STAY CALM ~ It’s just a full moon after all!

Tonight there’s another full moon and I’m ready! Are you?

A lot of people spend a lot of time awake during the full moon and surrounding nights.  A lot of people feel “edgy, anxious, even angry.” There’s a reason for this!

Children can be particularly cantankerous during a full moon. By giving them your love and attention. You will be giving it to yourself also. You might like to put full moon dates on your calendar so that you are aware next time.

You have been using the “Law of Attraction” to manifest goodness in your life for your Higher Selves BUT you don’t feel it’s happening. That’s because you are just so busy.

So! the Universe has decided that the best time to contact you is during the night when you’ve “checked out” of your physical life!….The Universe has been trying to get your attention during the day…to no availal! BUT…you are just so busy in your lives, on your phones and in your minds that you can’t hear and often forget that you have even placed this “order” to the Universe.

Spiritual people on their path, often refer to the “Light!” This can apply to the light of the moon too!

When you find yourself wide awake during a full moon, get up….your Guides already are!

Grab a pen and paper and sit in the full moonlight. You can do this inside or outside. You have their “full” attention as they too are awake. Write to them. Talk to them. THEN LISTEN and FEEL their replies.

A Full Moon is the perfect time to really sit and work through your problems/issues/concerns and questions and who better to ask?

No! You won’t be more tired the next day…instead ..

…you will feel full of life. Invigorated!

And have the answers you need!

Until a few years ago, I’d never given the full moon the time of day!

That was until I’d started becoming aware of little mini “sads” that I was having on a regular basis!

These mini “sads” found me feeling very edgy, touchy and argumentative often over something so small, that the next day I would never be able to remember what it was even all about. One glass of wine would have the affect of two, and two = four, combined with the agitated mood, things tended to spiral out of control quite quickly albeit for a very short period of time.

And I never knew why!

Until someone mentioned the moon!

And not just any moon! The full moon!

And when I looked back, the dates of the full moon always coincided with the way I felt.  I remember back when I worked for the emergency services, their busiest nights were always around the full moon! Hospital Emergency departments are chock a block full with patients having nervous breakdowns or suicide attempts on a full moon. Crime increases around the full moon. Relationships and divorces often increase around a full moon. Domestic violence increases.

Need I go on? My Soul was “anticipating” the opportunity the Universe was giving me to work through stuff! I was restless. Anxious.

I now understand why and easily recognise that I Full Moon is coming by the way I feel. I am no longer scared of my feelings BUT rather really relax into them as I realise that soon I will have the opportunity to feel “more connected” than at any other time of the month.

Try it for yourself!

Whilst the full moon can affect our mood, attitude and our sleep tonight, there are a lot of good things you can do to counteract any of these nasties. Here’s a few ideas :


  • DON’T STRESS….STAY CALM! Your time is coming to really sort your life and emotions out! Embrace the “Signs” that the Full Moon is coming as felt by your body.
  • You know that the moon affects tides! Well given we are 85% water, it will also affect us! Perhaps you didn’t realise that?
  • Get out of bed. Sit in the moonlight. Connect with your Guides and Angels and talk to them. Write to them.
  • Get out of bed. Sit in the moonlight and just contemplate your life.
  • Miracles happen during a Full Moon so get out of bed when you can’t sleep and place your “Order” to the Universe then watch magic happen.
  • The full moon is the ideal time to say goodbye to anything that is not serving your higher self.
  • Have a detox bath
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Rearrange your wardrobe – Out with summer – In with winter
  • Hit the internet for cheap travel ideas for your next holiday
  • Have dinner outside and watch the moon come up
  • Go for a walk and howl at the moon (or just talk)
  • Have an impromptu get together with friends and party (without alcohol ~ Yes you can still have fun)
  • Do a Moon Meditation (lots of good ones on the net)
  • Clean out your wallet and leave it outside empty for the full moon to fill it.
  • Get your hair cut. It will grow stronger, thicker and longer.
  • Plant vegetables and flowers. They will flourish being planted on a full moon. Some say you will reap twice as much as planted any other time in the moon’s cycle.

Look at this month’s full moon

in a whole new “Light”