lucky their corners are NOT sharp because you would cut yourself when they bumped into you! Funny BUT true!

Your thoughts are the same! They ARE real! So are your questions and pleas!

You are creating your own TOMORROW …..today by your thoughts! Did you realise that? If you didn’t, you better because it’s true! Start watching them and you will see.


However, unlike your texts, emails and messages who are all addressed to someone….your requests and questions that you are putting out to the Universe aren’t and therefore they float around up here like “Lost Property!” There’s piles of your Requests up here that have all gone into the “Too Hard” or “Return to Sender” baskets or given to those passed over for something to do and sort out in between life times. At present, some of these requests are being sorted into “Categories” so that Guides can be trained into the most commonly sort after and generic requests. Some however, are just too vague, unaddressed and to be honest…Unspiritual! 

It is in the best interest of your own Guides/Team to help you! The only difference between “Us” and you is that unfortunately for you, you still have the body! What we do have in common though is that we, too, just like you, need to learn lessons for our own Soul’s growth. You have a body and a Soul….we just have a Soul! Don’t underestimate us….we’ve lived our lessons…..we only get to be part of a “Team” because we’ve done the hard “crap” as you call it! We call them lessons and actually “celebrate” them! But….

All of us KEEP learning as Marion would say “until all our fingers are the same length!” That can never be though can it, because the world is constantly changing and evolving, always presenting new opportunities for us to learn lessons and grow too. It is in our best interest to help you therefore and in your best interest to listen.

It’s only once we have learned ALL our lessons, often through making many mistakes, actually, make that LOTS of mistakes during our incarnations that we get to be Guides. BUT, this takes many, many lifetimes. And whilst Marion struggles with the concept of past lives, the very fact that she can talk hear, see and talk to those that have passed over that were once alive in her lifetime, means that this life we are currently living will become a past life in the future. This also indicates that this is her last incarnation (for many others also). It’s also why it has been such an incredibly intense lifetime for her. She needs to get her “HSC = Heavenly Spiritual Certificate” and can only do so by passing all her exams! But…we are pleased to say “She IS learning so much and heading in the right direction and excels in this subject!” In her book, Marion writes that she feels that she only excelled at “Recess and Lunchtimes” in School in this lifetime…and she’s right, that’s because any study she did learn at school, she was never going to use! Her resume’ reflects that!

Whilst Marion has had many, many wide and varied job roles in her physical life, she knows that she was put their to study and learn as part of her “HSC.”  In each role, Marion has been able to provide such comfort and closure to a Soul in Need as presented in each work place. She is indeed a Soul Clinician and can certainly help you be the Earth Angels most of you are! Does that make sense to you? Does that feel right for you?

The level of Spiritual awareness and personal life struggles that many of you have is because for you, too, you are sitting your “HSC = Heavenly Spiritual Certificate” We hope we are explaining this in a way you can “feel” is what you need to hear. Marion’s not that different to you….. She’s just studying different subjects to achieve her “HSC!” What are yours?

So many lifetimes, so many lessons…..

Yet so many of you want to achieve your “HSC” whilst you are still in the Primary School of life! Sorry! Uh Uh! No way Hose’ ….we had to work hard to achieve it…so do you! For me, personally, I tried for 5 lifetimes to achieve one particular lesson. I just didn’t “get it”….. Boy! I do now! So let me help Marion to help you!

I had some particular challenges around anger and control. After all, I was “the man” of the house and in the factory! I demanded respect…..BUT it took me the whole 5 lifetimes in various guises to realise that I needed to EARN respect by giving respect. It all seems so simple now. But that’s part of the Spiritual journey…self realisation AND acceptance AND responsibility and NOT to blame others for our troubles.

Let me explain this to you…this might help…we’ve taught Marion this so if you want to know more get her to explain it to you…Bear with me…grab a coffee and take a break and then come back and read this and REALLY take it in…It’s important!

Moving on…..

So….many people are becoming Spiritually aware these days more than ever before! People look into the eyes of babes in prams and say “Ooooo now here’s an Old Soul!” without really realising what they are saying!

So….many people are searching, questioning and yearning. We see their hearts and Souls bleed….Please guys, don’t overthink this stuff….that’s your mind! That’s the battle right there! We’d do lobotomy’s on all of if you could but that would be handing you your HSC in Grade 2…again…uh uh….we had to earn it ….so do you!

So….many of you I am so very happy to see and say ARE on the right track…ARE listening…ARE seeing….ARE taking your lessons on board so that unlike me you won’t have to repeat! It’s NOT fun…let me tell you!

So….many of you too “speak the speak” BUT don’t “walk the talk!” And that’s actually ok, because that’s what happens in Primary School. You KNOW there’s MORE there. You CAN FEEL it…you WANT it….but there’s no short cut to High School!

Right…….Ms/Mr/Miss/Mrs Universe in their wisdom (no not the physical one!), can see that your physical world is so out of balance that it’s a wonder you can all stand on your own two feet! I’m surprised you are still vertical! So many of you are off track BUT I am here to help you today and I hope you will “SHARE” this story with everyone you know….to save them repeating the lessons of this life time!

See if you can follow this…I’ll do my best to explain…. (I’m loving this platform by the way….lucky Marion can type 100wpm …. In fact, that’s why she does, just to keep up with me/us! We have so much to teach you)

So many people around the world more than ever before are meditating, practicing healing modalities like Reiki, Hands On Healing, Massage, Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy just to name a few. Others are searching through Hypnosis, Counselling. People are burning candles, incense and sage (which by the way is contributing to the whole in the ozone layer and none of us particularly like the smell of it up here, but hey, if it works for you….!) People are listening to Calming, Soothing music some with subliminal messages! (but! Do you know what they actually ARE?…just saying!) Personally, I LOVE the Mindfulness techniques…Now you are finally ‘getting it!’

Anyway, my point is, is this….You are ALL raising the vibrational energy of the collective Universe to “Our” level…not just Marion’s Team but everyone’s Team…the Angels, the ArchAngels, Guides and Souls…. This is one of the reasons WHY more than ever before Spirituality is becoming acceptable in kitchens, lounge and bedrooms, work places, Café’s, Hospitals, everywhere….SO please KEEP doing it…it’s IMPORTANT!

I hope that makes sense so far?

Let me teach you this too…..Please don’t judge anyone…Understand them instead using what I’m about to teach you!….

Like us, Marion doesn’t judge people…she “gets” them and she’s the perfect Teacher to help you through this. That’s why she was born with her Psychic Gift of Knowing, Seeing and Hearing 55 years ago! (It was actually life time’s ago but it’s taken till this life time for her to realise it!) Marion always felt like she never fitted into her life! And she didn’t. Back then only 1 in 500,000 people were born with a Sense like hers. Some call it a Gift (not sure if she would…Nah! She knows it! But I can still have a sense of humor….it helps me to get through!)

People now aged in their 40’s…that figure looks like 10 in every 10,000 people were born with this Sense. A sixth sense. (I’ll explain more about that in a minute)

People now aged in their 30’s…that figure looks like 10 in every 1,000 people were born with this Sixth Sense.

People now aged in their 20’s…that figure looks like 10 in every 100 people were born with this Sixth Sense and under the age of 20, that is now 9 out of every 10 children/teenagers were and continue to be born with all Six Senses full intact!

This is due to what I was talking about earlier about the world’s Spiritual vibrational energy being raised by all the good work you are doing!  It’s also because a lot of people are doing their “HSC”…. We need them up here to help you down there!

There are only two types of people in the world today: 5’s and 6’s! Let me explain!

We are all “somewhere” on the road to achieving our “HSC = Heavenly Spiritual Certificate.” Some are at 85%, some 23%, some 17%, some 94%, and some 62%. Let’s use the 62% figure…this person lives 62% of their time according to their Soul and Spiritual values and 38% of their time in their Mind and Brain! (A conflict of interest right there! I really must have a talk to the designers….this model doesn’t seem to be working that well….But as long as well realise that our Soul knows way more than the mind, we’ll all be fine…that’s just a few life times of learning right there!)

5’s are people born with all “5” senses intact. Hearing, Seeing, Tasting, Smelling and Touch! They are (some of them aren’t as we know and that’s why the world is in such trouble!) intrinsically good people however, they are in “Primary School” in this incarnation.

Mark here (Marion’s Guide)…Just interrupting for a minute to add… let me explain…An Old Soul is deemed “old” because they’ve reincarnated many, many, lifetimes and a Young Soul may have only incarnated once, twice or very few times but they are really all just “Souls.”

Please don’t mistakenly think that Old Souls have been here before and therefore this life time will be an easy one! And yes!… they have been here before, however, that “look” you see in their eyes is one of them knowing that this is their last incarnation and they are ready to face their “HSC = Heavenly Spiritual Certificate” They know their lessons will be hard and pretty intense in this life time but they ARE ready. You as their families “may not be” however and they know this as your Teacher!

Young Souls can however, have that same “look.” For some only live 1 or 2 lifetimes. Other’s may come back many more times, there is no set number of life times for you to come back. Like there are a certain number of grades at school (which could feel like a life time) BUT there are a set amount of lessons for you to learn. (That’s where your school and our school are the same). It is then up to you as a Soul as to whether you learn the lesson or not and how many lifetimes it takes for you to learn that lesson.

A “Young” Soul may get it all right the first time.

Some Souls may decide to learn the lesson really early in their lifetime and then come back up here where they are actually more effective in helping you down there.

And some Souls actually live really short lifetimes, sometimes not even to the point of seeing the outside physical world and that’s because they have come in as “Teachers” for their families. They have come in as Pure 6’s to help kick start their Physical Family of 5’s onto their Spiritual Journey. This is the ultimate Gift of unconditional love by these 6’s.

Hermanus…please continue…

Thank you! As I was saying…5’s are people that whilst they too have lessons to learn, (after all, we all have “Souls” whether you believe it or not)….They are not sure, and in fact some don’t believe in anything but still try (and do) lead a good and loving life. (Some don’t as I said before and that’s why your world is in trouble…please continue reading…)

6’s however are people who DO believe in Souls, energies, life after life and that there really is more to life than what our 5 senses can know. They are very “sensitive” people, Empaths and people who just “KNOW, SEE, HEAR and FEEL the Spirit world” as normal. Their number of incarnations have allowed them to do this.

Or in a nutshell:

5’s have yet to start their Spiritual Journey

5 ½’s have started their Spiritual Journey

6’s are well are truly on their Spiritual Journey and often sharing their Gifts to help other Souls.

This might help….Picture a ruler….This ruler represents “Spirituality”….



People (Souls) who are 5’s can only see the first one centimetre of that Ruler…

People (Souls) who are 6’s can see up to 6 centimetres BUT they can’t see further….

And of course there are those of you that are the “In Betweener’s”…. you have started on your Spiritual Journey! Let’s call you 5 ½’s!

People who are 5’s are generally vibrating at 30% Spiritual awareness and under and 6’s above 70%.

People who are 5’s ONLY see their 1cm! That’s why they don’t understand some people in your life if you are 5 ½ or a 6!

People who are 6’s can however see up to 6cm’s. That’s why we understand everyone between the 1cm and 6cm.

5 ½’s are the “In betweener’s”

Spirituality is so big….it’s only once you have achieved your “HSC = Heavenly Spiritual Certificate” that you will finally see the rest of the “ruler”

Please bear this in mind next time you do not understand someone’s actions or words…DON’T use your mind to try and understand them…Get out of your head and back into your Soul. Your Soul knows way more than the mind as I mentioned before….Check in with your Soul as to whether this person is a “5” or “?”….what % are they. This takes ALL judgement out of the equation and turns it into an awareness.

Too many of you Judge others! Do you realise that this creates “Karma” for you? Let me help you with learning this lesson right here right now….a shortcut if you like! It’s NOT a cheat sheet …. It’s Help! Learn it…tick this box and move on!

I/we like to talk in pictures…to help you understand….

Liken yourself to a car!

A car has an engine and when it needs fixing, we take it to a mechanic.

Your mind is like the engine in a car and when it needs fixing, you take it to a Counsellor or Psychologist.

Your car also has a vital electrical system but when it needs fixing, we take it to someone different. A mechanic doesn’t know about electrical systems but Auto Electrician’s do!

You have a Soul! And when it needs fixing you take it to a Psychic / Medium not a Counsellor or Psychologist.

The car needs both that’s a given!

You need both….that’s a given too!

For people who don’t believe they have a Soul, its the same as them believing their car doesn’t have an electrical system BUT don’t get me started! That’s a whole other “lecture” for another day….It certainly was one that I struggled with for 5 lifetimes! I was the one that only believed we only had an engine! Duh! As you would say! (As I am Dutch…I cannot translate that into a word that I might understand but I think I get it!)

Spirituality is a HUGE but very SIMPLE concept….and like Marion very rightly says”

“…Souls are Simple….we just want to love and be loved…It’s as Humans that we complicate our lives…!”

The best way we can explain it to you to help you on your very own journey is that you are in the “School of Life.”

There is absolutely NO point you learning Algebra if you are still learning the Alphabet!

There is absolutely NO point you learning Physics if you are still learning to count from 1 to 100!

Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Exploring, Walking, Exercise, Meditating, Sitting…just sitting, Craft, Water Sports, any Sports, Nature walks and hiking and Creative play however, are the best ways you can “live” in your Soul today.

This is…going back to the beginning of this lecture….the BEST way you can “feel” your Soul and live your authenticity. Of course, you must go to the “School of Education” as you have to spend your physical life learning something so that you can work for the duration of your “School of Life” learning Soul lessons and experiencing your “Whole Life!”

So…just like you would address a text message, email, Facebook/Instagram message….Please invite your own Guides and Team into your life just like you would a friend. I cannot reiterate enough that they are not your friends…they are the other part of YOU…Your Soul Mate….the missing piece you are searching for!

Just like a stranger that walks past your home can’t decide to just walk in your front door and make themselves at home in your home….BUT…you could invite them in….Your Guides will wait for you to invite them in to!

Do it today…you will be glad you did.

Till next time!