Time is Money ~ Or is it?

Be a human BEing NOT a human DOing.

We’re all rushing around banking money when what we really need to be doing is banking time.

Here’s a secret…

  • Very few people who look like they’ve sussed out this life, really have !

Here’s another secret….

  • We’re not human BEings we’re human DO’ings and that has to stop!

The following words of wisdom and regret are regularly left by those that are dying to those still living ~ have a read and make at least one change to your life starting today. These words of wisdom are often imparted during a psychic reading as well:

  • They regret not spending more time with their family and tell you that you should cherish each moment.
  • They regret spending so much time cleaning and tell you to get a cleaner or write messages of wisdom in the dust around your house instead.
  • They regret spending so much time arguing and fighting and tell you to spend more time loving
  • They regret all the time wasted worrying about what other people thought of them when they were wrong anyway. Time wasted worrying adds up to years that they wished they now had
  • They advise you to say no when you mean no and not yes (unless you mean yes)
  • Don’t be a people pleaser – it gets you nowhere – that position is now vacant and should not be filled by anyone else.
  • Think about what you’d like written on the headstone above your grave! No seriously ! For instance – “Here lies a great Secretary/Accountant/Manager who always turned up to work early and always left late, had a great car, great house, great lifestyle, lots of money and no time for anyone except themselves” OR “Here lies (your name) a great Person/Mum/Dad (etc) who always put himself and his family first and died peacefully having lived a full live with very few regrets”.

Everyday, all day, either someone is rushing past you or you are rushing past someone onto the next task. True?

The only time you rest is when you are asleep even then you’re not resting. True?

Do you love ticking things of your To Do list only to add more to the end? True?

Answering texts, answering emails, household “to do” lists, Google “to do” lists, work “to do” lists it goes on and on. All these things that were invented to make our lives easier have just increased the pace of everything we do. Amazing how much we can fit into a day isn’t it ?

Rushing is the new drug! We feel wanted, important, indispensable, clever – We are addicted to being wanted and needed by everyone apart from ourselves.

Yes…but are we being effective? We’re actually doing things by halves and making mistakes. Taking short cuts to get the job done, makes us look like we’re really “good” at what we’re doing but inside we’re just screaming ‘slow down!’.

This is how accidents, illness and breakdowns happen – we’re listening to everything else except ourselves.

You are a human DOING not a human BEING  ~ here’s how you can change – should you have forgotten how.

1. Touch things once! That includes your mail/your email/your to do list.  Either do something with it straight away or throw it away

2. Ok, write a list if you have to but put a time line next to it and stick to it. Not everything has to be done today.

3. Schedule some ‘down time’ on that list for doing nothing (do you even remember how good it feels to do nothing ?)

4. Tell people that you have come to a decision “that you are not going to rush around anymore”. Tell them you’ve got a  date with yourself to chill out. Stick to it. Don’t let other coerce you back into the fast lane. If you are serious about slowing down free up your commitments and responsibilities as much as you can.

5. Remember Sunday sleep in’s, late lunches, afternoon nanny naps then Sunday night telly all the while doing nothing in between – Sunday’s are still there you know!

6. Schedule an hour to do something for someone else or volunteer your time. You will soon see just how valuable time really is.

I give you permission to incorporate these new rules into your lives:

  • Live in the present. You know this, you just haven’t been doing it. It’s not that hard.
  • Eat slowly – enjoy your food. You’ll actually feel fuller sooner and not eat as much.
  • Turn off your mobile phone and your computer. The messages will still be there when you turn them back on.
  • Remember reading books? Start one today.
  • Spend time ‘being’ with your family. Actually listening to them not just hearing what they’re saying. Focus. Listen to what they’re really saying between the lines not what you are going to say next to contribute to the conversation.
  • Get out and enjoy the outdoors. Go to the park, walk a while and sit at the bench and appreciate your surroundings.
  • Schedule time for yourself. Your busy life will get much easier to deal with if you do.
  • Drive slower, walk slower, think slower.
  • Find something to be grateful about today and tomorrow and the next day. Everyday.
  • Is everything you do work related or task related in some way or other? Remember hobbies? Start one.
  • Always prided yourself on being able to multi-task – now have a go at single-tasking. It’s not as simple as it sounds…it’ll take a while but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never go back to being a multi-tasker.
  • Listen to relaxation style music
  • Walk

What kind of advice would you like your loved ones to remember you by as you finally allow yourself to rest?