Have you ever gone into a Psychic Reading with high expectations only to be disappointed afterwards? You may have had a burning question that needed a yes or no answer. Or maybe there was a tough decision or situation in your life that you had to come to terms with. Regardless of the situation, Psychic Readings can provide insight, but they can’t do life’s heavy lifting for you. So what can and can’t Psychic Readings tell you?

If you have never had a Reading before and feel scared about having one, don’t be! I will put you at ease right from the start. It’s lovely to sit and chat about you and your life. Together we can piece together the messages that come through for you.

A Psychic Reading can tell you a lot, actually. It can reveal the energy around a particular situation and the possibilities that may occur. If you are looking to meet your soulmate for example, a Psychic can give you suggestions and time frames where you are more likely to find love and romance.

A Psychic Reading can be like piecing together the puzzle that is your life!

A Psychic Reading can also help you interpret impressions and signs that you yourself receive. Had any strange or confusing dreams lately? A Reading can help you understand what they signify. Need clarity on how you feel about an experience? A Psychic Reading can help clear up the fog for you. Not sure how that special guy or girl feels about you? A Reading can examine the emotional energy and give you clues.

Finally a Psychic Reading can tell you about yourself. It can confirm those personality traits that you already know about, while introducing you to sides of yourself that you may not be aware of. It can highlight your strengths and point out your weaknesses. As the ancient Greek phrase says, “Know thyself.” A Psychic Reading can help you do that.


A Psychic Reading can’t tell you everything. And that’s probably a good thing. Come on, would you really want to know it all? Life is about choices and surprises. Having all the info is like cheating on a test—you’re only cheating yourself.

A Psychic Reading can’t tell you when you’re going to die. That is ultimately between you and the Creator. Although readers and intuitives may see potential indicators, professional ethics and karma prevent divulging such information. And rightly so—your free will is top priority over all else.

Another big one is winning the lottery. Of course we’d all love to know about that one! Funny thing is, if a Psychic could tell you that from a Reading, wouldn’t they do it for themselves? But they can let you know if they see money coming or finances improving. Just don’t expect to get those winning lotto numbers!

Is it love you’re after? A Psychic Reading can’t promise to bring that special someone to you or make him or her fall in love with you. As lovely as that sounds, each of us has the free will to choose a partner. A Reading can sense someone’s feelings or give you advice about approaching a person, but the true magic is up to those people involved.

Lastly, a Psychic Reading can’t make decisions for you or tell you what to do. So if you have a tough choice to make in life—it’s up to you. A Reading can give you information to help you make an informed decision, but when it comes right down to it, you are ultimately responsible. Again, it is a matter of karma and respect. A Reading can help you understand the choices and consequences, but cannot walk the path for you.

Life is YOUR journey….one step at a time, one chapter at a time. If it’s direction you are looking for, then a Psychic can look ahead through your book and direct you so that you don’t waste precious years focussing on the wrong career choice. They may be able to offer you shortcuts through a decision.

Psychic Readings can provide you a wealth of information and help you along life’s journey. Although they can’t tell you which road to take, they can help you navigate it better.

Consider booking a Reading with me today. And remember to expect the unexpected!