We Parented our children in the “Cyberage”

NOW  it’s their turn to Parent us into the “Spiritual Age” 

It’s true! We all want to be the very best parents we can be….

We might be the parents….BUT ….they are OUR ….Teachers….

AND … now it’s our Children and “Teen~ Angels” who are parenting us!

I  like to model myself on Caroline Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie. Remember her?  She lead a simple life. Her kids were happy. Her husband was happy and her kitchen smelt like cookies! I believe children deserve our time, listening, guidance, love, praise, wisdom, fun, discipline and home cooked meals served together at the dinner table as a family without an electronic gadget in sight.

The best way to learn anything in life is to either “do it” or learn from someone who has “done it”.

When the internet first came into our lives, we revelled in it. Finally as parents, we had a resource for everything we needed!  Does this sound familiar?

How do I cook scrambled eggs? Google it !  

Where’s Heaven? Google it!

What is a Soul? Google it!

How do I do long division? Google it!

My child won’t stop crying what shall I do? Google it!

Who is Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie? Google it!

My child keeps throwing tantrums, what shall I do? Google it!

How do I teach my child respect? Google it!

How do I fold fitted sheets? You Tube it!

How do I limit my child’s time on the internet? Disable it!

How do I find a new partner? Google it

How do I meditate? Stop Googling and just sit

As adults, we’ve been Googling everything to try and help us be better parents and what’s more, we’re trusting all that we read. We have been teaching our kids all about technology and how to use it or not use it in their own lives, rather than teaching them what we “know” face to face or handed down from past generations.

We thought the internet was our answer! But if “anyone” can start their own web site or blog and write what they want, shouldn’t we be using our intuition to see if the information feels “right” for us rather than accepting the printed word? We’re hungry for instant knowledge and solutions, saving hours and providing us with shortcuts so that we can satisfactorily deal with the issues and crises in our lives with minimal interruption to our busy, getting busier, daily lives. We can appease our mind that we’ve helped our child/ren. We’ve pointed them in the right direction to get what they need! “Google” is now a part of our family as much as you and I. We have a Google “To Do” list.

You would think that with the introduction of modern gadgets and technologies, that spare time “gained” could be spent as quality time with our children and families. But, we fill the time with everything else and our kids miss out, on us! Sadly, it seems too that kids have developed more confidence bullying others in Cyberspace.  Cowardly.  But put them in a room together without their technology and they’re speechless and shy.

Lying too, is so much easier these days. Sure, we can contact our kids by text asking where they are. But we don’t really know where they are replying from, only that they are replying. They could actually be replying from the very places we are scared they are at without us even knowing.

For me:

Technology means                                    Seeking answers from a resource not your own
Spirituality means                                      Seeking answers from a source that is your own
I know which one I trust  !!

People panic if they leave home without their mobile phones and will even drive back miles to get it!  We feel the need to control everything and everyone in our lives. It seems normal for us to rely on technology to help us get through our days.  It provides us with everything from keeping in touch with others, making or cancelling arrangements, arguing, making up, shopping, checking our medical symptoms using Doctor Google this time, researching and travelling online.

Or so it seems. Every where you look, you see people sitting side by side or out to dinner communicating with each other via technology. I have seen siblings sitting within the same room, couples sitting opposite each other in restaurants, communicating with each other via text. I have even seen a couple sitting in the same room as others, fighting with each other, but, by text. What IS this world coming to?

I see parents at playgrounds pushing their child’s swing whilst the parent is texting! That makes my heart cry because I see them texting the words “I’m having quality time with my son/daughter at the park!” (BS) 

I see people texting as they drive, oblivious to the family in the car next to them that they’ve just run off the side of the road as they delete an error in their message. What that message should read is : “I’m just on my way to my own funeral because I’m texting whilst I’m driving”. Nobody seems to want to talk to each other anymore, unless they are doing it by text!  People have forgotten how to communicate with each other in person. They don’t want confrontation! 

Don’t we TALK  in PERSON anymore???

But, we all want to Love and be Loved. Love is something we are all craving in life. People long to find that special someone that they can live with happily ever after BUT People propose by text or Facebook and they break up the same way!! Where is their head? Their conscience? Their heart? Their Soul?

Parenting in the Cyber Age has been a blessing, sure, because we have instant access to how to solve our problems/issues or crises (or get Muffin Recipes!) Our kids also have a Google “To Do” list, albeit different. Sure, they research for school assignments but also to embark on their own quests to find instant gratification, friendships and love. They seek to answer their own questions about life, love and direction. But! What else are they “Googling?” As parents, we no longer need to have the “safe sex talk” with kids because they know all about it at, I’d hate to think what age! Because Mum and Dad are too busy and don’t like to talk about the “hard” stuff!

The sad thing is though, that, the very thing kids are looking for on the internet is the friendship and love they feel is missing in their own daily lives. Feelings of “love” or “loneliness”. Feelings of “fitting somewhere!”

Some of the things your children are Googling are things like:

How can I get my Mum/Dad to listen to me or understand me?

How can I limit my Mum/Dad’s time on the phone/internet?

These days more than ever before, people are searching for love and a real feeling of connection. A Spiritual connection. All this modern technology should have freed us up to spend more quality time with those we love and those who love us. But has it? Anxiety and depression levels have never been higher! Us adults cannot work out our own lives! When’s the last time, you sat? Just sat? Simply sat and looked out of a window? Do you think you could even do it? Without falling asleep I mean? When’s  the last time you thought about the things that were REALLY important to you but not related to money? When’s the last time you took responsibility instead of laying blame?

Did you know that one of the main subjects being Googled these days is “Spirituality?”

You have your very own Google and always have had. You have always had access to the whole Universe using your Soul.

Google only has access to information in the “Cloud” put there by us!

Your own inner voice knows all the answers to the questions on your Google list when it comes to living a more Spiritual life. Questions Google just cannot answer adequately! Maybe it’s time we really listened to, watched and learned from our kids ~ They know how to live life simply and from the divine place of Unconditional Love!…

…and what you don’t know, your children and “Teen~ Angels” can teach you the rest! They have the answers you are seeking!…

And best of all it’s free!

And best of all it’s real!

Don’t believe everything you read on Google!! Anyone can make a website! Faster than ever before, population is on a quest for Spiritual enlightenment and awareness. We’ve all heard it and we all want to feel it for ourselves. Our Teachers are right under our feet. They are our Children and “Teen Angels”.

Psychic children have the ability to perceive reality through their subtle psychic senses in addition to their physical senses. These children are often referred to as “Old Souls”. To me, this means, that they intuitively know that the “Old” way of living “before the “Cyber Age” is still the best. These “Old Souls” are coming back into the world to help put the world back into balance, one family at a time, starting with yours! They don’t need the Internet or Technology to do it. They want you! Their parents! Their families. This is what they have come to show you and teach you. They are Human BEings NOT Human DOings!

And we can learn from them. They are our Teachers. Bringing us back into our Souls. They are “Parenting Us into the Spiritual Age”.

It is our job as their parents to nurture them in an environment where they feel “heard, safe, loved and cherished” and that they are more important to us than the person we are texting, emailing or face booking right at that point when they come in to ask us for our time.

But what, exactly does the term “Old Soul” mean. These children are coming into our worlds to help teach us exactly what our lives “should” be about.  They reintroduce us to the simplistic life of a time gone by. When love was all that mattered. LOVE and FAMILY. An “Old Soul” brings with it, wisdom from previous incarnations. They view and approach their life with a greater sense of worldly knowledge and wisdom together with a real sense of inner wealth and strength. They “know” what works. They’ve seen it before and they’re bringing “it” back for us.

These children may “appear” to live out of sync with their friends around them. They may not appear to fit in at school. They appear to be a lot older than their often very young ages. We get the feeling that they have much to share and that we could learn from them.

“She’s 4 going on 24” you might hear them say. These kids can often feel misinterpreted and unable to relate to adults. They look at life differently to their peers and even adults and families around them. It’s as if they “just know”. Here’s how to recognise whether your child has come to parent you in the “Spiritual Age” and some advice as to how to let them:

  • These “Old Soul” children are born with smiles on their faces. Their eyes are so deep, that you feel you can see the entire universe and the incredible potential life has reflected in their eyes
  • They love to play
  • They love color
  • These children are just here to give. They have come in with very important life purposes and they “know” it. They are here to break down old ways of thinking. Ways that have taken us away from our Souls or Spiritual selves. They are here to return integrity to society and to do this they need strong determination.
  • These “Old Soul” children are born psychic. They are born with all 6 senses in tact. (I write about this elsewhere too). They have the ability to instantly “know” what is going on for someone intuitively. They have the ability to read people’s feelings and emotions. They are 100% Soul. They are here to give love and receive love. That’s it. They are natural healers and you will often see them “tune in” to someone to pass on healing thoughts.
  • These children “know” themselves and they “know you!” They are intuitive without effort. For them it’s natural. They have no need to question their knowings. They accept it. Once the parents have, they can all enjoy the special gifts their children bring to them. It’s not that these kids will work as Psychics necessarily but they will work on a very deep and Spiritual level as a lot more Souls will come through to us, those still living, as the years go on because nowadays we “know” that there is more to life after death”.
  • These children will mostly communicate telepathically rather than relying on the spoken or written word. They will communicate mind to mind. No, it’s not a figment of your imagination. Try it. Be open with them as they grow. Encourage their differences.
  • Let them teach you!
  • These “Old Souls” have huge hearts that are full of forgiveness, the very Spiritual value they have come into your family to teach.
  • They can easily explain their needs and wants and they actually have a great sense of personal power and confidence. They can be misinterpreted as stubborn. As their parent, (some parents only use their 5 senses! I write about this elsewhere!) it is vital that you nurture these traits and recognise within yourself the lessons that they have come into your family to teach.
  • These “Old Souls” can be seen as being a ball of energy and may be prone to being misinterpreted by adults who do not like their way of being. They can be prone to being mislabelled as ADD or ADHD or Hyperactive. They AREN’T!!! They were born with all 6 senses in tact often to parents who only use their 5 senses and even doubt that a 6th sense even exists! No wonder they don’t understand their children! (This is really sad and unnecessary. PLEASE LET ME HELP YOU!) They are enthusiastic about life. Encourage don’t discourage this behaviour and whatever you do, DO NOT medicate them as it takes the Life Soul out of the child. (If you would like to know more, please message me directly as I work with Children, Teenagers, Parents and their Teachers!)
  • These children sense dishonesty. As it is their role in our lives to usher us into a new world of Spirituality and Integrity, they struggle to conform to negative and dysfunctional situations at home, work or school. They will confront issues rather than pretend everything’s ok. So! Look out! But, they will be right! They are here to help YOU learn YOUR lessons not the other way around.
  • When you try to discipline these kids, they may argue the point with you. They will often come back with a very valid reason for trying it “their way” because they just “have a feeling it will work” or they may say something like “let’s just try it my way”. Just because you are the parent, doesn’t mean you know the right way. By giving our child a nurturing and safe environment whereby they can contribute to the family. They will surprise you.
  • “Old Souls” bring a feeling of absolute joy and harmony to their families. They bubble with effervescence and light up rooms when they walk in.
  • By encouraging your children to contribute in this way, you are validating and nurturing their psychic development by allowing them to trust their own instincts. If you constrain this quality, they will feel claustrophobic and may act up behaviourally.
  • However the psychic ability is manifesting, for new parents also or especially for those who are closed off to their own psychic abilities, this can all be a bit confusing, confronting, overwhelming, and for some even frightening. But I can assure you, it is nothing to worry about, and actually, when developed and understood your child’s psychic ability can become incredibly useful for them in navigating their way through life.
  • Sometimes, the only answer these children can give you is that they “just know”. And they do. They’re own prophetic powers will offer enough positive outcomes to encourage you to listen and trust them wholeheartedly. Trusting our intuition is one of the most important personal skills we can harness as our own.
  • These special children are very trusting, loving, magical and forgiving. They are here to apply their strong will and energy to bring peace and harmony into our Worlds.

If you have an “Old Soul” in your life, embrace them. You have been blessed.

Maybe it’s time you made time to “play” the old fashioned way in your life….Watch your children for clues on how to have fun again! Here’s some ideas:

And remember ~ We teach our children in three ways ~

  1. By Example
  2. By Example
  3. By Example

(****  If you are struggling with parenting and understanding your “sensitive child, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me as this is a field I specialise in !****)

Come sit down with me over a pot of tea and we’ll “Giggle” rather than “Google” and I will explain all you need to know!