~ A Lesson in TRUST ~

This weekend I learnt a little more about the Spiritual Value of TRUST.

Depression is a place no one can understand unless you have been there.

And even if you have been there, our journeys are all different.

Our lessons are all different.

It’s a place where you have to simply be… alone by yourself…

No one can help …you… except You!

After all…it is YOUR time of growth and healing!

Time helps…

So does TRUST!

Depression is like being in the “Mean Time”. The Time between who you “were” and who you are “becoming”.

This weekend I very nearly lost someone very special to me….

That person was alone and didn’t want any company or help at that point in her life…

And that’s ok…now… because I understand from personal experience too that this is how we develop our personal strength and experience Spiritual growth.

But I’d forgotten that…

I wanted to be there to help, to hold that person’s hand…

I am a collector of “Precious Things” and this person’s tears were precious to me and I wanted to collect them..!

But ultimately…during this time we are alone and we cannot interfere or in fact, make any difference in that Soul’s journey.

This person gave those that know them … a Gift this weekend!

Whilst that person is recovering and starting to climb into their new skin, (much like the Caterpillar morphing into a beautiful Butterfly!) a transition is happening with guidance from the Universe, into the new person they are and ultimately were always going to be… I realise that this person gave us a Gift …. That Gift is the opportunity for all of us to really look at ourselves honestly and what we want and don’t want in our lives, to look at what is and what is not working for us in our lives and who is a positive influence and who is a negative influence on us, before we get to a point where none of those things matter anymore.

This person has given those of us that know them, a Wake Up Call.

Today we open their Gift and reflect on what their experience means to us.

What can we learn? What does the Universe want us to know and grow from?

This weekend, I have again been shown this message very loud and clear ………


Because that’s when we get into trouble. The Universe DOES have a bigger plan for you and for I!

We get into trouble when we don’t TRUST!

The Soul knows WAY more than the mind…It’s the 10% of our human brain that we use to try and understand this life we are living and to process what happens in our lives! Yet it’s our Soul that directs us through this life and for that we need the equivalent of 100% of the brain to understand it…but that in itself is impossible, our brain is simply not capable of using 100% to understand the complex simplicity that is our Soul.

…And that’s where TRUST comes into it….

Deep depression brings us into a place where the mind needs to rest and let the Soul take over.

Please remember that I work on a Soul level NOT a mind level. There are Specialists that do a wonderful job with your Mind to help you get through these times.

It’s the Soul I work with and for me….I understand that we are brought to these levels because our lives simply aren’t working for us the way we are trying to make them work because we haven’t been Trusting….

We’ve been Human DOings!

We need to be Human BEings !

We need to just BE!

We need to just TRUST!

Valuable Spiritual Lessons and growth are brought about by Lessons. Lessons that involve pain… A lot of pain. We need to feel this pain so that we accept the lesson because learning the lesson is way easier than experiencing the pain again!

So, what do Spiritual Lessons look like I hear you ask, well, they may involve learning;

  • Forgiveness ! This doesn’t condone what the other person has done to you… it just frees you from the hold they have over you. You don’t have to understand why they did what they did. I’d like to change “Forgiveness” to “Freegiveness!”
  • Standing on our own two feet…everyone has their own two feet and their own opinions and personalities and Spiritual journey’s. Walk on the beach and make your OWN footsteps in the sand….then look at the beautiful impression you have made on the earth…No footsteps are the same. We are ALL Unique. Appreciate the beauty in others and they will automatically be attracted to yours!

  • Speaking our truth, even when it means others may not like it…It’s in the delivery of our truth that we need to be cautious. Assertive rather than aggressive wins every time. Be authentic.
  • Saying Yes when we mean Yes and not when we are feeling No!
  • After all, not everyone is like us or thinks the way we do.. other people are right too! (They also have different footprints!)
  • Accept that some things you can change and some things you can’t. Leave the rest to the Universe!
  • We are given up to 100 years to live our lives and learn our lessons. Special things happen to us when the time is right. If we are waiting for something Special to happen, it won’t, not till the Universe is ready to delivery and then it’s always the RIGHT time! Be patient, your time WILL come and whilst you are waiting, stop waiting and just get on with living!
  • Use your Insight and Higher Self to help you understand what the mind can’t. This may bring you back to the lesson of Trust like me!
  • Unconditional Love (many of us have conditions on our love)
  • Expectations (this is a HUGE one for many). Many of us have Expectations on other people that we’ve never told them about. Then we get disappointed when they don’t deliver! How could they if they didn’t even know about our expectations in the first place! Communication is the key.
  • Sincerity
  • Authenticity or being our Real Self.
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Kindness ~ that is …to ourselves not others, because we are already very good at that!
  • Peace
  • Stillness
  • Stop worrying about what other’s think…they’re not even thinking about you anyway

As they’re too involved in thinking about themselves! Just like you don’t spend time thinking about others because you too are thinking about Yourself! Think about that for a minute!

  • Friendship
  • Humility
  • Looking at life from another person’s point of view. This leads to Understanding.

We get to depression when we’ve ignored the signs along the way.

When we’ve stopped looking.

And stopped Trusting!

**Note to Reader: If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, please contact your General Practitioner, Life Line or Beyond Blue as they are Professionals in dealing with the Mind. They have clinics that you can attend.

Unfortunately, there are no Clinics for the symptoms of a “Sad Soul”. However, this is where I and other Gifted Psychics can help. I work on a Soul level and this is where life really does make sense!