What is Reiki and how can it help YOU particularly if you are an Empath?

Reiki is a widely practiced and respected Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and also promotes healing.

Reiki works on our “life force energy” which whilst this energy is unseen, it is “felt” both by us and Reiki practitioners. If our “life force energy”” is low, we usually feel run down, stressed and often get sick. Reiki brings our “life force energy” back into balance so that we can again enjoy our lives and our health.

Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies using the transference of the universal “life force energy” and offers many beneficial side effects including promoting feelings of Love, peace, wellbeing, increased Spiritual awareness and even levels of healing.

Reiki is commonly accepted and practiced in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and with children around Australia.

Feeling happy and healthy in our lives is vital. Not only to us but also for those around us.

Life just isn’t what it was when we were growing up!

These days, 9/10 of us are born as Empaths and that in itself

if not managed properly is very draining on us and can lead to Empathic Burnout!

A session of Reiki combined with Spiritual guidance and/or a psychic Reading will help rebalance you to help you deal with this so that you can continue to “be there” for others but also “for yourself”.

More than ever before, people are “waking up” and developing Spiritually at a very fast pace!

When I was born, 1/500,000 people were born with a Gift like mine! A sixth sense!
People now aged in their 40’s, that figure looks more like 20/10,000.
People now aged in their 30’s, that figure looks more like 10/1,000.
People now aged in their 20’s, that figure looks more like 50/1,000.
Children under the age of 20, that figure now looks like 9/10.

Many of us feel like we are swimming in the fast lane BUT in the wrong direction! 







There really are only two types of people in the world:

People with all 5 senses intact: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell and Taste


People with all 6 senses intact!
They “see” with their third eye
They “hear” with their inner knowing
They “feel” with their hearts
They “touch” with their Souls

They are known as “Empaths”. If you are one, I’m sure you will not only know it but you will recognise others. If this is the first time you have heard the word “Empath”, there is no coincidence.

It’s not always easy being an Empath but you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way!

“Empaths” are affected by other people’s energy! They have a natural ability to read people and situations intuitively. They “feel” other people’s emotions = ALL of them!  (Good, bad AND ugly!)

As an Empath, you will be influenced on an unconscious level by the moods, thoughts, emotions, dreams, anger, disappointments and wishes of other people. You will be highly sensitive on a variety of levels.

Your Soul will draw people to you naturally. They seek the comfort of your words, love, understanding, care and guidance! As an Empath, these are gifts that will come through you naturally from the Universe. It is not something you have to “DO” except to just “BE”.

However, if not managed or understood properly, can cause unnecessary stress and loss of valuable life force energy to you as the Empath. This happens to children and adults alike. In children this loss of valuable life force energy is often seen through unsettled behaviour.

This is where Reiki can help.

I also do a lot of “work” with Children and Teenagers, Parents and their Teachers. My next book “Children as our Spiritual Teachers” will be a valuable tool for those who are parents to what are commonly referred to (mistakenly) as OLD SOULS.

You cannot learn to be an Empath! You are born one and these days 9/10 children are born with this sixth sense!

If you are generally a happy person in yourself but have recently found yourself feeling quite stressed and/or overwhelmed by emotions at the end of the day, chances are very high that you are an Empath.

I can teach you how to clear this Empathic energy for yourself initially by using a Reiki session combined with Spiritual guidance and healing.

Not everything “you feel” do you need to feel. But this is a whole lesson in itself and one that is better discussed face to face after a Reiki session as I can help you understand your responsibilities as an Empath. You will be glad you did and could save you a whole lot of unnecessary heartache.

The Universe is so far out of balance and whilst it is our responsibility to help put it right again and we do so through our “sixth sense,” it does not mean that we need to suffer as a result.

So many of us, more than ever before, often “feel” others and their situations and feel compelled to help them! (Sometimes to our own detriment!)

Reiki energy comes from the Universe itself. It is a life force that exists outside of the physical world we all know. To help you understand this, I often use a “Ruler.”

Picture a “Ruler”…. and imagine (hypothetically) that this is the Universe

Those of us living a human experience with only “5 senses” intact, we really only use the first
“1 cm” of the ruler to understand Life with our mind!

However, someone with all “6 senses” intact, are likely to see a little further,Say “3cm” of the length of the ruler
than someone with only “5 senses”.
The Soul knows way more than the Mind!

As someone with psychic ability and Spiritual awareness, I am able to see out to let’s say, “8 cm”.

Unfortunately, whilst I get glimpses at times, I am never able to see the “whole” Ruler, that’s impossible but I know it’s my Soul’s purpose to Guide and teach you through this incarnation we call life!  Whilst we do live a number of lifetimes, we are only ever the person we are now Once!

We are unique in our own way! We are here to learn and teach a number of lessons in this lifetime.

I can help you do that with a session of Reiki and a psychic Reading.

Please contact Marion if you are interested in either a
Reiki Session / Reiki Session with Psychic Reading or a Psychic Reading


Thank you
Marion Weatherburn
April 2018