If you’ve been waiting for the Universe to give you permission to make changes in your life, it just did by changing the seasons from the gloomy, cold and dreary Winter to the promise and warmth and hope of Spring!

If you’ve been waiting for “One Day” to make changes to your life…. for the better….for YOU! Well, guess what today IS? It’s “One Day”…. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and live it, after all you HAVE been waiting for it to arrive.

It’s also time to start Spring cleaning your Soul. So, where to start? Start by

Stop worrying about what other people think – that is, unless you haven’t got something more important to think about!

Stop worrying about what other people think of you – because they’re NOT even thinking about YOU! They’re worrying about what YOU think of THEM!

Such a silly game we play with ourselves!

Think about how much time you actually spend/spent worrying or wondering about what other’s think of you = Time you will NEVER get back!

So, now that you’ve got some extra time up your sleeve because you’ve stopped worrying, use it to be grateful for your life. Practice gratitude and mindfulness every time you can. Meditate! Worry will soon be replaced with peace.

Stop worrying full stop!

I have a philosophy! And that is = Touch everything once!

When something comes your way, decide what you are going to do about it. How? Like this =

  • Work out if you need to or can even do something about it and if SO then DO IT!
  • Work out if you need to or can even do something about it and if NOT then DON’T WORRY ABOUT it. Worry wasn’t one of the options.

It’s time to deal with the “dirt” in all those hard to reach places in your heart!

Spring cleaning your Soul means rolling up your sleeves and getting into the “dirt” in all those “hard to reach places” that you’ve been putting off. Places in your heart that might be covered with anger, sadness, darkness and cob webs but you know what? They will stay there until you are ready to face the issues you’ve been avoiding. They will not go away by themselves no matter how much you ignore them. Do you know any cob webs that go away by themselves? I don’t, they just get bigger and scarier! Just like your issues will!

Did you know that it’s actually easier to get on and deal with your issues than to spend days, weeks, months and years avoiding them? Think about it! You’ve got an “issue” in your depths that you’ve been avoiding dealing with but you think about it at least 5 minutes a day at least 6 times a day. That equals ½ an hour of your time every day! Over a week that equals 3.5 hours spent doing something ridiculous. And you’ve done this for what? The past week? Month? Year? # of Years? You do the Maths!

How has all this worry helped you? What did it help you achieve? Except perhaps an ulcer, anxiety or panic attacks?

Dealing with the actual issue might take you lets say 1 hour!

That’s 1 hour and it’s over with. Ok, maybe 2, maybe 3 but how much better do you/ would you feel?

Get into those dark places this Spring for your own sake before it makes you sick!

Because that’s what will happen.

That’s what Disease is “Dis-ease”… Or in other words, you are NOT at EASE within yourself.

And what’s more, it’s only YOU that’s suffering. The other person involved, if there is one is oblivious to your inner torment, anxiety and stress! Think about that for a minute.

Forgive someone for YOUR GOODNESS sake!

I always thought that if I forgave the person (that’s in my mind in this section) for what they’d done to me, then that meant that I condoned what they did to me! And that’s why I couldn’t forgive that person for many years.

As time went on, I realised that I was carrying so much negativity and anger towards this person that I was slowly poisoning myself and I had to do something about that!

So… I thought about it.

And thought about it.

And thought about it.

And as I simply couldn’t understand it with my 10% of a human mind, I decided to come back into my Soul and look at it from that point of view.

With that came Insight ~ Understanding ~ Compassion ~ Kindness ~ Empathy ~ Gentleness ~ Sadness ~ Unconditional Love and finally,  Forgiveness.

Our Souls have 30%+ more awareness and power than our human minds.

So, when you really cannot work through an emotional and tormenting issue, come back into your Soul. Look at the lessons that are needing to be learned AND taught by both parties and let them get on with it.

This was never personal against you or because of you.

This is and always was about your Soul’s lessons in life.

The benefits of forgiveness are these:

  • You can breathe again!
  • The knot in your stomach goes away
  • You get back your life
  • You love yourself for learning the lessons of forgiveness
  • You love again

Forgive this Spring!

Go Love Yourself ! Fast Love like Fast Food – Can be addictive!

Spring is also a good time for you to think about what your life really means to you!

May I recommend you treat yourself the same way you treat everyone else? I know most of you are “People Pleasers” but it’s time to start pleasing YOU! You are way more important than them! Do you realise that?

When we please others, what we are actually doing is looking to find a feeling of love and reassurance from them that we can’t find in ourselves. We are seeking love and reassurance from others! That’s because we can receive it “instantly”. It’s “tangible”. We are addicted to feeling that feeling of love and belonging.

But…you know what? Just like fast food – it doesn’t last! We are soon hungry again for more! It only makes us feel good for us as long as we are with the person that fed us the compliment or positive feedback. As soon as they walk away, we are seeking our next fix.

This certainly applies to fleeting relationships too. We meet someone and feel intensely attracted to them. But are we really? Or are we addicted to the feeling of love? Because before they came into our lives we were feeling pretty lonely! It’s this loneliness that often thrusts us into the arms of anyone that can close them around us.

Seeking external “warm fuzzies” from people leaves us feeling empty.

Feeding ourselves “warm fuzzies” leaves us feeling amazing!

If we’d been giving to ourselves all along, we wouldn’t be seeking it from others.

Sometimes, by being a People Pleaser and saying “yes” when we mean “no”, we are actually interfering in other people’s lessons. They get out of learning their lesson. Do you understand what I mean?

Watch your thoughts – They manifest into our realities that we live every day!

It’s true! We really must watch our thoughts because they really DO turn into our realities! We get so many thoughts in our head a day that it’s of little wonder that our lives are confusing to us.

Have you ever found yourself thinking the same thing over and over, many times a day, week, month, year, years? Only to find out one day that it’s come true.

This applies to both negative and positive.

Ok, don’t believe me? Experiment for yourself.

Think of someone that you haven’t heard of for a long time and would really like to hear from them again. Think of them continuously, asking them to contact you, over and over. Day after day, week after week. Then one day they will?

Coincidence? No!

Did you just make this happen? Yes!

Ok, so it’s raining and you need a carpark by the front door of the shopping centre. Put out to the universe for it. Visualise where you want to the park to be. So, when you get there, please don’t be surprised that it’s there, grab it before someone else does because they know the power of thought too and booked it around the same time you did with the universe!

It’s always good to start off small. Ask the universe to show you a sign. You need to work out what sign you want to get and why you want it. Then when it comes I want you to thank the universe.

Once you get the hang of this, you will really enjoy it. Then you can start “putting out” for more meaningful things. Signs to help you through any issues you have been going through.

One thing I will say is “Don’t waste “their” time upstairs”. If you are going to ask for help and signs, then “Listen” and “Watch” and “Learn”. Because if you simply ask the question, only half-heartedly trusting that there will be a reply, you may just miss exactly what it is you need.

Trust me, I know this works. I know this works for me but I had to learn to trust the “system”. I can’t make this work for you or make you believe. You have to do that yourself.

But just like working out at the gym benefits the way you look at yourself.

Working out in the Universal Gym benefits the way you look at the Universe.

So…to sum up..Here’s your Spring Cleaning “To Do” list:

  1. Stop worrying about what other people think – that is, unless you haven’t got something more important to think about!
  2. Stop worrying full stop!
  3. It’s time to deal with the “dirt” in all those hard to reach places in your heart!
  4. Forgive someone for YOUR GOODNESS sake!
  5. Fast Love like Fast Food – Can be addictive! Go Love Yourself!
  6. Watch your thoughts – They manifest into our realities that we live every day!