As parents, we need to teach our children certain life skills. Things like how to use cutlery, tie their shoe laces, learn how to read and write etc. But parents of Psychic Children need to teach their offspring about psychic protection, being an Empath and absorbing the feelings and emotions of others and how to not take it on. Parenting a psychic child is hard work but it is also extremely rewarding.

Predominantly psychic children are placed in their families as Spiritual Teachers. If you have a psychic child in your family, you are indeed blessed.

Note: If you are struggling with parenting and understanding your psychic child, please don’t hesitate to contact me as this is a field I specialise in.


Psychic children have their gifts for a reason. They’re here on earth with unique purposes and missions to create changes, manifest blessings and help restore the energy of love and peace on the planet. Many have a profound ability to bring healing to others spiritually, mentally and physically. They may share messages from the other side, or simply complete this work through their vibration of love, light, and their joyful presence in the moment.

Many psychic children do end up blocking their abilities by the time they’re adults due to fear, preconceived notions from others and avoidance of isolation. When this happens as adults they tend to reach a breaking point. A feeling of purposeless, disconnection and emptiness. Events such as loss or trauma may initiate a re-awakening where their gifts come back into focus, and they realign with their psychic ability. Understanding this goes a long way to helping guide your child into adulthood.


Spiritual practices as well as psychic development and psychic protection are encouraged to support all psychic children.

Really, psychic development and spirituality go hand in hand. If you head down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you will develop psychically. If you practice psychic development, you’re going to become spiritually aware. Both paths lead to one another, and are accessed through Source, God, Light, Love and the energy of Oneness that flows throughout all. If you walk one path, you will find the other.

As adults, parents, aunts, uncles and teachers, we have an opportunity to love and support psychic children on their unique paths. Their gifts and abilities are needed for the future of humanity, and earth, and their differences rather than judged should be supported and celebrated.

This post is a follow up to Is Your Child Psychic? Here’s How To Tell.