Marion Weatherburn is:~

  • 56 years old and currently travelling New South Wales and Queensland during 2019.
  • A naturally Gifted Psychic and sometimes Medium (it’s not up to her when she is, it’s up to those upstairs!)
  • A Gifted Spiritual Teacher and presents at Spiritualist Churches and to Groups as requested.
  • A Gifted New Age (Spiritual) Counsellor
  • Has given over 5005+ Psychic Readings in her 35++ years
  • Is Internationally Accredited as a Professional with the International Psychics Association
  • Made the Top 100 Psychics on the Internet
  • Author. Marion’s first book “Caught Between Two Worlds” was launched in November 2016 and is now being distributed throughout Australia / New Zealand and the Asia Pacific by Woodslane Publishers and also Brumby Sunstate. Your local bookshop / retail outlet can order Marion’s book for you through these distributors. Or check with your local library.
  • Currently writing two more books ~ “When Love Falls Off the Wall and other signs for your Guides you simply shouldn’t ignore” and “Children as our Spiritual Teachers”. Marion is seeking contributions to both these books and if you are interested, please visit her Home page for information
  • Specialises in working with our New Age Children. Pure Souls she calls them. Children, Teen “Angels” and their parents.  These children have been or could be mistakenly diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD or with behavioural disorders BUT they’re not. Marion can easily explain why. For further information, please see her information under the “Advice” tab then “Children”
  • Marion is currently turning her first book into an “Audio~Book” to be made available on “Amazon Audible”
  • Marion is currently compiling her own Spiritual Library on YouTube. It’s a W.I.P. but you can find her under her name “Marion Weatherburn.” It is anticipated that her Library of Spiritual Videos will hold up to 50+ videos for your enjoyment.
  • Marion currently holds her “Spiritual Sessons Live” every Thursday evening at 9pm on her Facebook page “Psychic Like No Other.” During March, 20,000 viewers watched her 4 sessions!
  • Marion continues to conduct Psychic Readings on a deep Soul and Spiritual level to help guide you through this, your Life. This is the Life that counts, right here, right now!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send Marion an email to or by liking her Facebook page “Psychic Like No Other” and sending a PM.

Marion continues to offer opportunities during the week for “Free” mini Psychic Readings as this is the way she choose to give back to the Universe for her incredibly amazing Gift of Knowing!

Marion has touched the lives of thousands with her work, let her touch yours also!

And remember what Marion always says:

“Souls are Simple, we just want to Love and be Loved ~

It’s this Love that knows no boundaries

and it’s as Humans that we complicate our Lives!”

Marion Weatherburn