Forgive someone for YOUR GOODNESS sake!

I always thought that if I forgave the person (that’s in my mind in this section) for what they’d done to me, then that meant that I condoned what they did to me! And that’s why I couldn’t forgive that person for many years.

As time went on, I realised that I was carrying so much negativity and anger towards this person that I was slowly poisoning myself and I had to do something about that!

So… I thought about it.

And thought about it.

And thought about it.

And as I simply couldn’t understand it with my 10% of a human mind, I decided to come back into my Soul and look at it from that point of view. 

With that came Insight ~ Understanding ~ Compassion ~ Kindness ~ Empathy ~ Gentleness ~ Sadness ~ Unconditional Love and finally,  Forgiveness.

Our Souls have 30%+ more awareness and power than our human minds. 

So, when you really cannot work through an emotional and tormenting issue, come back into your Soul. Look at the lessons that are needing to be learned AND taught by both parties and let them get on with it.

This was never personal against you or because of you. 

This is and always was about your Soul’s lessons in life.

The benefits of forgiveness are these:

  • You can breathe again!
  • The knot in your stomach goes away
  • You get back your life
  • You love yourself for learning the lessons of forgiveness
  • You love again

Forgive this Spring!