Signs! Signs! Everywhere there’s Signs! Let me inspire You!

Recently I’ve made a life changing decision to leave South Australia and follow my dream of exploring the Central Coast of Australia. Easy decision right? WRONG!! One of the hardest I’ve ever consciously had to make! I have written this story with all of you in mind. I hope to give you the confidence that the Universes does deliver when you ask for signs! These  signs are in your best interest and most days it’s almost instant! Please read my story and be inspired!

However, everything is now coming together beautifully for me for my upcoming trip and this is converting my nerves, fear and trepidation into downright excitement!

My Soul “ALWAYS” knew what was best for me, but just like the title of my book “Caught Between Two Worlds” I have been caught between the security of life as I’ve known it to date to now really trusting in something way bigger than myself = The Universe and my Team!

I know that I’m Psychic, however, I still have all the same lessons to learn and challenges and fears to face as you! More so than ever before as I am totally reliant upon myself! How scary is that? These last 4 years and especially the last 9 months have really brought me to the depths of despair. I’ve had to hand over everything to trusting that my Soul knows way more than my mind and that the Universe has a much bigger plan for me than I could rationally ever think of. I have learned so much. I continue to.

The tears are becoming less now. Thank goodness or else I really wouldn’t have been able to see some incredible signs over the past couple of months. Let me explain:

I’ve always trusted in signs to help me make the “Right Decision.” Sometimes though I have knowingly and against my intuition, chosen the “Wrong Decision” and paid the price. Right now, signs are the only thing I trust!

About 2 months ago, I was sitting at my desk designing a house to be built on my block of land. Suddenly, it felt as if my Mum and Dad had walked in the back door of my house and said to me “Sell your block, buy a caravan and travel the NSW Coast like you’ve always wanted to and promote your book!” and then they were gone!

Without hesitation I picked up the phone and placed my block of land on the market. I then looked up at the Heavens and said to my Team “Ok, I’m listening… Please show me a sign as to whether I should stay in Victor Harbor by showing me a job I should apply for or introduce me to women that have travelled on their own around Australia towing a caravan and can back a caravan as I’ve never met one!”

This is what happened next:

2 hours later I received a phone call from a lady that asked if she could come and collect some things that she’d purchased at my Mum’s garage sale. She told me she would be there at 2pm. Which she was….towing a trailer!!

When she knocked on the door I asked the graceful 62 year old woman if she was alone and she said she was. I also asked her if she had towed the trailer and therefore could obviously reverse one and her comment was “Yes, I certainly can. I would hope so. I’ve just returned from touring Australia with my caravan on my own for two years!” I was stunned. (Signs really do seem to come exactly when you need them and much faster than ever before). I asked her if she had time for a cup of tea and no surprises there, but of course she did. I was then blessed to spend over 2 ½ hours with Trish who told me all about her recent trip and gave me all the encouragement and confirmation that I needed to do my trip also.

The very next day I walked into our local health shop and was greeted by the ever beautiful, wise and friendly “M.”  “M” began to tell me all about her 4 year travels around Australia on her own in her van! “M” had me in tears in no time. I had asked for signs! Why should I be surprised that they’ve come? Here was another one standing right in front of me! Angels are real right? “M” proved it to me. It’s not that I’m surprised it’s that I’m humbly touched at the power that is bigger than us knowing exactly what I needed.

The very next day (Day 3), I was invited by my friend Maxine to come and paddle at her house on Encounter Lakes. Maxi had a friend down for the day. A lovely lady name Lynette who had been travelling on her own since the year 2000! After a little chat, Maxi announced that the water was inviting us all in to paddle her kayaks. During our paddle, Lynette turned to me and said this “Marion ~ no more signs! Just go and do it!”

I could not deny these Signs!

I wasn’t being shown jobs to apply for and despite looking everywhere for a job, there were absolutely none for me to apply for!

The next day I received an order through my website for a phone Reading. When I rang Tania she had only one question for me “Marion, I work as a truck driver in a mine in WA. I am single and would like to travel Australia on my own. Should I buy a caravan or a mobile home?”

I share this with you to encourage you to realise that if you are going to ask for Signs in your life when you are making a decision be sure to then watch for them. Mind you, I couldn’t have missed these ones if I tried.

But to be sure I got the point, I was then given these:

I was in Woollies having an incidental discussion with a lady who at one point in the conversation turned to me and said “take a leap of faith!” Two days later, I was invited to see the movie Finding your Feet. If you have seen the movie you will remember that it was all about Lady Sandra Abbott who after her sister’s funeral and selling up her sister’s house etc (much like I’ve had to recently do in my life with my parents home), she left her husband and literally jumped from one life to another as a barge floated by on a river in England. When asked what she was doing, Lady Sandra replied that she was taking a “leap of faith!”  3 days later a friend told me to take a “leap of faith” too and 4 days later yet another friend told me out of the blue to take a “leap of faith” too. All of these signs were culminating when whilst in Melbourne in April, whilst enjoying a coffee at an outdoor table in the sun reading through the paper, I flicked over the page to see a Fred Bassett comic strip. Fred Bassett was on one side of the river and his owner on the other beckoning to him and saying “just take a leap of faith!”

I don’t need anymore signs!

I do however, need to TRUST and that’s been hard even for me.

I now have house sits in place right up till January. I have a nice balance of house sitting and time alone in my caravan. House sitting gives me the opportunity of really getting a feel for each town on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. Towns like: Grafton, Lake Cathie, Port Macquarie, Forster/Tuncurry/ and their Lake Districts. I will be able to explore each town and give Book Stores advance notice that I am coming to promote my book.

Well… I best get on with my packing…

My new home as of 4 July 2018

Thank you so much for reading.


To me, asking for a sign from the Universe is normal.

It is as normal as driving up to the speaker at a McDonalds drive through and “ordering” what I want. Let’s say fries and a soft serve cone (I like to dip my fries in the icecream!) I then “Pay” for my order at the next window and collect it at the last window. This is the same as placing an order with the Universe!

BUT one difference…

A lot of people say to me “Marion, I don’t believe in signs. I’ve been asking and asking but I never get any!” When I ask them if they look they say they don’t. To me, that would be like placing an order at McDonalds, paying for it and then driving straight out without collecting the order at the last window!

In life, we place orders to the Universe.

We pay the price in our lives.

We then need to trust that our order WILL be available to us.

All we need to do is look for it and not drive off without it!

Taking my “Leap of Faith” ~ Skydiving doesn’t scare me! Life does!