As a naturally Gifted Psychic and at times, Medium, I have given over 5005+ Readings in my life. My Gift goes back on my Mum’s side in Holland. I DO NOT use Tarot cards. I talk to my Guides direct. I know who they are as they were alive during my life time and are members of my family who have been with me all my life.

When I do Readings for people, I have the Gift of being able to see things in the future therefore being able to guide people through their lives.  For me, it is just like watching a movie about your life. This is helpful for those trying to navigate their way through life or to try understand a person or situation.

I work on a deep Soul or Spiritual level. This enables me to see the lessons of your Soul in this lifetime and why things are happening the way they are.

If you are planning to have a psychic Reading, always have something in mind that you would like to find out more about. Some people only talk to a Psychic once in their life, others talk to Psychics regularly to help keep them on track in their lives. It’s a bit like having a regular counselling session with the added benefit of chatting to someone who can see further than you can into the future, or discern and interpret what is happening for you in your life.

For me, psychic Readings offer: 

~ Confirmation

~ Direction

~ Clarification

~ Information

~ Truth

~ Guidance

for you here in this life, right here, right now. This is the life that counts! So have your questions ready about the areas in your life you would like me to read. You can also send through any photos that you would like read. This ensures that you have made the most of your time, as believe me, time goes really fast during a Reading.

I do not tell people what they want to hear, after all, I have no idea what they even want to hear. I do though, tell people what I “get.” Sometimes, this may not be what you want to hear, but it always seems to be exactly what you need, thus giving you comfort in the message.  If nothing comes through on the day of your Reading, we simply reschedule. I refuse to make something up just for the sake of the Reading. I am authentic and will not B******t to people. 

I say to people “Imagine you are driving down the road and you see a supermarket. You realise you need to buy milk. So you park, run in and come out with chips and chocolate BUT not the milk! However, if you had a list that said “milk, chips and chocolate” you would come out with all of them. It is always best to go into your Reading with your list because otherwise, I wonder the psychic aisles of your mind and you will end up with a weird combination of onions, ice cream and detergent and quite possibly, chips and chocolate. This way, we can address your priorities first and everything else that comes up, I will always give to you anyway.

I see psychic information as a movie. I also hear it as telepathic messages from my Team. For me psychic information is instant and responds best to questions requiring a “yes” or a “no” answer, with the answer often coming out before you have finished asking it.

I take notes at all Readings because a lot of the time, the information comes through in “dribs and drabs and cryptically” and I need to interpret it. Or you could say, I get shown or hear pieces that fit into your jigsaw puzzle and until I understand their message, I will take time to interpret it before I give it to you. It’s actually very fascinating for me.

I work on a deep Soul/Spiritual level. So, your Reading will include the Spiritual reasons why various things happen in your life. Your Soul’s Lessons you could say.  Having a Psychic Reading with me incorporating your Soul’s Lessons can save countless hours with a Counsellor who purely works on a psychological level only. I work on a Spiritual level. They are very different. Sort your Soul out and your Life will sort out too.

I always tell people to, to “expect the unexpected.” I say this because 20% of the time, you “may” get a visit from someone that has passed over. This is never guaranteed and should certainly not be expected. However, it is always a lovely surprise when it does happen! Even for me!

More about that later.

There are many reasons why you may want a psychic Reading. You may have had a burning question that needed a yes or no answer. Or maybe there was a tough decision or situation in your life that you had to come to terms with and want to find out the meaning behind to help you understand and come to terms with. Regardless of the situation, Psychic Readings can provide insight, but they can’t do life’s heavy lifting for you.

So what can and can’t Psychic Readings tell you?

If you have never had a Reading before and feel scared about having one, don’t be! I will put you at ease right from the start. It’s lovely to sit and chat about you and your life. Together we can piece together the messages that come through for you.

A Psychic Reading can tell you a lot, actually. It can reveal the energy around a particular situation and the possibilities that may occur. If you are looking to meet a partner for example, a Psychic can give you suggestions and time frames where you are more likely to find love and romance.

A Psychic Reading can be like piecing together the puzzle that is your life!

A Psychic Reading can also help you interpret impressions and signs that you yourself receive. Had any strange or confusing dreams lately? A Reading can help you understand what they signify. Need clarity on how you feel about an experience? A Psychic Reading can help clear up the fog for you. A psychic Reading can help teach you how to do this “stuff” for yourself. Not sure how someone feels about you? A Reading can examine the emotional energy and give you guidance.

Finally, a Psychic Reading can tell you about yourself and your Spiritual journey. It can confirm things that you already know about, while introducing you to other sides of yourself that you may not be aware of. It can highlight your strengths and point out your weaknesses and help you learn your Spiritual lessons.


A Psychic Reading can’t tell you everything. And that’s probably a good thing. Come on, would you really want to know it all? Life is about choices and surprises. Having all the info is like cheating on a test—you’re only cheating yourself.

A Psychic Reading can’t tell you when you’re going to die. That is ultimately between you and the Creator. Although I may see your expiry date or that of another person, however, I will not come right out and say it. I work at a professional level as a Spiritual Counsellor and after 5005+ psychic Readings, I know exactly how to interpret and deliver messages that may be perceived as hard to hear.

Another big one is winning the lottery. Of course we’d all love to know about that one! Funny thing is, if a Psychic could tell you that from a Reading, wouldn’t they do it for themselves? But they can let you know if they see money coming or finances improving. Just don’t expect to get those winning lotto numbers!

Is it love you’re after? A Psychic Reading can’t promise to bring that special someone to you or make him or her fall in love with you. As lovely as that sounds, each of us has the free will to choose a partner. A Reading can sense however, someone’s feelings or give you advice about approaching a person, but the true magic is up to you and “them.” Through my psychic vision, I may also be able to describe what a future partner may look like or when and where you may meet them.

Lastly, a Psychic Reading can’t make decisions for you or tell you what to do. So if you have a tough choice to make in life—it is ultimately up to you. A Reading can give you information to help you make an informed decision, but when it comes right down to it, you are ultimately responsible. Again, it is a matter of karma and respect. A Reading can help you understand the choices and consequences, but cannot walk the path for you. You have to do the “work.” Just like you would if you went to the gym ~ I can’t do your sit ups for you!

Allow yourself to be guided by the information that comes through in a psychic Reading. Trust the process. Don’t question or test the universe. Just allow the magic of it all unfold and when you least expect it, you will experience a sense of deja vu’ or have a light bulb moment.

Email Readings are good as you have a hard copy of the Reading to keep and refer to in the future.

Every Psychic reads differently. 

Life is YOUR journey….one step at a time, one chapter at a time. If it’s direction you are looking for, then a Psychic can look ahead through your book of your “Life” and direct you so that you don’t waste precious years focussing on say, the wrong career choice. They may be able to offer you shortcuts through a decision.

Psychic Readings can provide you a wealth of information and help you along life’s journey. Although they can’t tell you which road to take, they can help you navigate it better.

Consider booking a Reading with me today. And remember to expect the unexpected!

Mediumship Readings

Sometimes, say 20% of the time, you and I will receive a surprise visit from someone that has passed over. I try to give names every time I can along with a description and message. 

Our Loved Ones do not sit around in Heaven’s Waiting Room in the hope that you will visit a Psychic so they can say hi to you! It’s just NOT like that at all.

Nor can we as Psychics summon a Soul just because you are having a Reading. It’s just not like that.

What I do though before we start your Reading is “make the long distance phone call upstairs” letting my Guides know that I will be doing a Reading for you. I ask them to find out if there’s anyone that would like to give you a personal message and if “they” are ready, they will try their best to come through. It’s not me trying my best to make them come through!

In our physical world, not everyone “believes” in the psychic or Spiritual world and this is the same once we pass over. Just because we are “dead” does not mean we automatically learn how to make contact with those we have left behind. However, it is often part of the Soul’s growth to make contact in order to give us an important message. This often occurs when things were left unsaid or a Loved One was taken quickly from us or in a coma at the end of their physical life.

Dying is normal. It is the way we get out of this body or what I call our “taxi ride” in this life. We get in the taxi at birth and we get out of it again when we reach our destination.

The only difference between “Us” and “Them” is that we still have the physical body.

Quite often, your Loved One will prefer to make contact with you personally and I can as a Psychic Medium, teach you how to do that. It is after all, normal and I like to take the mystery out of the Spirit world so that you too can benefit.

For further information please feel free to drop me a line.