Karma ~ Or more commonly known as “What goes around, comes around!”

Karma! You’ve no doubt heard this word bandied about. Question is, what does it mean for you? Does it even apply to you? The answer to both questions is always a resounding yes! No one is untouched by karma.

Everything you think, feel, act, say or do has its own energy. It is real. It all has an effect on others and, consequently, the universe. Everything has a consequence. Consequence is a huge part of karma. You cannot just say or do hurtful things to others and expect to get away with it. Those you hurt may not be the ones to hurt you back but the universe keeps a scoreboard. Good and bad. Someone, somewhere, somehow, will pay you back.

Karma relates to anything you do – positive or negative. Nevertheless, be aware that it is much better for you to put out positive vibes than negative ones. After all, what do you want to have come back to you? Positive or negative? That, after all, is the real choice here.

It’s important when it comes to Karma, that you understand the meaning and implication of it and have all your ducks in a row on the positive side of the universal karmic scoreboard.

The Universe as I said, keeps a Karmic scoreboard. Every time you do something spiritually loving, you get runs on the positive side of the scoreboard. Every time you do something spiritually negative, you get runs on the negative side of the scoreboard. Karma will come back to you in this lifetime so choose your karma carefully.

Living Spiritually is based on the law of karmic awareness. The Spiritual Law of Karma has been around for longer than any of the religions that use it as a basis. It takes a conscious effort and at times, you will forget. You may judge others or may hurt others unintentionally as a reaction to the hurt you felt inflicted by them initially. You may act out of impulse and/or retaliation. Question your motivation here. Why did you do this? Not only have you hurt them but you have also hurt yourself because now you have created an affect that will come back to you.

Sometimes we hurt others with our words in order to make ourselves feel more confident within. The fact that we cannot understand that our actions are hurtful doesn’t change how painful they are for those that we’re hurting. Funny though, how when we do something nice for someone else without them expecting it, that actually makes us feel good about ourselves.

Feel the difference? This is the perfect time to realise that spiritually, we all have lessons to learn. We cannot all be goody goodies all the time – that’s impossible and boring. We are after all, human beings learning to be spiritual beings.

Always be aware of what you do to others though. What you say, what you think and the actions you take all have consequences.

Karma can be expressed as the law of moral cause and effect. If only more people understood how karma works, we’d all choose to put out good karma. Why would we want crap to come back to us? So if you feel like you’re tired of life dealing you up shit, think about what you’re dishing out.

If you’re brave enough, do an experiment. I don’t recommend doing something bad to someone else. I do, however, recommend doing something nice with no expectation of a return/reward. Keep a watch out over the next few weeks – the opportunity to help a stranger will arise – take the opportunity to create good karma. Then when you least expect it and you need help right when you do not have help – a stranger will help you.

Watch your thoughts, your actions and especially in your judgement of others. This s particularly true if you are finding it hard to make friends or feel left out at work. Look at it this way – you re teaching others how you want to be treated yourself. If you come across as friendly, helpful, caring, compassionate and empathetic, so will others be with you.

If you come across as selfish, hostile, impolite and impatient, you’re teaching people this I your preferred way to be treated in return. Take the time to stop and put yourself in their shoes. Look into their eyes and feel the situation from where they stand. Feel the pain you are inflicting. Hopefully, it will make you think again.

I know which action I would choose. Mind you, I only started choosing positive karma once I had learned the consequences the hard way. I still don’t always get it right. These days, the universe is speeding up it’s repayment of karma. It used to take place over generations and reincarnations. Now man people are experiencing a working out of their karma in this very lifetime.

Recently, I was back out of a car park and wanted to beat a lady who was also backing out of a car park further up the row. I wanted to get in front of her and cut her off so that I could get home quickly. I was craning my neck to get a good look at her. In doing so, I hit the car parked in the bay opposite me. I got my karma back instantly. I then had to get out of the car and deal with the incident while the other woman, oblivious to my motivation was able to drive out of the shopping centre car park way before I could. She had done no wrong – but I had and was instantly repaid. I guess that debt is cleared now I hope.

Have you ever performed a random act of kindness? How good do you feel afterwards? It’s a good feeling isn’t it? It makes you feel all warm inside, knowing you have helped someone in genuine need. Now consider that you have created a positive score on the karmic scoreboard. It should encourage you to perform more random acts of kindness, because you are creating positive karma for yourself.

At our local supermarket, they sell flowers. When doing my regular shop, I always buy a bunch of flowers for myself and also a bunch to give away at the mall while I’m there.

I remember on one occasion two years ago, I saw an older woman looking terribly sad. I went up to speak with her. I told her that I would like to get her the bunch of flowers as I thought it might brighten her day. Initially she was hesitant but when I told her I do this regularly, her eyes welled up with tears as she reached out for the flowers and said to me “Thank you so much. I had a best friend for 30 years and I haven’t heard from her for a while. She walked past me just 10 minutes ago, looked me in the eye and didn’t acknowledge me. I feel so sad and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. These flowers are very timely. Thank you”.

I don’t give away bunches of flowers to put scores on the karmic scoreboard. I do so because I love the joy it brings and hopefully to take some scores off the negative side of my scoreboard. Nonetheless, it gives me great pleasure just to give them away.

Don’t make all your acts conscious scores on the karmic scoreboard. Just make your motivation clean. At the end of each day, check in with your conscience. Did you rip anyone off today? Did you make a coffee for anyone today? Did you cut someone off in traffic today? Did you smile for anyone or hold the door open to let someone through today? Did you offer a helping hand today? Were you deliberately nasty or hurtful today? Did you play mind games or emotionally blackmail anyone today in order to get something you wanted? These will all come back to you regardless of whether you believe in karma or not.

According to the law of karma, all suffering experienced is  deserved. Mostly this comes from past lives. In summary, bad deeds committed must be paid for and this would explain why bad things happen to good people – they are paying for deeds from their past lives. It’s the only way it can make sense. Karma is pretty simple. Give out what you want to receive back.

When I work with people, I work as a New Age Counsellor. I like to focus on this life. After all, it’s the one that is the most important as we are living it now and it is tangible to us now. It’s the only life we actually have control over. If you live mindfully, and bring your full awareness to all you do each day, you will soon see karma at work in its own way. Watch the acts of others especially those who are constantly going through hard times. What is they are putting out/doing to others? And they go to bed at night and say they have  clean conscience?

You can’t change what others do, but you can change what you do it is my belief that the more good and wonderful karma you create for yourselves in this life, the more you’ll learn in this life – bringing you closer to the end goal and reducing the need to reincarnate again.