MysticMag interviews Marion Weatherburn

I was recently requested to be interviewed by MysticMag.MysticMag is one of the biggest online Spiritual magazines and I was thrilled to be asked. If you are interested in having a read, please click on the link below....

Manifesting ~ One starfish at a time!

Start small BUT start Today ~ Manifesting for your 2020 ~ Today, I would like to share one of my stories about "Manifesting." (I have included a link at the bottom of this story, to my video about how you too can manifest for yourself entitled "Manifesting." I...

Mediumship (Group notes from 24.10.19)

Babies see Spirits naturally ~ You can relearn this so without fear! WHAT IS MEDIUMSHIP? From me to You......As we know, we are all energy, regardless of whether we are alive or passed over. The only difference between us and those in Spirit, is that we...

On Manifesting

So many people come to me during a psychic Reading and want to learn more about this thing they’ve heard about called Manifesting or the Law of Attraction! It seems that a lot of people are asking the Universe to fulfil their requests/desires and deliver to them what...

The Dark Night Of The Soul

Today I would
like to talk to you about the dark night of the soul and how
this brings you to Spiritual Enlightenment and Growth. If you are going through a hard time,
ask the Universe to “BRING IT ON!”

Spirituality: Back To Basics

My “Team” are my Guides. I know who they are. They were alive in my lifetime. They are my Dad’s Dad (Opa B), My Mum’s Dad (OPA D), My Mum’s brother (Joop) my own Guide (Mark) and my Healer (Staven). They have been with me all my life. We know each other intimately.

Earth Angels: How To Identify Them

How to Be More Spiritual

How To Become More Psychic in Your Life

Some Advice on Ouiji Boards, Seances and Related Practices

Stories from a life Caught Between Two Worlds

Spiritual Lessons Library: A new YouTube Series

Spiritual Lessons Library: A new YouTube Series

Recently, I started a new video series on YouTube. It’s born out of the success of my recent Facebook Live sessions. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting several of the videos that I feel need to be featured.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Where? There.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Where? There.

Knock! Knock! Who's There? Night after night you hear knocking but when you go to investigate, there's no one there! So you want your Loved One (in Spirit) to come visit you? Maybe they already have and you didn't realise! Don't freak out! Or you will freak them...

So you wonder what it’s like being Psychic?

So you wonder what it’s like being Psychic?

So! You wonder what it’s like to be Psychic?  Have you ever wondered….REALLY wondered….what it might be like to be Me? Dedicated to my very special Team both here and above the Clouds! And to everyone of my 5005+ recipients of my Gift! Without you....I'd hate to...