Dreams, we all have them! Messages from our Guides and Angels, we all want them!

To me, dreams are the purest form of Spiritual Guidance we can have.

To me, personally, there are two types of dreams!

Those we remember, vividly!

And those we don’t!

The dreams we remember vividly are the ones that we just cannot shake off once we wake up!

They feel profound and often stay with us for years.

They can hold premonitions.

They can hold warnings.

They can hold visions of a potential loved one.

Or they can hold visions of a loved one passed, making contact now with us in the safest, most loving of ways.

Many people come to me wanting to be put in touch with their Guides and Angels.

They believe they are asking all the right questions, but they’re not receiving any signs or hearing messages.

However, when I ask them about their dreams, it all becomes clear that their Guides and Angels have in fact been showing them everything they need, but through dreams.

And that’s all they thought they were = dreams!

You are reading this story about dreams on a computer screen, right?

We know that to be true and tangible.

You are most likely sitting on a chair, right?

We know that to be true and tangible.

You are most like wearing clothes, right?

We know that to be true and tangible.

But, when I ask you, do you know how a computer works or how the internet works?

The answer most likely for most of you, would be no!

But we trust it to work and provide us with information when we type questions into Google and we are provided with the answers, often through pictures or videos.

Messages from Spirit, your Guides and Angels are the same.

If, while you are sitting on the very chair that you are currently sitting on, you were to ask your Guides or Angels a questions to which you desperately wanted an answer, they cannot materialise in front of you to give it to you. They are no longer flesh and blood. They are pure energy. Pure Spirit.

If, a Spirit, Guide or Angel were in fact to materialise and stand in front of you and I, I for one, would probably die in shock and you would probably ringing your favourite TV station or Skeptics Australia stating that you have a real live Spirit, Angel or Guide standing right there next to you in your living room and could they please come deliver your prize money!

So, how do you tell the difference between “dreams” and “dreams” then?

The best way to start is buying keeping a Dream Journal next to your bed.

For the first two weeks, as soon as you wake up and before your feet even leave your bed, roll over and write down everything you dreamt.

Include the date, what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, where you were, who you were with.

Did it feel real?

Did you feel safe?

Did you feel scared?

Did you dream in colour or black and white?

Did people talk to you in your dream?

Did their lips move when they talked to you?

Write absolutely everything down you can remember as soon as you wake up and again during the day when things come back to you.

After two weeks, before you go to sleep, write down your most important question. The one you want your Guides and Angels to answer in your dreams.

Then in the morning, write down everything again and see whether any of the information provides insight or clues as to how best to solve your question or dilemma.

Continue to do this over the next month or until you become used to “feeling” the difference between a dream that has entertainment value and a dream that has educational value or answers your questions.

I hear you asking me now; “What if I don’t dream?”, how will I get my answers to my questions then?

Good question!

The majority of us day dream! Quite often we find ourselves miles away during the day. Oftentimes pondering the valley’s of our mind in search of answers to our very deep questions.

Same thing, keep a journal. Make note of everything I mentioned above, except during the day.

Many years ago, I had a most profound dream.

My husband was driving a car, my son was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back seat behind my husband. It was a green EH Holden sedan with a white roof. We were driving up Willunga Hill, south of Adelaide.

Suddenly, the most beautiful white light came down, swirling around me, it enveloped me and just before I “disappeared”, I said to my husband and son these simple words “I love you, but I have to leave you now”.

The next vision I had in the dream, I saw the car continuing up the hill with my husband driving and my son in the front passenger seat of that EH Holden sedan.

Obviously, it had been my time to pass over to the next life as I was no longer travelling in that vehicle and had been whisked away by the white light.

I remember the dream as clear today as the day I had it 20 years ago! It has never left me.

Approximately 3 years after the dream and of course, I’d totally forgotten about it, my husband and I packed up the kids and flew from Perth to Adelaide to spend time with my family for Christmas. As my parent were picking us up from the airport as we had no car ourselves, my mum had arranged for one of her best friends to lend us a car.

On the day my husband was due to fly home to Perth, mum and I walked to her friends house. She was so thrilled to be able to lend us her car so that we could take my husband to the airport and we were very grateful.

We walked together to the garage.

Mum’s friend rolled back the garage door!

There was the exact same green EH Holden with the white roof that I’d seen in my dreams three years earlier!

I was in shock!

I reverted back to my native Dutch and quickly told mum that there was absolutely no way I would borrow her friends car and that I would explain later. I told her I was feeling physically sick and would she please tell her friend that I would be back later to pick up the car and I literally ran home as I knew we would be driving that same Willunga Hill road to get my husband to the airport that afternoon.

I never went back to pick up the car. We had to make alternative arrangements to get my husband to the airport that day and miffed as he was, there was absolutely NO way I was going to drive the car to the airport that day!

Would you?