So! You wonder what it’s like to be Psychic? 

Have you ever wondered….REALLY wondered….what it might be like to be Me?

Dedicated to my very special Team both here and above the Clouds! And to everyone of my 5005+ recipients of my Gift! Without you….I’d hate to think!

Welcome! This is the first in a series of insightful writing into my life as a Psychic!  I would like to invite you in to my world…just for a while. Come in and have a cuppa with me, Soul to Soul. Get comfy. Please leave your judgement at the door in your physical world. There’s no room for your physical mind here. Just bring your Heart and your Soul.

There’s just so many aspects to my life as a gifted Psychic (and sometimes Medium), I really don’t know where to start. So don’t be surprised if I go all over the place in this piece of writing. This is merely an insight!

I have had an overwhelming response to my first (of three books)  “Caught Between Two Worlds” (I refer to it as CBTW). I thank you all for your heartfelt responses. I really didn’t think anyone would be interested in my story….at all! That may surprise you and judging by your comments, I know it has. BUT you see…that’s because I thought we were all the same! I thought that everyone could do “this” stuff that I never questioned. So, why would they be interested in what I had to say? Who would want to “read” about my life? I don’t want to “READ” about yours! Turns out…I actually do!

Let me clarify at this point, however, that to some degree we can ALL do this “stuff.” In CBTW I try to give the reader as much information as possible to show that it IS normal. Ok, not to the degree I “get stuff” but, normal nonetheless. I try to involve the reader in my journey, detailing how I “get stuff” and how they can too! I feel it is my “job” to try and normalise and demystify the psychic and Spiritual worlds for you.

After all….we all have Souls!

Oh boy, this might be a really long session….I can tell…I have so much  that I want to share with you all. It’s important. It’s time. But first….more coffee and Smith’s Cheese and Onion chippies, water and chocolate! I’ll be back. Crank up the writing music which is always Epic Celtic Cinematic playlists played flat out!

It is actually quite hard for me to put into words what life is like for me as I don’t know what it’s like for you. So, I ask that you bear with me.

Basically, my mind NEVER stops…..EVEN when I’m sleeping….the action continues in my Dreams!!! (I really look forward to sleeping just so that I can dream again!! Oh! I wish I could download this all onto a USB so you could “see” things as I do! It would be just so much quicker and easier for me!)

When I think, I think in my voice and there are no feelings attached to them.  These are just thoughts.”  I think about life, my kids, my work, bills, travel, love, whether to wear my hair up or my hair down, what clothes to wear that particular day or whether eating Smiths Chips for brekky is a bad thing to do! I think about everything much like you do. Actually, there ARE feelings attached to these “thoughts” but mostly these are feelings of stress, anxiety, worry and fear. Human feelings.

However, when I get “messages” (which I also receive in my head and can be heard with my internal ears, the messages are in my voice but the difference is that this time it is my voice talking to me, guiding me with words I cannot know. Answers I do not have when I “think.” And they are always perfect. Always. I’m not smart enough to know even half the stuff that comes through me. I know these messages come from my “Team.” If you have read CBTW, you will know that I know my Guides intimately. I have had them for as long as I can remember. (The full story is in CBTW). My Team consists of my two Opa’s (Grandfathers in English), an Uncle and my personal Guide Mark and personal Healer, Staven.  I have conversations all day long, sometimes all night long with my Team. Their messages are always accompanied with a complete feeling of unconditional universal love. It’s like I have a flip top head and am filled from the tips of my toes to the tips of each individual hair on my head with a feeling of complete trust, respect, knowing and just….love! Humble yet, complete love. 

Sometimes these messages answer and provide guidance on the very issues above and sometimes, they bring me messages for those I love. I also receive visions and messages on a Spiritual level for the Souls that dwell in our Universe, about our Universe and their role in it.

I knowingly trust “messages”. I rarely trust my “thoughts.” I know the difference.

Photo taken from my page “Crystal Ball Reflections” by Marion Weatherburn

When I give psychic Readings, I give you my “messages NOT my “thoughts!” Does that make sense?I often wonder what life is like for you. Sometimes, I want to be you! But that is not my path. As humans we have jobs to do so that the money comes out of the ATM and as Souls we also have jobs to do. I have accepted the role of my Soul. I love it. I love it and would never want my life to be any other way, even when it’s just so incredibly hard and painful. I know, that it is temporary. It is all temporary. It is all perfect!

Psychic Readings for me are just like watching a movie, albeit, inside of my head. I am just the narrator of the movie.

When someone comes to me for a Reading, they walk in with all their baggage. Subconsciously I ask them to leave their baggage at the door if it’s a face to face reading, or aside, if it’s a phone Reading. Email readings are easier to do as there’s no baggage anywhere nearby and results in a much clearer Reading.

I do NOT tell people what they want to hear. I tell people what I “see”, what I “get!”

If I “get or see” nothing…that’s exactly what you will get…nothing. I have a very high degree of personal integrity and self-respect plus a very active conscience and I will not make up information that I think you want to hear (a) because I don’t need to as information usually comes straight through and (b) I have no idea what you want to hear anyway and (b) if I bullshit to you, karma will come and bite me! (No thanks! I’ve experienced her bite in the past….it hurts!(not from a Reading point of view, but life!))

What you WILL get from me however, is the information the Universe and your own “Team” want you to hear, feel and know.

After all, THIS is the Life that counts. Right here. Right now!

Don’t come to a psychic Reading if you don’t want to hear your messages. There are NEVER any “bad” messages. I’ve given nearly 5005 Psychic Readings (and yes! I’m still counting), I work as a Spiritual Counsellor and know exactly how to deliver and interpret Readings and messages.

Being psychic is not something I switch on and off! I tried once. I asked my “Team” to “take it all away from me!” However, I did not like how empty I felt. All those feelings I described earlier that I feel when I get “messages” was suddenly gone. My life was void. It was cold, it was dark and I was left just with my thoughts and my anxieties, worries and stressors. So, I asked for it back and gratefully embraced the security of it all.

The title of my book describes my life perfectly ~ I am “Caught Between Two Worlds!” I live in a physical body complete with a perfectly functioning (at times!) mind! I also live in my Soul nearly 90% of the time.

When I cannot understand situations or people in my life, I come back into my Soul and everything makes perfect sense. I was taught by my Team many years ago that we all live a certain percentage using our Soul. Some people, like me are in their last life time. We know this is due to the intensity of our lives and the level of our Spiritual awareness. We live completely fully utilising all 6 senses. We won’t be back! We’re learning our final lessons in this lifetime so that we can Guide you all in our next!

Some people, as I write about in other areas on my website or teach in my Writings and  Readings, may only live in their Soul as low as 10% or 17% of the time! And the rest of the time in their physical self! And that’s ok too. But! As I have learned, don’t expect them to understand YOU! Particularly, if you are living in the above 50% range Spiritually! You can understand them but they can’t you. (A psychic Reading with me can reveal your percentage! If you are interested!)

When I go shopping or out in public, I still use all my psychic senses. After all, I take “all” of me, with me! As an Empath and Psychic (and sometimes Medium (that bit is totally up to those above the clouds as to when they want to make a House Call!), I intuitively know what’s going on for my fellow shoppers. For years, I used to buy bunches of flowers when I went shopping. I used to follow “Souls” around the Shopping Centre until I always found “just the right person” to give the flowers to. No explanation required other than a smile and saying “these are for you to brighten your day!” They were never declined! They were always gratefully received. Once I even gave a bunch to a lady and she burst into tears when I gave them to her saying “Oh thank you so much. My best friend of 51 years just walked past me, looked at me and didn’t bother to say hello. I was so hurt and here you are giving me flowers. Bless you Dear. Bless you!” That made me cry, trust me! 

Many times, my Team place me right where they need me to do “their” work. What do I mean when I say “their” work. Well, you see, the only difference between us and “them” is that we still have the body that carries the Soul that does their Spiritual work here on earth.  Doctors and Specialists all have clinical rooms where you can go and see them. As a Psychic, I am also a “Soul Specialist” and my life is my “clinical room.” You may not always be able to come to me but I am often taken to you!

For my entire life, I have been placed in situations right when someone needs me. My Team always give me the words that a person needs to hear! And the funny thing, it always happens when no one else is around!

These are EXACTLY the kinds of Readings I LOVE best.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

It was Easter 2016 and I was returning from a trip to Lakes Entrance where I’d given Presentations and Book Signings. (I was the lucky one!) Early one morning I called into a petrol station in a little country town. I went into the petrol station to pay for my fuel. There was no one else around apart from a lovely middle aged lady behind the counter. We exchanged small talk and I left. But, when I went out to the car, my Team told me they had a message for her and that I was to write it in the front of one of my books and go back inside and give it to her! (I’ve stopped questioning these kinds of messages, as they are always perfect!).

Anyway, I again lined up at the counter with one lady still being served in front of me. The lady serving me said “Oh, did you forget something?” to which I replied; “Yes, to give you a copy of my book. I have a message inside of it just for you! You see, I am a Psychic and this is my book. Please read the message and tell me if it means anything to you! (It was a very personal message). With a look of bewilderment, she read the message and promptly burst into tears! She looked at me and said “May I give you a hug?” (You know me, I’ll never knock back a hug!). She came around the counter at 6:35am that morning and we hugged like old friends. She broke away and looked at me with tears still streaming down her face saying “This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. How on earth did you know?” and hugged me again. But this time, her boss came out from a back room saying “What on earth is going on here?” I hoped she wouldn’t lose her job because of me coming in to buy petrol that day and what happened next totally surprised even me, let alone her boss. She stood tall, took off her apron, looked him in the eye and confidently, without tears said “You can stick your job where the sun don’t shine mate! I’m outta here!”…..So was I! All the while hiding a very secret smile on my face knowing that my Team had again put me exactly where I needed to be that day!

I wake up every single day (even when struck with severe grief and sadness) with a sense of excitement as to what my Team might have planned for me for the day!

On a trip back from Sydney a few years ago, there had been a terrorist scare in Sydney and the security had been tightened at the airport. I’d had a few delays on the way to the airport (like thinking I’d left my mobile phone in my Son’s car and had to message him using my Ipad hoping his girlfriend was on facebook at the time! Luckily she was!) and other various reasons but once I arrived, I knew exactly why! There certainly IS such a thing as “Perfect Timing!” There were people everywhere….literally floor seating only, back to back. No one was allowed through the security gates until 2 hours before take off! However, just as I stood near a table, two people vacated it leaving two chairs empty. (I must say that I knew something was up when no one else rushed to grab the seats before I did!) I looked at the young man eating his lunch and asked if he would mind sharing his table with me. He nodded and invited me to sit. As I sat, I saw a woman, also looking for somewhere to sit other than on the dirty floor! I invited her to sit with us which she gratefully accepted!  Remember here…. that we were all strangers up until that point but it took my Team no less than 5 minutes for me to have both of those strangers opening up to me and in tears at their own very private stories to which I was “guided” to give them their very personal messages from their relatives that had passed over. During that time, we could have been all alone as the thousands that filled Sydney airport that day had faded away. After 30 or 40 minutes and lots of hugs and tears later, they both said at the same time “Are you Psychic?” to which I just raised my eyebrows and my eyes to heaven and returned to holding hands. All 3 of us held hands for around 20 minutes and then went our separate ways.

No longer strangers but hearts full.

I didn’t ask where they were flying to. I didn’t need to know and it wasn’t until passing through the security check in that I found myself waiting next to the lady I’d invited to sit with us at the table. I asked her where she was flying to! She said “Adelaide.” I said “Oh me too, what is your seat number?”  She showed me her boarding card and you guessed it….she was sitting right next to me!!! How fortuitous for me because all the way home she was able to help me with a very personal issue (in my real life) that I was dealing with. I will never forget Stella B (If you are reading this Stella…I send you my love and am still ever so grateful for having shared our flight that day!)

They are the kinds of things that happen to me ALL the time.

They are the kinds of things that I embrace.

I  have so many of these beautiful times, enough to fill a book! Oh wait, I’ve done that already. Ok, so I better get on with writing the next two!

But there are also times, I have doubt.

When I do a psychic Reading for someone, all I am really doing is narrating the movie I see in my head about them and their life! I see it scene by scene and call it as I see it. Some of the movies are simply amazing even to me. I simply could not make this stuff up.

Let me give you an example:

A lady came to see me 7pm one evening a couple of years ago. Let’s call her Sheree. (I’ll use her name because I love the name and the person I associate to that name!) When I asked Sheree why she had come for a psychic Reading, she replied “My husband and I are considering three business opportunities at the moment and would like your guidance and what you can see as to which one we should go with!”

Well, I tell you what, it didn’t take long for her movie to start! It was more like a cartoon really! Here’s how I narrated it to her: (Not up to me to question what comes through and believe me this is one of the strangest, yet perfect movies I’ve ever been blessed to narrate!)

“….Well, Sheree,  I can see hills in the country side, not big hills but still, too high to climb. I see three, no four properties! Three of them are set back against the hillside, a bit like a farm stay but the other one is off to the side. It looks like a normal house. It’s a big farmhouse, with a veranda all the way around it at the side of the driveway, but then the driveway continues to the other houses!  I think this is where you live because I really cannot see you living in any of the other houses on the property that’s for sure! It’s weird …..All I want to say is it looks like somewhere that the three little pigs live! It’s almost like a “farm stay” but it’s unfinished. Maybe when it’s finished it will be good but not as it is right now. I love the garden though. It looks to me, like each plant regardless whether, fruit, vegetable, bush or tree is edible. It looks like you can eat everything in this garden even the flowers! Oh how lovely! It has a meandering path and looks like people can learn from what you have planted in this garden. But these three houses intrigue me. It looks like a place people can stay on weekends but normally places like that all have identical transportable homes. These ones however are set back against the hill. One looks like it’s made of straw, one looks like it’s made of mud and the other one looks like it’s made of something that I can’t quite make out. Weird….And I want to keep calling this the “3 Little Pigs Retreat! How funny. Does this mean anything to you?

To which my client replied “Oh how wonderful! That’s extraordinary! That’s exactly what my Dad has named the property! The 3 Little Pigs Retreat! You see, we’re building exactly that! A house of straw, a house of mud and a house of hemp! We’re doing this in the country and yes! They are situated right against a hill all 3 of them with the main house, our house, situated at the top of the driveway like you said, IS where we live. The garden is in actual fact a Teaching Garden. Our aim is to build a weekend retreat where people from the city who are considering living off the grid and seeking alternative housing styles, can come and stay in one of our very unique homes to help them decide which one they would choose for themselves! My Dad has named it the “3 Little Pigs Retreat and it’s actually almost finished!”

We both spent quite a while laughing at the accuracy and delighted that she and her husband could confidently move forward in their business. I wished them every success. We then discussed the other two businesses, neither of which had surfaced during the Reading thus confirming the information that had come through for her that day!

As I said…all I am doing is merely narrating a story that I am watching! Narrating a story that very obviously changes people’s lives! Like it did for Craig:

Craig contacted me on a windy winter’s day a few years ago asking if I would be available right there and then to do a psychic Reading for him!

Hmmmm…..let me see! When this happens, I quickly “make contact” with my Team upstairs above the clouds and enquire as to whether I should or shouldn’t Read for Craig. I always know pretty well straight away whether to and this time I was given the green light. So I agreed and gave Craig directions regarding payment and asked him to ring me back once completed. When Craig rang back here’s how I narrated his movie:

“….Craig, I see you shuffling paper from one side of a desk to the other. You look miserable I must say! I see that you are not really achieving anything productive as such. There’s a calculator in the middle and a computer screen onto which you are entering data. To be honest Craig, I feel like you are in the wrong movie or I’m watching the wrong movie but I’ve checked and it IS your movie. So, if this is the wrong movie….let me find the right one for you….”  Hang on. I asked my Team to play me the movie that I could narrate to Craig. This second movie I liked much better but was actually a continuation from the other one.

The narration continued: “…. Ah this movie is better. I like this one Craig. Oh boy, you need to get out from behind that desk. Wait! I see hidden underneath all the papers on your desk, drawings of gardens. Not just any garden and not just any drawing. These were very intricate and measured drawings of gardens. Tiny courtyard gardens transformed to give the illusion of a very elaborate and interesting illusion that the garden was in fact much bigger than it actually was! Oh, Craig I love it….this is what you are meant to do….”

 I asked Craig if this information meant anything for him. Here’s Craig’s reply:

“…Oh Marion, thank you thank you! Yes, yes, yes…..wait, I will take a photo of the very pages you talk about, they are all buried here somewhere underneath all my accounting and taxation paperwork. You see, I work as a Tax Consultant and am sick to death of dealing with people’s personal taxes and I spend half my time designing court yard gardens. They are all themed. Here I will send you the one with the statue features that are exactly as you described them in my Reading. I am simply astounded at the detailed accuracy you gave me. I have been longing to give up my tax work for years and get into business for myself designing these gardens. You have given me confirmation today that that is exactly what I need to do. Thank you so much….”

And sure enough, within 5 minutes I had in my hand the very drawings Craig had drawn and I had seen in his “movie”.  I will certainly use Craig when I build my house on my small block of land as he really IS gifted and no doubt, no longer, a Tax Agent!!

Psychic readings also show me what percentage you live in your life on a Spiritual level. They show me what lessons you have learned or are yet to learn and that lessons you are here to teach.

I often see your struggles and why you are having them. I also see how you can fix them BUT it’s NOT up to me to give you the short cuts. Lessons need to be learned or avoided as many people do, often passing them off as lessons OTHER people should be learning. Not them! Never them!

These are the hardest Readings of all! I can give you but what I see. Quite often people DO NOT want to see their truth laid out on a table in front of them. It’s easier to blame others than to take responsibility for their lives and decisions and choices. But that’s ok. That in itself is THEIR journey! I am merely the Narrator! And sometimes merely, the observer. Sadly so!

In my personal life, I have been accused of being full on,  unstable and weird. It used to upset me greatly to hear those words. Now I relish them and hold them as dear to me as compliments themselves. For I know that my words and the feelings emanating from my Soul have unsettled these people on a subconscious, Soul level. Maybe enough to make a change. Maybe not. Not my circus, not my monkeys. I am often a Teacher in the lives of others but I am not the circus trainer. Other Teacher’s will come into their lives soon enough. The lessons will get harder. Bigger. More painful until finally they break and come back holding their Souls out to be healed.

Photo taken from my page “Crystal Ball Reflections” by Marion Weatherburn

Unconditional Love and Acceptance and Expectation of Others have been my biggest lessons in life and knowing when to walk away, as there’s simply nothing left that I can teach and that life itself will take care of the lessons for the Soul I am walking away from. Just like a high school teacher might stand at the front of his Year 12 class at the end of another school Year, hands on hips, shaking his head knowing that some WILL make it out there in the big wide world and some just won’t! Some may even repeat Year 12. The Year 12 teacher can only take faith that the Universe will teach them all he couldn’t!

It might be in this lifetime and it might not!

It’s this very aspect that makes it very hard for me to socialise or live within societal norms. I simply DO NOT fit in. I no longer try to. I’m not meant to fit in, I’m meant to stand out, just by being me!

Whether I duck down to the shops in my trackie top and jarmy bottoms, or paddling in my daggy shorts and singlet with unshaved legs, or sailing on a boat with others, or at the library, the supermarket, doctors waiting room or hairdressers, I choose not to switch off my psychic ability because I simply do NOT know what to do with the spare head space! I LOVE people watching. This is how I do my homework! This is how I study! This is my on-the-job work experience! This is my “prac” It never stops.

You’ve heard me say it before and you will hear me say it again “…We keep learning until all our fingers reach the same length!” And I LOVE to learn ….

I understand my “stuff.” You don’t have to but I do.  I’ve had to teach my friends about me. Believe me it’s tested a few of them but it’s all been worth it for both of us. I’d be lost without my true friends. Mind you I have had people who “say” or “act” as if they are my friend, but apart from giving me the first 10 minutes of obligatory “and how are you Marion“, they stick around mostly to get information from me about how to make their lives better etc (or promptly ignore my messages, which is totally fine) however, it does take a lot of my energy to give it to them in the first place and I do not appreciate them dismissing it once they’ve left my side. I’ve learned to “read” these people and pull these weeds out of my beautiful garden full of flowers!” My moods are often related to what I “pick up or “sense”” from others. It’s not until it’s pointed out to me that I realise that I’ve brought someone’s “crap” home with me and am reacting to it but as soon as I realise it, I acknowledge it, let it go and send love back to where it came from!”

Many times, I have been in situations where I have felt invisible (as I do most of the time.) This is when I start to “play” with my Gift for lack of the right words. I will sit and stare at someone and send them telepathic messages to “turn around and look at me,” repeating this over and over until they finally “turn around and look at me!” Or try to make someone’s phone ring but then let no one be there when they answer it! (Mean, I know!) And I simply smile a knowing smile! I’ve sat at too many boring meetings, lunches, dinners, morning teas where I have felt an outsider and truly felt like I didn’t fit in. If I break out a notepad, of which I have endless supply everywhere (and don’t forget! I always have my hand and wrist to write on so I don’t forget messages.) Some people “doodle” I “Read” people. I give myself a score out of 10 as to how many I get right. I will write down names of relatives both passed and alive, what they did / do for a job, holidays they’ve been on, kinds of cars they have, how many children they have etc! Usually by the end of the visit, I will have at least 5 to 7 ticks marked against each person! You could say I “hone” my skills.

Yes, you read right in that paragraph! Often, it is the Souls of those that are STILL alive in your life that will come through in a psychic Reading with me. That’s because, as I’ve said before, THIS IS the life that counts!

I remember sitting at a swimming centre many years ago, whilst my kids were in swimming lessons. I was with a friend who was chatting to her friends sitting behind us. They were all talking about the presentation they were going to that evening at a local scout hall from local psychic. My friend piped up and said “…..Oh Marion’s a Psychic too!” Sorry, but even I don’t sprout this out to anyone and certainly do not appreciate it when others do. (She now knows!) So of course, I get the obligatory and also impolite imposing “Show and Tell” demand. “Prove It!”  So, I gave it to her…. “You have 2 sons and 2 daughters and you are unhappy married!” That was delivered many years ago. I am not an item for “Show and tell” or “Prove it to me!” I save my “Show and Tell” for those that really count! (And just on that, sometimes, even then it can be extremely difficult for me to give difficult messages to Loved ones BUT if I can’t give  it to them, what’s the point in having it at all?”

My Gift is exactly that….a Gift…only to be unwrapped by the right people at the right time.

People often say to me “Oh you should meet this, that or the other person, you WILL LOVE them!” What they don’t know is that right at that time, I am “tuning” into those very “this, that and the other persons” and I already know that I actually won’t feel comfortable with them at all.  No Spiritual lessons attached to this,  they merely, belong in a different puzzle! You see, I read people on all levels. I see where they are at and I know what fits “best” for me. Without you realising it you may just be almost dictating to me that I “WILL” love their friend. How can I tell you I don’t? That their friend doesn’t fit into my puzzle of people that “need” to be in my life. I cannot work on that level. I become physically overwhelmed in these situations. My friends know and respect this about me and I know it about myself. It’s taken me 50+ years to work out where I DO and DON’T fit in and it’s caused me a lot of pain in the process.

When You shake hands with someone, all You feel you are doing is physically shaking their hand! However, when I shake hands with someone, I automatically gain access to everything about them! You’ve heard the saying that when someone is close to passing away “their life flashes before their eyes!” Well for me, when someone talks to me about someone they know and/or want me to meet and/or I meet someone, this is EXACTLY what happens to me except “YOUR life flashes before MY eyes!”

Just for a minute….just one single minute….think about this! Put yourself in my shoes! How many people do YOU meet or interact with or think about or message every single day? Imagine seeing their lives “flash before your eyes” every single time. Yes! Overwhelming isn’t it.

Exactly! BUT, I wouldn’t want it any other way BUT it can be overwhelming at times and even just sitting on a chair in a café that hundreds of people have sat on before can at times be overwhelming for me as I literally see who’s been there before and oh Lord! Don’t ask me to try on jewellery in an Antique Store!!!! Let alone go into an Op Shop!!! (I have learned how to zone this one out as I love a bargain with a Label attached to it! Modern washing machines do wonders to wash out other people’s energies when a bargain is involved!!

But, you get my point.

Let me put it this way, imagine you were a nurse and you went to the site of a catastrophic emergency! BUT you were not allowed to help anyone! You couldn’t comfort anyone or stop their bleeding, let alone their pain. You had to keep your hands in your pockets and just walk the battlefield that is their life!

Sometimes, that’s what it’s like for me when I socialise or go to the shops etc. Think about that just for a minute! I feel like I am a “Psychic Nurse!” So many people to help, so little time yet I cannot interfere with their Soul’s lessons or journey’s unless invited.

There have been times, many times, when I can be out to lunch with friends, or dinner or shopping and “messages” have come through for someone in the party. Possibly someone I’ve just met that day.  I always write these down discreetly and try to deal with them after the social meeting, but then there’s times I just can’t. My friends have all been witness to this.

All of this can come through even when I first meet someone.  That’s why I don’t socialise a lot in circles I don’t want to be in as information can be overwhelming and not always rosy or dandy…..I don’t want to switch off my Gift nor should I have to….it makes me ME and never again will I apologise for being me!! Take me as you find me.  You may never understand me but it’s not your place to… No mind can understand me….not even mind….Do not go where Angels fear to tread! (tic)

I never NOT share as I believe it is an opportunity for all of us to be reminded that Life truly is wonderful and we as Humans, really do NOT understand it! Our Soul’s know way more than the mind and as I always say, “Souls are Simple, we just want to Love and be Loved” and it’s as Humans that we complicate our lives.

Another down side for me is rarely feeling or being “surprised” by a Gift! Sadly, I often know what I am getting before I get it! How? I don’t know, I just DO.

I often say to people before they come for a Psychic Reading with me to jot down questions. They often reply that they’ve been told not to! Ok, that’s fine with me however, consider this and I know thousands of you have heard this from me and totally get it, however, if you haven’t heard it before…here we go….

…Imagine that you are driving down the road and you see a supermarket and you remember that you need “milk.” You pull into the carpark, run inside and come back out with chips and chocolate BUT no milk! Milk was your priority.  However, if you had taken a list that said “milk, chips and chocolate” you would not have left the shop without your priority product!” Make sense?

 I say to people “…if you are coming for a psychic reading, you know what your priorities are in your life so jot them down, let’s talk about them. Otherwise it will be like your trip to the supermarket and I’ll wander the aisles of your Soul and you will end up with yoghurt, cheese, avocadoes, dip and chips and chocolate but no milk!” I always start a Reading discussing where you are on your Spiritual Journey. This intrigues me as everyone has a story to tell. I hear so many fascinating stories and always changes your vibration to suit that of the Spirit World. We then progress onto your priorities in life so that you can be sure to leave with your “Milk!” By then I will have been able to tune into you and your messages will flow. If they don’t, I won’t make them up and you are free to go.  Sometimes even after a Reading and 2 or 3 hours have passed, I will get asked this question like I did from Fiona and Edith at their individual Readings “…is there anyone from the other side for me….?

In Fiona’s case I said “….not unless you know “Winnie” and “Fred?” to which she replied “…Oh that’s one person….that’s WiniFred….she always laughed and said she was two for the price of one!” and in Edith’s case I said “….not unless you are asking about Michael but he IS alive….oh and little….” To which she replied… “Yes, that’s my Grandson, Michael, I totally forgot about him, is he going to be ok…?” Michael was going in for an operation the next day and rang a week later to tell me that indeed, Michael would do just fine!

Sometimes I feel I am “way off the mark” and do not understand why the messages that come through can be hurtful to the person I am Reading for. Not hurtful as such, but it can be interpreted that way at the time, but always seem to work out nonetheless. I’d like to give the example of Steve and Caitlin: Steve came to me for a Reading one day. He’d already had a few but this time, his questions were more specific. Steve was in love and wanted to propose to his girlfriend. However, I saw different and believe I upset Steve when I didn’t give him the news he desperately wanted! Steve was 26 years old at the time.

Here’s the narration of Steve’s Reading:

“….Steve, I see that you will not get married to your girlfriend! I see instead that you will break up 6 weeks before your 27th birthday!” Steve was shocked and just didn’t believe it. But I continued nonetheless “….Steve, I see that you will break up with your girlfriend 6 weeks before your 27th birthday BUT you WILL meet a very special girl, one that you may indeed marry. You will meet her just 2 weeks after your 27th birthday! However, she will be pregnant (but not to you Steve). I am also totally mesmerised by her incredibly blue eyes! I have never seen eyes like hers before. They look like they could be coloured contact lenses but they’re not, they are very significant features though. You will know her when you see her….!)

Steve decided that the information really “did NOT fit for him” and changed the subject. He actually left shortly thereafter, pretty disappointed to say the least in his Reading. He said he was going “to ask his girlfriend to marry him anyway!”

I spent the next few hours, doubting my Gift. The messages that had come through for Steve WERE very specific but did seem unbelievable. But when I checked in with my Team they confirmed that the messages I had given to Steven were correct.

About hmmm, let me see, let’s say 10 months to a year or so later, I received a phone call one Sunday night whilst preparing tea for my then partner. It was Steve. Firstly he asked me if I remembered him and because he sounded angry I actually used his name out loud and put him on speaker so my partner could “vet” the call with me! Steve went on to say…

“….Marion, I don’t know if you remember me but I was very disappointed in your Reading. To say it was “shit” would be an understatement. I couldn’t believe such rubbish….!” I felt very confronted. Maybe I couldn’t do this “stuff” after all! Steve continued….

“…But…it was also PERFECT! You see, 6 weeks before I turned 27 my girlfriend dumped me! I was gutted BUT exactly 2 weeks after my 27th birthday, I met my new fiancée Caitlin. I first noticed her incredibly blue eyes, just as you described and she WAS 2 months pregnant to her ex partner. We love each other so very much! I can’t believe it. I really did not like your Reading at all when you first gave it to me BUT it’s all come true. Please, if I send you a photo will you tell me if this is the girl you “saw” in your Reading of me?”

Steve sent through the photo. Caitlin definitely owned the eyes I saw in the Reading and when they came to visit me in person, for a photo together at the Adelaide Psychic Expo, everything was confirmed and I am pleased to say, I have NEVER seen two people happier than they were that day!

I am Blessed. I know that.  So are they!

I could go on and on….for days and weeks and months and never run out of a story to tell you…. But I’m sure you are bored by now, though I hope not!

If there is something you would like me to write about, please tell me. I am also writing two more books at the moment. One is about the work I do with children, teenagers, their parents and teachers and the other one is all about those very important Signs from the Universe! Meanwhile, I will continue to give free “mini” Readings twice weekly and to find time to write and share my work. If you would like to find out more about me and/or the work I do and my writings, please visit my website! Thank you.

One of the hardest things is not having someone to share my stories with in my personal life anymore…so,  I would like to thank you for letting me share with you a very small insight into what life is like for me so that maybe when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will be grateful to be YOU! I know I do!