Today I would like to talk to you about “THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL” (DNS) and how this brings you to Spiritual Enlightenment and Growth.

If you are going through a hard time, ask the Universe to “BRING IT ON!”

Embrace it ~ Don’t Fear it!

There are absolutely NO shortcuts to Spiritual Enlightenment. You MUST enter through the “Dark Night Of The Soul”

….You know that tunnel they talk about?

The one they say, “there’s light at the end of?”

It DOES exist!

BELIEVE IT ~ ‘Cos I’m standing in that light right now!

It’s not that there was anything wrong with who I was, it’s just that I’ve changed… for the better. The DNS comes about when you experience hell on earth! It was something I had absolutely no control over.

I had to die in order to live!

Many things can trigger your own DNS and not everyone goes through it.

  • Accidents
  • Divorce
  • Death in the family
  • Financial hardship
  • Bankruptcy

For me it was losing my husband of 27 years through divorce, this included being alienated by his family.

I then moved my life from Perth back to Adelaide where I grew up and immediately became the carer for both my parents who sadly passed away very close together at the end of 2017, my Mum on my birthday!

I was devastated.

I was dealt many other back to back blows by the Universe. Yes! What could be worse than what I’d already gone through but believe me there’s quite a few more extraordinarily devastating situations I had to work through as part of my growth.

I lost a lot of weight and cried incessantly, at times fearing it would never top. I kept asking “Why me?”, “What’s the point?” and “What Lessons am I meant to be learning!”

I wanted to go to bed at night and never get up again.

This was worse than any depression I had ever experienced.

I became a caterpillar. I withdrew from life. I bought a caravan and crawled inside it, leaving South Australia far behind me. All the sadness and trauma I left at the border of South Australia and New South Wales. I ran away.

I was completely broken.

It’s taken nearly 12 months of solitude travelling the NSW and QLD coasts in my 21′ caravan alone, Soul searching but it’s absolutely been worth it.

My Human self had to do this.

My Soul had to do this.

I had to feel this so that I could help others through it as the Spiritual Teacher/Psychic that I am.

I’ve cried the tears. I’ve sobbed in emotional and psychological pain. I’ve not wanted to wake up in the morning.


It has been my Spiritual path.

My Guides, My true Friends and ME got me through.

The dark night of the Soul is all about totally losing who you are or were. You outgrow the person you once were. You outgrow the need for reassurance from others, you no longer care about what other people think of you and trust me that is a very good thing! The things that I used to place emphasis on for happiness in my life like a nice home, car etc no longer meant anything to me. I began to realise the real meaning of life.

This does not happen with depression.

Once you enter the dark night of the Soul your life will never be the same again.

Depression and the Dark Night are two very different things. Both depression and DNS are high contributors to suicide. Some people can seriously see no hope at all and have no faith to pull them through.

Depression is a deep sense of dissatisfaction that you are not happy in your life. Whilst depression is also a stage, when you come out of it, generally, nothing has changed.

After you come out of depression, you go back into the same habits or situations that put you there in the first place. Depression is all about us as a person. Our lifestyles, lost hopes, dreams and lack of motivation. Nothing really changes after depression. Certainly nothing it does with the Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul however, is different in that, we find ourselves asking questions like “What is the point of my life?” or “Why are we here?” or “What is the meaning behind all this?”

The Dark Night of the Soul is way worse than depression. Trust me, I know from personal experience, not only by living it and being a survivor myself but also by counselling people through it too.

When you come out of the DNS, you are a totally different person to the one that went in! Your whole world changes. Everything that you had been hanging onto prior to the complete breakdown (on all levels) is either gone or you see it in a completely different light.

You become detached from outcomes and belongings and this in itself is very freeing.

You feel incredible when you emerge from the cocoon.

Let me inspire you! It’s beautiful on the other side of the tunnel! I will work with you to ensure you do not give up whilst you are in the tunnel. For all you know, the fact, that you cannot see the light may just be that bend in the tunnel just ahead cutting off the light.

The Dark Night of the Soul may be an essential part of your own Spiritual Journey. Let me inspire you. You will get through and life will be all you want and more once you have come through that tunnel and find yourself standing in our own light!

Questions welcome.



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