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Marion’s very popular first book Caught Between Two Worlds follows her journey from discovering her gift as a teenager through the exploration of what it meant into how she’s used it for good in adulthood.

Detailing over 30 out the thousands of Psychic Readings she’s undertaken, the book is a genuine page turner for all readers. Each true story is validated by a testimonial from the person in the story. Her relatable style of writing also makes this book a fantastic reference for those who feel drawn to the topic of psychic mediumship.

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“…Souls are simple! We just want to love and be loved!  It’s this love that knows no boundaries. 

It’s as humans that we complicate our lives…”

This book is a true account from internationally accredited Australian Psychic Medium Marion Weatherburn who has used her gift time and again for good. Not merely because she could, but because she felt a responsibility to do so. This is her “Soul’s” purpose in life.

In her first of three books, Marion Weatherburn invites you into her life as a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. Marion involves the reader at every turn, teaching on how things happen for her and taking the mystery out of it all. By doing so, Marion encourages you to apply the same principles in your own lives so that you to may feel the joy and love receiving messages and Gifts like Marion does can be!

Praise for Caught Between Two Worlds

Marion’s book “Caught Between Two Worlds” provides an amazing insight into an amazing life filled with amazing stories. I found it to be an ‘unputdownable’ read! – A Phillips 2017.

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