How do you recognise an Angel when you see one?

She’s the one NOT wearing lipstick!

Let me explain…..

Years ago, people went to church on Sundays! They even dressed up for the occasion. Many people went to church to look longingly at the pictures of Angels on the church walls….hoping and praying…that they were real!

You may or may not remember back to when ladies wore stockings and hats to go to church? And lippy! Oh the lippy! It came in so many wonderfully bright colours! Do you know why the ladies wore such bright lipstick? It was to hide their sad smiles! There was a certain element of comfort in wearing a bright colour and seeing bright colours on other sad smiles around them!

People confessed their sins on bended knee on Sunday mornings and sang their hymns loudly and with such vehemence that they almost believed the words of love they were singing about, but didn’t feel it where it counted….

….in their hearts.

Tea and scones were often received gratefully after Sunday Services as were the obligatory hugs and air kisses (can’t be smudging the lippy!)

Everyone “tried” to feel connected with their painted smiles, but unless they continued to apply their lippy, they often remained “sad and empty hearted” when they returned home.

On a daily basis, children were clothed, fed and schooled.

Husbands went to work.

Women went about their domestic duties until their husband returned at the end of the day to be greeted by yet another “lippy” kiss. Their wives lips smiled but their hearts often didn’t.

Something was missing. So, many women joined the work force!  Initially part time.

It wasn’t about the money!

It was about being with other women wearing lippy!

Work became a place of nurture for women. (Sometimes for men too). It was a place to belong.

Morning teas and lunches extended out to regular Friday night drinks that slowly began to take the place of networking at Sunday church services.

Once upon a time, religion and the church provided the Spiritual nourishment our hearts yearned for but getting it once a week just wasn’t enough.

Neither was working part time.

When I was in high school, I was given the option to join the public service, work in a bank, as a Teacher or in a Hospital. Alternatively, I was pretty much guaranteed a job as a “Clerk” if I learned typing and shorthand! (I’m glad I learned to type because now at 100wpm, I can type as fast as I think!) These days however, women are working everywhere! Options are endless.

But as time went on….lippy was still being applied to the smiles of most women (this article is predominantly written with women in mind, however, the content can be applied to the smiles of men and children alike!)

Women started working full time, not just for financial reasons but also to get their daily dose of nurturing and to feel appreciated and get a sense of belonging. Or did it? Something was still missing.

Over time, the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer in women increased! (Interesting how these are the two places of love and nurturing in a woman’s body!)

The incidence of heart disease and prostate cancer in men increased! (Interesting how these are the two places of love and nurturing in a man’s body!)

People were experiencing increasing headaches and migraines (from worrying too much!)

Neck and back pain because everything was becoming “too heavy to carry emotionally”.

Sore legs and feet because people were finding it difficult to “stand on their own two feet”.

It seemed that almost everyone was experiencing some kind of symptoms of depression and anxiety. But why?

We had all the luxuries in life that we needed. House, car, furniture, holidays, clothes and lippy! We were trying to fill our Souls with medications of a material nature. 

Now, more than ever before, the incidence of referrals to Counsellors, Psychologists, Heart Specialists, Oncologists etc are at their highest. Waiting lists are often a month long.

And we were still hiding behind lippy!

But why?

Health Specialists are everywhere more than ready to help! But still we are slow to recover, some don’t.

Our body and mind is the equivalent of the engine in our car. When our engine gets sick, we take it to a mechanic. When our mind gets sick we take it to a Psychologist/Counsellor and our body to the Doctor.

Our Soul is the equivalent of the electrical system in our car. When our car won’t start or stops and starts intermittently, we take it to an Auto Electrician.  But where do we take our Soul when it gets “sick”?

Our cars need both to work optimally.

So do we.

But there’s no such thing as a “SOUL SPECIALIST” or is there? Yet it’s our Souls that are hurting the most. And they will keep hurting until we start listening to them.

If you recognise the feelings of “there must be more to life or what is my purpose in life” in conjunction with questions, questions, questions. Chances are that your Soul is trying to get your attention.

But what do we do when our Souls are hurting?

We stop. Simply STOP.

And breathe.

And then….the Angels appear!

How do you recognise one?

They are the women not wearing any “lippy” and they are part of your everyday life! They are “Earth Angels”.

Earth Angels have been strategically placed as your next door neighbour, or working in your favourite café, or as a Teacher in your child’s school or a parent that stands alongside you as you wait for the 3:15pm bell at the end of the school day. Maybe she’s the Sales Rep that seems to always “pop in” just when you need her or maybe she’s a fellow shopper standing alongside you at the Supermarket checkout or in front of you at the Post Office.  She may be the child care worker you see every day or your hairdresser or nail technician.

Regardless of where you find them, what I do know is this…..

Earth Angels are strategically placed everywhere in our lives to help as many of us as possible. They are “given” the words we need to hear. They “show” us the signs we need to see. They “invite” us to meditation and yoga groups or the movies. Earth Angels do not always carry all they need in their psyche, they often channel and share Universal wisdom and knowledge, much like a TV show shares images and radio shares music, they share unconditional love, respect and Spiritual teachings

They extend the hand of friendship and the look of love right when we need it most…. Not judging and with tangible angelic energies, all the while not wearing their “lippy”. It’s only once we walk away from being touched by their Souls that we can take comfort that at that point, we met our very own Angel. Forever changed. Sometimes we see them again and sometimes we don’t. Earth Angels are blessed with the right Gift to give us at the right time.


Take what you need…. they are there for you! Taking what you need gives you faith that there “is” more to life. Not only is it there for you to take… it’s there for you to “Give” to others to! 

So when I say, “How do you recognize an Angel? And it’s by she’s the one NOT wearing lipstick” ….what I mean is, that whilst most of us start our days wearing lippy to work, during the day it wears off while we go about our work and we show our true selves.

The universe recognizes the beauty in all women and provides us with the capacity for enormous levels of unconditional love, wisdom, patience, tolerance, acceptance, empathy, compassion and understanding.

All our lives we have been groomed to become “Soul Specialists”. Often and without us even realising, the Universe puts us in the “perfect place at the perfect time” to deliver messages on its behalf to those that need to hear them.

You may not realise you are doing this OR maybe you do!

How often have you found yourself in the right place at the right time with the right words? How many times has someone “dumped” on your shoulders and you’ve been able to console/counsel them? How many times have you been told that you’ve “just said what I needed to hear?”

Regardless of where we live, work or play, as “Soul Specialists and/or Earth Angels”, the Universe brings other “Souls” to us for healing.

How often do you feel “compelled” to “just go here or just go there” without knowing why…. that is, until you get there and you meet a stranger that gives you a message or a sign that is precisely what you needed at that point in time? Or perhaps, you give one to them! How often do you wonder where the information and strength comes from?

Usually, in the most surprising of places.

Sure, some Angels wear lippy…. But always underneath is their beautiful natural, caring smiles.

But what I do know is that we are ALL surrounded by Earth Angels. They are no longer pictures on the church wall. They are right here on Earth to help heal our Souls because these are our “Soul Specialists”. Look closely. They are not shoulder blades, they are the beginning buds of Angel wings!

I work as a “Soul Specialist.” Working as a Psychic and Spiritual Counsellor/Teacher, I embrace my role as an Earth Angel. If I’ve given over 4312 psychic Readings in my life, I would not be including counting all the times I have been able to be an Earth Angel in someone’s life. Guiding someone to their Soul and watching miracles happen makes me feel so very blessed.

Lives begin healing.

Smiles return. The “lippy” is put away.

So…. Now you know how to recognise an Angel ~ she’s the one not wearing lippy!


This story is dedicated to all the beautiful Earth Angels in my life! Thank you for all your hugs, tears, words of encouragement and for listening to and interpreting messages for me from my Guides, when I wasn’t listening to them!

You are all Gifted, Blessed and Beautiful ~ even without your lippy!


Much love

Marion Weatherburn

March 2018