Caught Between Two Worlds (eBook)

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Marion Weatherburn is a Naturally Gifted Psychic and Medium and now Author!

Her first of 3 books “Caught Between Two Worlds” is in 3 parts:

  • Part Memoir ~ Marion explains how she first discovered her Gift, then went onto explore it as an adult and now in her later years, accepts it for the Gift it truly is!
  • Account of over 30 of Marion’s Psychic/Mediumship Readings. ~ Marion provides the Reader with a valuable insight into her life as she shares 30 of her most profound psychic Readings. As you read them, Marion hopes that you will look at her life through her eyes and what it is like for her. Marion also takes great care at explaining how her Gift works for her so that you too can enjoy your own special Gifts.  Marion is very down to earth and takes the “mystery” out of this often mis-understood sense” and “normalises” her experiences for the Reader, so that you too may feel that you never truly “lose” your Loved Ones.
  • Marion provides “Spiritual / Soul Food” to nourish you on your own Spiritual Journey.

Marion is currently travelling New South Wales and writing her next two books.

Her second book “Children as our Spiritual Teachers” follows Marion’s journey as she offers the Readers insight into her very valuable work with Children/ Teenagers and their Parents/Families and Teachers. A truly heart stopping and insightful account to her Gifted work.

Her third book “When LOVE falls off the Wall (and other Signs that the Universe is trying to get YOUR attention)” is a further fascinating account of her work. In her third book, Marion, re-introduces the Reader to her “Team” above the clouds and how they Guide her, to Guide Us.

Marion’s first book is available to order from any book store and has been selling well both in Australia and overseas.

Marion has given over 5005+ psychic Readings in her life (and has stopped counting). She continues to offer Readings and Spiritual Guidance as well as Teachings and Counselling as she travels. Bookings are available through her website.

Marion has touched the hearts and lives of thousands of her followers. Let her touch yours today!

And always remember, Marion’s motto in life….

         “….Souls are Simple. We just want to Love and be Loved. 

It’s as Humans that we complicate our Lives…..”



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