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“Souls are Simple. We just want to love and be loved. It’s this love that knows no boundaries. It’s as Humans that we complicate our lives.

Return to your Soul ~ That’s where Love Lives !

Marion Weatherburn is a Psychic Medium “Like No Other”. Marion works on a deep Soul level to help you simplify your life.

Marion offers Psychic Readings and works as a New Age / Spiritual Counsellor to all ages.

Marion’s credentials

Marion Weatherburn is:~ 55 years old and currently travelling the north coast of New South Wales. A naturally Gifted Psychic and sometimes Medium (it's not up to her when she is it's up to those upstairs!) Has given over 4312+ Psychic Readings in her 35++ years Is...

2019 = Happy New YOU !!!

 “How can I be happy? I just want to be happy!”  Sound familiar? This is the most commonly asked question by people who come to see me for a Psychic Reading. All we want is to be happy. But why then is happiness so elusive? It comes down to our expectations....


Marion has recently signed contracts with a major Australian distributor. So over the coming months you’ll be seeing the book popping on bookstore shelves all over our fine country.

If you don’t see it, simply ask at the counter and they’ll easily be able to order it in for you!

Marion’s chat with Tony Mac on 6PR Perth

On September 2nd Marion was interviewed on 6PR Perth by Tony Mac about Caught Between Two Worlds and what it’s really like to be a Psychic Medium.

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Marion on Evenings with Peter Goers – ABC Radio Adelaide

On Tuesday August 22nd Marion was interviewed on ABC Radio Adelaide by Peter Goers about ‘Geraldton In War Time’, one of the more fascinating accounts in Marion’s book Caught Between Two Worlds.

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Would you like your story to feature in Marion’s next book?

Marion has two new book releases over the next two years and has begun research for both.

Part of that research includes gathering stories from her readers to include in these upcoming books.

If you’d like to participate, follow the link below.