Is MORE important than any other sense in your life! How else are you going to see the “Signs???”   You know me…I am the biggest advocate of “seeing” and “interpreting” SIGNS from my “Team” and the “Universe” than possibly anyone else I know.

BUT this time, seeing “WAS” believing and lucky I did! You see….I’ve had a little bit of trubble with my eyesight of late. Blurry vision. DDoouubbllee vviissiioonn. Sore eyes. Needing to wear reading glasses nearly all the time for reading, writing and computer work.

But I ignored it! Rather than “face it.”

But how could I when during EVERY commercial break, there would be an “ad” for Specsavers, or more recently the “ad” asking people if they were given up to $50 million dollars, would they “cash” in their eyes to someone who needed them?

So powerful was my response to this “ad campaign” with all those people “vehemently” saying “no way!” that I thought this was the Universe’s message to me that I wasn’t “SEEING clearly” on a Spiritual level! 

Silly me, not everything needs to be a Sign from the Universe does it?

Or does it?

In this case it certainly was. BUT as it transpired, it wasn’t associated with any Spiritual lessons that I was supposed to “see” and ultimately learn.

No cryptic messages this time!

Very easy to interpret in fact!

This time it really WAS literal. It was in fact about my eyesight!

I would absolutely HATE to go blind! I don’t care what else happens to me in my life, but I would really HATE to go blind and not be able to see……I didn’t want to wear glasses if I didn’t have to. (But I would if I had to)

So, I booked myself into you know where? Yep! Specsavers yesterday! And lucky I did.

The Optometrist took longer than a normal eye test would. Moved me from room to room. Ummed and Ahhhed!

Finally, he pulled out a bottle of eye drops and told me to use them for the rest of my life. He also told me that this would help my vision clear up.

The future of my eyesight was in my own hands! But! That was the good news!  The bad news (well actually, it is also the good news in retrospect) was that I was a very strong candidate for contracting Glaucoma! He referred me to an Eye Specialist straight away. Their appointment was in my email Inbox when I got home.

I had started to wonder how much Specsavers had been paying to have their “ad” played so often on telly! Now I know!

Yes! It WAS a sign from the Universe and it was “priceless!”

Seeing “WAS” believing.

The message was ~  “Go get your eyes checked Marion!”

So, therefore, the message in my story is this ~  PLEASE  look out for “Signs” that the Universe is trying to get your attention in your own life!

Sometimes it can be hard to see and quite cryptic and then….

Sometimes…the “Signs” are really quite clear and 






Acknowledgement to the “New Vision Institute” for their Image. It’s Awesome.