Babies see Spirits naturally ~ You can relearn this skill….do so without fear!


From me to You……As we know, we are all energy, regardless of whether we are alive or passed over. The only difference between us and those in Spirit, is that we still have the body that our Spirit or Soul chose for this particular “scene” in the movie that is the Journey of our Soul.

Some people “naturally” feel variations in energy and can interpret the significance and meaning behind the unexplained.

They may see, hear, feel or just know that a “Spirit without a body” is near by.

Others may experience nothing.

People who are very sensitive or naturally Gifted will do this automatically. Others, can learn it. We all have a 6th sense to a degree but not all of us use it.

Mediums (or Channels) are people that can tune into Souls who have already passed over much as we can tuning into a particular radio channel. They can also communicate with their Guides and they do both quite naturally and almost without effort!

That leaves other people who are not Mediums and/or Channels….They must practice and practice and by learning how they perceive Spirit and by practicing, they too will eventually help the Spirit passed over to trust you enough to make contact.

Mediums can present and verify information as accurate and correct. They can cause many unexplained things to happen and bring through all types of Spirits/Souls. (This is actually a two way street. If it is a Spirit/ or Soul’s purpose to learn to come through, then they too need to go through a process just like we do. That ‘s why we are given such long lifetimes).

Personally, for me, most of my work is done through mental telepathy. Probably 95% of it actually. I can either see, or sense the Soul of a Spirit around me and will talk to it telepathically. I can do this whilst talking and listening to you and even in a group or crowd situation.

Mental telepathy is achieved solely by using your thought and not any of your five physical senses. It takes place within the Medium itself. The information is spoken aloud by the Medium and not retained in anyway shape or form as a thought as it simply is not a thinking process.

Messages are often either spoken together with names given. Messages are often just names and /or feelings, most of the time messages are given symbolically and it is then up to me to interpret and relay the message.

If you are just starting  out, may I recommend that you journal everything you experience. Everything you see, hear, feel, sense and know about any type of communication at all as this is the best way to see that Spirit want to work through and with you. And over time you will be able to join the dots and recognise symbols and information when shown to you.

In other words, you will develop your own language.

At not times, are you to influence the information. You are merely the psychic postie and if you change any of the details in order for it to try to make sense to your logical mind, the message will become distorted and useless.

We will practice what we are learning at each Group session and please know, that you are safe and feel free to ask me questions at any time and most importantly TRUST the process. You are not the first one to be learning this new method of communication which is a lot like learning a new language.

Welcome to primary school in the Spirit World. May your learning be long lasting and so totally enjoyable and filled with love that you will wonder what you ever used to do with yourself.

Marion “Maz” Weatherburn


In this section, I have placed an excerpt of my notes from our session on Mediumship on Thursday 24 October 2019, I introduced you to how you too can meet your own Guides and potentially, those passed over by using your own sixth / Psychic sense. This a page purely with notes that may help you on your journey, not a pretty webpage as such, purely for information purposes.

Whilst this is a huge concept, it is also normal. It’s all about learning the techniques and practicing as often as you can. Like I said, it’s a lot like learning a new language!

Consider yourself now in Grade One. You may potentially master this by the time you are in University or beyond OR you may achieve it in Grade Two. It really all depends how much you practice and how well you sense along with the Guides you are working with and how well they can transmit.

Before you can even begin to learn how to communicate this way, you really must be sure you are ready on all levels to take on the responsibility and the impact that this may have on you, your life and the lives of others.

This is not a game. I personally, take my Gift very seriously. Using your own sixth sense in this way is the greatest Gift of Spirituality, so embrace it for your own Spiritual growth and enjoy each encounter!

Be prepared to expect the Unexpected

These notes are merely a guide. You will find your own way in the Spirit world. Communication works differently for both sides of the veil! To be honest it is actually very hard for me to put into words what this is even like for me as for me it as normal as blinking and breathing are for you!

I will keep these notes brief as it’s always better to chat about this stuff in person.

My Team

At the beginning of the night, I introduced you to my very own “Team” of Guides. They are my Mum’s Dad “Opa”, my Dad’s Dad “Opa”, my Mum’s brother “Joop” and my personal Guide Mark and my personal Healer Staven.

Opa, Opa and Joop are family members that have been alive in my lifetime. Mark and Staven are Guides/Healers that have been with me since I can remember and are my lifetime Guides.

I have had other Guides come into my life for both my Spiritual growth and theirs!

My Gift these days allows me to work in the following areas:

  • With Children/Parents/Families/Teachers on a behavioural level, helping each to understand the other on a Spiritual/Soul level
  • People in general we are all Souls searching including Court cases and Counselling
  • My work can encompass Healing/ Counselling/ Transition from this world to the next
  • Clearings and working with Entities
  • Pure psychic work including messages and healings – This is the life that counts right here right now! I aim to give you the names of anyone that comes through for you with a message. You can read about my Reading style in my first book Caught Between Two Worlds or watch a video I made about how Readings work for me on You Tube. Just search my names and click on Videos.

Who are we/you?

  • Firstly, I have to say that we are all energy! That’s it right there!
  • We are also Soul Clinicians working for the good of the Universe through our Soul’s purpose. The Universe needs all of us.
  • Spirit will help you touch the lives of those in your life, often giving you the words or healing needed for the situation. You WILL know when they step in!
  • Ask Spirit to bring those to you that you are to help and that you are ready to work for the highest good of yourself and others.

Psychics vs Mediums

  • Psychics receive, interpret and deliver information person to person
  • Mediums receive information also but receive it from Spirit and those passed over.

Spirituality Back to Basics and where you fit in ~ 5’s and 6’s

My Opa taught me that there are really only two types of people in the world. People they call 5’s and people they call 6’s.

5’s are people that live purely in the physical material world. They believe in and use only their 5 senses. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. (Yes of course they have Souls but have not lived enough lifetimes, nor are their lessons requiring them to vibrate at the level of a 5 ½ or a 6). They are young Souls.

These are people whose life tends to centre around themselves.

We all know the type.

6’s on the other hand, believe in a sixth sense. A sense of knowing. We believe in Souls, Lessons and the Spiritual Laws including Karma and the Law of Attraction. We practice mindfulness and meditation in order to become better people.

If you are a 5 ½ and above on the Spiritual scale and you clash with someone, before you react just stop and see where the other person is on the scale. Are they a 5? Are they your Spiritual Teacher or Student?

6’s get a real sense of what is going on for others and often “know” when to just help or provide support.

Then, there’s everyone in between.

If I showed you a ruler and that ruler represented Spirituality, then the first once centimetre of the ruler is all a 5 can see. Life evolves around them.

6’s can see right out to say 7cm or 8cm on the Spiritual Ruler. They understand 5’s but 5’s don’t understand 6’s.

I like to share this information with you because it helps take the judgement out of relationships and helps you understand them on a Spiritual level. I always refer to 5’s and 6’s in my work.

85% v 15%

100% of our thoughts are in our heads right?


85% of our thoughts are exactly that! Thoughts. Things like your shopping list, To Do list, washing list etc etc. These thoughts have no emotions attached to them except sometimes, fear, anxiety and depression.

15% of our thoughts are messages from our Higher Self, Guides and the Spirit world. These messages come through with a feeling of complete love, calm and peace and are generally messages for your Spiritual Growth or for others.

You can learn to discern the difference by paying attention to them and journaling.


Journalling everything you receive through your 15% is a priority if you want to get to learn how Spirit wants to work with you.

Your experience of the Spirit world

May include:

  • Hear voices only you can hear
  • Seeing things only you can see.
  • Feel and Know
  • Smell
  • Sense
  • See symbols, images or colours
  • Dream

Spirit will work in all different ways just like they worked in all different ways when they were alive.

It is in their best interest to help you and your best interest to listen. For your Spiritual growth and there’s too.

It will be different for everybody!

Important Points to Remember

  • This is all about energy! We are all energy. Every living thing is energy. I am sure you have experienced energy before. Sometimes you will just feel and know what is going on for someone. That’s their energy and you just read it!
  • The most important aspect of accepting to do this work, is that you agree to get down and dirty on your own “stuff and lessons.”
  • Spirit needs a clean slate vibrating at a high energy level to work with as it’s easier for us to raise our energy level than to match them than for them to lower theirs. If they did so, they wouldn’t come through.
  • You must develop your emotional and mental stability.
  • You will begin on this journey in Grade 1. Much like life.
  • Remember at all times that this is a real position of responsibility as the messages you deliver can change lives.
  • You do not need to understand the message, just deliver them.
  • You are the Psychic Postie.
  • It’s important that you treat your Spirit Guides and those that communicate with you from the Spirit world with the same respect as if they were still alive and normal people. After all, that way you will be more effective in your communication.
  • Just because they are “dead” doesn’t mean they have woken up all “holy” and need a special language to communicate.
  • The Language we use is Universal and it is LOVE.


  • You will soon become very good at jigsaw puzzles and know when to pass on messages and when not to. That’s why it is so important to journal.
  • More and more people are experiencing an increasing Spiritual awareness these days. This is because the world is so far out of balance and Spirit is working through us to help put the world back into balance one family at a time. One of the ways Spirit is doing this is through the stage of being an Empath. It’s the same as serving your apprenticeship and learning to “read” and “see” and “hear” at a lower level with those around you physically before you can move onto the Spirit world.
  • People between the levels 5 ¼ and 5 ¾ are what I call Empaths. They are “in training” learning how to Read people and situations, so that when the time comes to talk with Spirit direct, they will feel totally comfortable and “know” the difference straight away.

Being an Empath does not mean you need to run yourself ragged helping everyone and everyone…..just observe them. You are being trained how to Read that’s all. Every now and then Spirit will throw some guidance and messages in there for you to deliver, this will be your learning curve!

“Do I” or “Don’t I?” give the message?

“Is it real or is it me thinking this message?”

Is when you can recognise that your logical mind has taken over and it’s time to stop for the day.

Messages do not come from your mind.

Your Soul knows way more than the mind!

  • Children are very good at this stuff and certainly do not attach any outcome to it. Children are 6’s often being parented by 5’s and taught by 5’s and this is where problems are occurring. Children come to us as our Spiritual Teachers
  • You are your own Radio channel.
  • Just like on the internet, sometimes, you will encounter strict privacy settings where you simply do not “get” any messages for the person you are reading for and that’s ok. That is something you also have to learn.
  • Sometimes Readings and messages are to simply “lift” someone up onto their own Spiritual path.
  • Spirit energy is extremely fast.
  • They will give a person what they need.
  • The Spirit world and your Guides need to feel comfortable to you.
  • It doesn’t matter what shows up. Don’t get scared.

and then again….

  • There are no such thing as demons. If you feel fear ask your Gatekeeper to tell the Spirit to reveal their true self.
  • Masks are often worn because of fear. It’s a costume.
  • Let the Spirit know that they are safe with you and you respect them. This work is called “Rescue or Transition work.”
  • If you do feel fear – Ask yourself who the fear belongs to ie You or the Spirit. You cannot do this work if you are scared. Work through your fears.
  • Fears are golden as they help you grow. Personally, I embrace Fear as there’s always something brilliant on the other side of it! Check out my video called FEAR on YOU TUBE! Then you will totally understand what I mean!
  • You will find your own way and mistakes are normal. Spirit too can make mistakes!
  • Most importantly TRUST YOURSELF at every step.
  • Set time limits too.
  • Once you achieve one level successfully, Spirit will then give you a next level.


  • Set aside time and ask for a Gatekeeper. Your Gatekeeper is your personal Security Guard whose job it is to check everyone’s ID that comes through your gate (or portal).
  • Talk to your Gatekeeper like a “normal person” Tell them that you would like to start this work and get to know you Guides. Can they bring them to you?
  • Keep a Journal right from the start to record the way You receive messages. It will become your library and Your Spiritual toolbox. I have boxes of books of books with messages taken during Readings. I never look at them but they certainly helped me interpret and get to know how my own Team worked. Everyone is different.
  • A symbolic rose for me may mean something different to you
  • Spiritual work doesn’t always feel Spiritual
  • There are no shortcuts
  • Set boundaries and establish the type of work you would like to do
  • Set the hours you are prepared to do work Spirit have waited years to come through they’ll wait until you are ready. Make an appointment with them.
  • It’s all about energy and keeping your logical mind out of it
  • Guides have been alive – Soul Guides, Family Guides, Special Guides for Crisis
  • Angels are Celestial beings
  • It is in a Guide’s best interest to help us and ours to listen to them
  • This is new to them too don’t forget
  • Be patient with them
  • Just like a radio station, we listen to what we love. What do you want to listen to? The “Grandma” channel or the “Spiritual Self Help” channel or the “Believe in Us” channel?
  • Take responsibility for accepting and delivering messages
  • Our Spirit Guides can see life better and further than us
  • We can ALL learn how to do this. If you are not born with it, Just practice. Some of those born with it don’t use it and some born without it, practice and are fantastic at it.
  • Spirit loves a good listener after all, it is their aim to deliver messages.


  • Healing
  • Message and Evidentiary ie Proof of Life
  • Rescue


  • Healing
  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Feeling
  • Knowing
  • Smelling


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – You need to spend time getting to know ALL your senses
  • You need to learn how you “Receive”
  • Vision ? Hearing ? Knowing ? Smell ? Symbols ? Dreams
  • You may receive messages Urgently as in Now! Sit with them before you react or deliver the message. Spirits concept of time is not the same as ours! Has the message been given to you in love or out of fear! That’s the main question.
  • Messages from your Guides/Loved ones are delivered in Calm/Truth


  • For our own personal Spiritual Growth
  • Can push us out of our comfort zone – This IS how it works.


  • Messages from Guides come with a feeling of Love, Peace and Calm = 15%
  • Guides and Souls/Loved ones that have passed do not have an ego
  • They won’t be bothered if you Test them as messages can be cryptic
  • Thoughts can feel rushed or panicky or you may try to force the outcome



It is vitally important that you keep your mind right out of this whole process. It will only upset the whole applecart and you will try to understand the messages.

Let’s put it this way, your mind works at 100% capacity and this “stuff” works at 6000%. There’s no way in the world your logical mind can understand anything that vibrates at that kind of percentage! It can even scare the mind sometime into trying even harder to put doubt into your mind.

Journal everything and don’t question it and DON’T attach to the outcome.


If not, call Marion on 0407 81 22 33.


  • You already know what your Loved one FEELS like, They are on the pre programmed channel
  • If you “Feel” them along with the feeling of “Love, Peace and Calmness” then chances are you have certainly made a connection
  • It is hard for “them” too. Some get to make contact and some don’t.
  • Some want to and some don’t
  • It can be as hard for them to make contact as it is us for us


  • Picking up or sensing your Guides or Loved ones is about tuning into their channel
  • You may like to tune into the “Grandma” channel
  • Grandma may show you food she cooked or you may smell her do not analyse or question
  • You also need to be really good at puzzles


  • Trained to pray but not listen


  • Ask, then do your best on your own journey in your Human Life for your Soul’s benefit
  • Use your whole body to sense
  • The question is NOT important the listening is

DON’T NAG THEM – Save that for those here on earth!

  • The more you nag the less you are listening
  • And end up using your Logical mind to create solutions


  • Can be a life changing connection that feels TRUE
  • With a sense of peace
  • You will just KNOW
  • Don’t doubt


  • Should not feel scared, or feel panic or fear when msg feels invalid or wrong. If you feel Fear then you maybe working out of your depth.
  • If you are a 5 ½ and trying to reach into the world of a 6, then that door won’t open to you. It’s like you are in Grade One right now and you are reaching for University. You simply must practice and graduate through each level.
  • You have a lifetime to learn this skill. Be vigilant. You will also only learn according to the level your Soul’s Contract will allow.
  • If you are not ready you may need to spend more time getting to know yourself and the way you perceive this “stuff.”
  • May have light bulb or epiphany moments. As long as they are accompanied with a secure, sacred feeling of unconditional love, then you know you are right on track! Well done you!
  • Can be emotional
  • Time will stand still
  • All will feel surreal.
  • Keep your mind out of it

When I do Readings, I often feel like I am totally in the right place at the right time. All feels well with my world. I am filled with feelings of unconditional love and a real sense that everything is alright with the world and that I am safe. Time stands still for me. The light in the room often changes. I feel like Heaven and the Angels have come to be with me.

I Trust the process with my whole being.

Every Reading is different for me. I explain this best in my first book Caught Between Two Worlds. In my book, I write more about how you too can enjoy the benefits of working at this level.

For me, please remember that I don’t know what it is like to be you! I only know what life has been like and is like for me.

I can only guide you with what I have experienced. I cannot change who I am just like you cannot change the colour of your eyes!

We all experience things differently, that’s the fun of it and why groups like ours are so important. It’s our physical classroom for our Soul to hang out with our Soul Mates!


  • As the Truth (not always what we want to hear but need to!)  and may be crisp and clear or feel “far away”
  • You will feel calm
  • Anything else and you are coming from Fear
  • Can be very cryptic and puzzling
  • Sometimes there’s nothing at all and yet, that might be exactly what you need to deliver


  • You will “know” if your source is reliable
  • It’s about the Message….more so


  • Raising your Spiritual energy levels – Training for your own entry into University!”
  • Get to know your Team and Gatekeeper
  • On Family or Friends but best on people you don’t know
  • Give them “everything – every message” you feel that does not belong to you
  • Ask them “Do you understand this piece of information”
  • You will sometimes get very clear and succinct messages
  • And other times cryptic – can depend upon the energy of the Spirit
  • Just allow things to flow naturally otherwise you will close the door if you force Spirit
  • Feedback is important as it will help you discern the information


  • Hands On and Reiki you will just “know” where to put your hands and how long to leave them there for.
  • A lot of comfort can be given through Healing Readings
  • Messages can come through too.


  • Is all about the proof of transition to the Spirit world
  • Don’t try too hard. Ask Spirit to give you names and information you simply could not know and the other person would understand. For instance, sometimes I am actually given the “middle or maiden name”of a person that has passed over and is wanting to make a connection. This is really powerful.
  • You may “feel” how the person passed
  • This is one of the most rewarding types of mediumship


  • You may at times be asked by Spirit to help people pass over. This is an honour and must be treated with highest respect. You may or may not be shown family members waiting on the other side like I did. They were happy. We were sad.
  • Or help people who are stuck/Lost. These come from a place of fear.
  • You may at times find you come across the need to do a “Clearing” like I did with my son and John. (You can read about these two stories in my first book Caught Between Two Worlds)
  • This work takes place on both sides of the veil more often than not


  1. Learn to be “Still” and Open and Receptive
  2. Learn  how YOU “Hear, Feel, See or Know/ Receive”
  3. Ask for protection
  4. And that messages be for your highest good or the good of the person you are reading for
  • Detach from the outcome ~ You get what you need
  • Not what you want!
  • Are you Ready for this?
  • As it does have a level of responsibility around it?
  • This is new to them too!
  • Connecting like this is all part of their Spiritual journey too
  • Be gentle with them!
  • Listen with Assurance
  • “Feel and See” the Blessing and the Lesson for yourself. That’s the whole point actually.
  • Out of the mouths of babes you will always hear the Truth!
  • Your Guides are the same.
  • Guides DO NOT have Ego. They say it as it is
  • If you are going to listen to the messages put it to good use
  • If nothing changes it’s because you haven’t
  • How does the message feel?
  • Fearful or Calm/Peaceful?
  • You’ve learnt the difference
  • Look for the light or you will stay in the dark
  • Tests all of us
  2. Is not always logical
  3. Soul knows way more than the mind
  2. Do NOT judge the Messenger
  2. Trust that all is well
  3. You ARE protected
  4. Messages are given in your best interest, its up to you what you do with them!
  5. On the other side of FEAR is JOY – Change the way you look at fear
  2. If you are seeking validation for your guidance, ask for it.
  3. Take action on their messages.
  1. FAITH
  2. Faith without working on yourself does not bring about change.
  3. Nothing for nothing
  2. Make this time, time with your best friend
  3. Set the scene
  2. Have a pen and paper handy in case the messages
  3. Flow thick and fast.
  4. Don’t analyse them
  1. PEACE
  2. Always come back to the place of peace


It’s taken me 38 years to get to my level of understanding. Please remember that we all learn differently but we are all Soul Clinicians and the Universe needs us all!

But most of all, use this method of contact for your own Spiritual growth and to talk to your own “Team” anytime.

Please never underestimate the power and Unconditional Love of the Spirit world.

Theirs is the NORMAL world.

They help us all they can because they feel sorry for us in this physical existence. They remember what it was like. How trying it can be at times.

If only MORE people would realise what is REALLY going on, the world would be a much better place.

The world is no longer your oyster!

The Universe IS!

Much Love and here to help anytime

Marion “Maz” Weatherburn



You Tube: Search for Marion Weatherburn. Click on Videos. There’s heaps there.

“Caught Between Two Worlds” is a must read for anyone on their own Spiritual Journey and available to order from any bookstore.