Now, more than ever before people are becoming more Spiritually aware. Why is this so and what does it mean?

I would like to share with you what I’ve been taught by my “Team” in the hope that it will help some of you make sense.

People have always had a yearning and sought answers and peace for their sense of incompleteness and deep desire to have their inner needs met! History shows us that people have been “searching” for meaning in their lives forever. Turning to religion, cults, drugs, habits ~ both good and bad to find their very own place of “inner peace and understanding.” This yearning is their Soul crying for nourishment and growth but the Ego refuses to feed it the goodness it needs and we stay imprisoned….often in the material world.

It is this yearning that often guides us towards having a psychic reading. We want to make sense of our lives. The “other, mystical” side of life where life does make sense! A psychic reading can certainly help you in this area. 

But, you don’t need to see a Psychic to get your answers! You can get them by getting to know your OWN Guides. We all have them! So, why not get to know them. Let me help! There’s really no mystery to how to do this. It is normal after all.

Put it this way, if you rented out a room in your house to someone that worked as a “Counsellor”, wouldn’t you seek out their advice if you could? You don’t need to rent out a room in your house, you have your very own Guides willing to do the same thing. But, you must invite them into your Soul first.

Just like a stranger walking past your house cannot just walk inside and sit down! They do have a better chance of coming in if they knock and you “invite” them in. Guides to, will only help you if you “invite” them in to your lives.

Guides are people, just like us but have already passed over. The only difference between us and them is that we still have the “body” to house the Soul. Angels are Celestial Beings and offer the highest of guidance. They are the “go to’s” for Guides. Angels teach Guides and Guides teach us!

But how, I hear you ask?

The first thing you need to do is “want to hear them” as they speak the truth.

The next thing is not to have any “expectations” as to what that guidance and/or contact may sound, look or feel like.

For me, I find that when I am “thinking,” I “think” in my voice. However, when I ask for guidance, I receive the answers in a voice that is not my own. It is often “male.” I am ok with that because I’ve known who the members in my Team are for many years. (I write about my “Team” in my first book “Caught Between Two Worlds.”) It’s like using your “inner ears.”

We can hear them using our “inner ears” and see them with our “inner eyes” and hear them with our heart.

That “voice of knowing” can live anywhere inside of you. For some people, it’s in their gut, for some it’s in their head and for some people it “just is” and there’s absolutely no need to question.

Guides cannot manifest themselves in front of us in flesh and blood again and sit down to chat with us about our problems and how best to fix them. They can though, talk to us in other ways. For all you know, you’ve actually been being guided for many years and never realised it. You might have often pondered a problem and come up with a solution yourself! Or you thought it was you!

Guides can talk to us through automatic writing and persistent thoughts. Guides can lead us to the very people (by coincidence) or is it fate and destiny?) that can help us at exactly the right point in time. They bring articles to our attention through newspapers, tv shows and books that just seem to “fall right into our hands.” They will play a particular song over and over until we notice it. You can ask your Guides to bring you messages through your dreams too. They can also show us “signs” which we will see if we actually “look” for them but more about that shortly.

Guides, like us, have Souls and it is in their best interest to help us. But we must invite them to help us. They cannot interfere in our lessons just because they can! One of our most important lessons is to realise that they are real and CAN help us. When a Guide helps us, their own Souls evolve and when we listen to their advice, our Souls evolve. It’s a win~win situation. So, why not ask for their help!

If you are a Spiritual person and trying to lead a Spiritual life then it is important to try and understand that life is not just about you and your lessons! It’s also about everyone that is linked to you in your life. Everyone has a role in your life for your growth AND their own. We are Teachers and Students in our own lives. We are all linked.

This is why sometimes, you may feel like there’s not a whole lot going on in your life. That’s because it’s going on around you and this will in time bring about another Spiritual lesson for you. Does this make sense?

Anyway, I digress so easily! I could and would love to talk on this subject for days and weeks on end non stop. There’s just so much I want to share!

One of the easiest ways to get started to hear your Guides is with automatic writing. Next time you are shopping, pick up a cheapie exercise book from the supermarket.

Set yourself some time to chat with your own “Team.” All you really need is some peace and quiet. You may or may not like to listen to music and/or light candles.  It’s all about raising your energy vibration to meet theirs. Before you start writing, just talk to them, like you would a friend. You can do this aloud or in your head, totally up to you. Some people feel weird talking out loud when no one else is in the room. But they are!

Remember too that “Spirits” and “spirits” don’t mix, so please no alcohol or drugs!

Invite your Guides to join you. Tell them you are seeking their guidance and that you would like answers and information for your Soul’s growth and guidance that is in your highest interest. Sit quietly before you pick up your pen and allow your energy to lift. You can do this by just allowing the love of the universe to fill your very being. This is a physical experience and one that lets you know you “are” connected.

Then open your book and pick up your pen. Let’s start with an easy “Q and A format.” Here’s an example of how I might start this process:

You:       Dear Guides, I would like to invite you in to help me work through some issues I am having in my life please. I would appreciate being guided for the highest good of my Soul. I understand that this may at times be hard for me as I know you will confront me with my truth. But, I am ready. I will write a question here in my book and wait for you to answer by writing through me. Thank you.

Q1           Please tell me what it is you want me to know today?

A            When you feel the need to write, pick up the pen and just write. Don’t expect punctuation, paragraphs or to stop because your hand gets tired. Often, the writing will not look like your own. Read what has been written only once you have put down your pen.

Continue writing your questions, one at a time. The first time you do this you may only get one or two questions answered and this is ok. It’s a start. You can then continue anytime. Please note if you “feel” a real sense of love come through as each question is answered as then you know that you really DO have genuine contact.

You could ask your guides to give you their names during the week. Then take note of any and all names that seem to be persistently and consistently in your head over the next week or two. Let’s say it’s the name “Ben” for instance. You may hear these names over and over at various times in various ways like; you may drive down “Benjamin Street” by accident or have a car with the personalised number plates of “Ben 1111” cut you off in traffic or find yourself eating “Ben and Jerry’s” ice cream or “Big Ben pies!” The point is it’s a recurring name and the next time you sit down for a session of automatic writing you can ask:

Q            Is my Guide’s name “Ben?”

A            They will then answer for you either way.

Automatic writing is certainly worth a try and can lead to you actually hearing the answers before you write them. This takes practice and a lot of time.

I did automatic writing for many, many years before trusting to have a “direct conversation.” I needed to make sure I knew the difference. When Guides communicate with you, they generally do so with a real feeling of divine love and trust. Guides also do not tell us “what we want to hear” but tell us “what we need to hear.” There are many times, I’ve been well and truly “told off.”  Despite not wanting to hear this, it really is for the best. I now live a lot more consciously and within my Soul on a Spiritual level on a daily basis.

My “Team” of Guides have taught me all I know.

As time goes on you will soon “hear” the answers and will no longer need to write them down.

This doesn’t mean you are “psychic” it just means you are developing and using your sixth sense! Being psychic is something totally different and something I will write about another time.

Most people were born with all 5 senses intact.

But these days a lot more people are developing their 6th sense and experiencing a Spiritual awakening.

These days’ people are still yearning to find their true self. Their Spiritual self. There’s a lot more people practicing meditation, yoga, mindfulness, crystal energy, chakra cleansings and energy healing through Reiki. ALL of these practices are raising the vibration of the universe, thus affecting us all….for the better. These practices are helping people to become more Spiritually aware and awakening their own 6th sense.

Keep an eye on who and what pulls you into them. Trust the Universe and your Soul because it knows way more than the mind.

Guides can also talk to us through showing us “signs.” If you would like to find out more, please click on this link:

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From my heart to yours with love

Marion Weatherburn